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TM now offers 100Mbps Unifi broadband for less than RM200/month

TM Unifi 100Mbps under RM200

UPDATE: TM has revealed their new Turbo Unifi Plans with speeds up to 800Mbps.

The current administration has been pushing local telcos to offer faster broadband at an affordable price. TM had responded to the call and they have announced their latest initiatives that will push Malaysia ahead of our regional peers in terms of price per Mbps and bandwidth speed.

Before the newer plans are announced, TM appears to be offering its existing users with faster speeds at a cheaper price. From the looks of it, some users are offered with a Unifi Pro plan with 100Mbps speeds at 40% off.

Hanif from SoyaCincau BM, had recently received an offer from TM to upgrade from his 50Mbps Unifi Advance Plus plan of RM179/month to 100Mbps Unifi Pro plan at RM199/month. There’s no contract and the price is permanent. They are also offering a free modem which is required to enjoy the faster speed. Previously, he was on a 30Mbps Unifi plan and he was bumped up to 50Mbps during last year’s TM speed upgrade.

The 100Mbps Unifi Pro Plan was introduced in 2016 with a subscription fee of RM329/month. It comes with free calls and additional content via Unifi TV. The lowest offer we’ve seen so far was RM259/month but the low price is only valid for the first 24 months. As a comparison, Maxis currently offers 100Mbps fibre broadband at RM299/month while TIME’s 100Mbps plan is currently priced at RM149/month.

It is worth pointing out that this upgrade offer isn’t published on TM’s official channels. It could be offered only to selected customers in specific areas. Did you get a free upgrade offer similar to this? Let us know in the comments below.

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TM will be announcing more details of its faster and cheaper broadband plans tomorrow. To recap, they will be offering a barebones 30Mbps plan for less than RM100 while existing subscribers will be getting more than twice the speed with their new Unifi Turbo plans. You can learn more in our announcement post.

Alexander Wong