Malaysians can expect cheaper broadband by end of this year but that won't solve our biggest problem |

Malaysians can expect cheaper broadband by end of this year but that won’t solve our biggest problem

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When Gobind Singh Deo took the role of Minister of Communications and Multimedia, he made broadband price reduction as one of his main priorities. He promised that he will work towards doubling our internet speeds while reducing the subscription cost by half.

Today, he made one of his first moves by announcing that broadband prices could be slashed as much as 25% by the end of this year. This is due to the implementation of Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP) that are enforced beginning of 8 June.

The MSAP is basically a price cap for wholesale broadband providers and they can’t charge beyond a specified price. If the wholesale prices are reduced (which they usually do over time), that should translate to some savings for the end user.

While paying less for broadband is a good thing, there are other issues that are stopping a majority of Malaysians from getting decent internet experience.

Firstly, we have to acknowledge that the cost of mobile internet and broadband has gone down over the years. At the moment, you can get 10Mbps Fibre Broadband from RM119/month and up to 500Mbps for RM299/month. That’s quite affordable especially when you compare that to Streamyx users on ADSL who are still paying more than RM100 a month for pathetic 1-4Mbps speeds.

Based on TM’s FY2017 financial report, they have a total of 2.33 million broadband subscribers and only 1.13 million of them are on Unifi. This leaves about 1.2 million users still connected to Streamyx. Quite some time ago, Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Keruak once said that Malaysians prefer slower and cheaper internet and that statement had gotten a lot of people fired up. That was three years ago and the fact remains that there are still over a million users who are still stuck on a connection that shouldn’t be defined as broadband in this day and age.

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In 2017, the government had pushed telcos to reduce their prices with faster speeds but that wasn’t enough to reduce the number of Streamyx subscribers. The problem is no longer about cost and it’s all about availability.

Whether it is Time, TM or Maxis, Fibre is still very limited to urban areas and even if you live in a city, you could face the issue of no ports available. Interestingly, in February this year, TM’s former CEO had revealed that there are 1.8 million ports which have yet to be utilised and each port could serve up to 8 households. So what’s going on here? Either a lot of consumers are not aware that Unifi is available or perhaps TM has been rolling out their fibre network in the wrong places.

To improve access to high-speed broadband for all, we would need to accelerate fibre broadband expansion throughout the country. At the moment there’s the High-Speed Broadband Phase 2 (HSBB2) project that will increase coverage in state capitals and selected major towns and Sub-Urban Broadband (SUBB) project that focuses on upgrading existing copper lines to deliver faster speeds of up to 20Mbps. For HSBB2, TM will invest RM1.3 billion and another RM500 million will be funded by the government. Meanwhile, the SUBB project will involve an RM1 billion investment from TM, while the government will invest RM600 million.

Realistically, we can’t expect every single town to get fibre and that’s where 4G broadband comes in. There are many telcos offering fixed wireless broadband service as an alternative to a wired connection. For wireless to work at optimal performance, there are other challenges such as spectrum availability which needs to be addressed immediately.

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Telcos would need more assistance to improve network coverage. The government could allow telcos to install base stations on existing public infrastructure such as utility poles, lamp posts and billboards to increase coverage and capacity. A consortium which involves the government, building owners and councils can be formed to help accelerate deployment of base stations for both indoor and outdoor.

Are you still stuck with Streamyx? Let us know your thoughts below.

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59 Comments for Malaysians can expect cheaper broadband by end of this year but that won’t solve our biggest problem


Still stuck on Streamyx at 4mb in Penang. It’s pathetic since the road parallel to mine has the service. 🙁

Concerned Citizen

It’s been donkey years since this topic has been discussed but in the it’s all NATO! I’d be very surprised if it does go down 25%… We’d be lucky if it even goes down 10%… With SST looming, I’d bet Telcos will take this opportunity to up their prices… As usual…


Well, our office were newly built few years ago, just adjacent of the old road access which has Unifi. Unfortunately for us, TM said it was too costly for them to pull the cable for just one company, and instead asked us to pay for the cost. Guess how much?

RM10K… yeap, right, 300m of fibre optic cable would cost us RM10K. Even though we already paid for the piping work during the office construction which came up to just RM4K or so, the fibre optic which went through the same hole would cost 10K, just for the cable alone. This haven't yet include the final mile to the inner of the office.

I even wondered if I can report this to the MACC to check if they are conscripting to rip off customer.


    That’s not too bad. In developed Australia, the tm equivalent company NBN asked a remote customer to pay A$1.2 million just to pull a few km of Fibre to their home.
    Malaysia has it good already. In AU they’ve spent over A$50 billion worth of tax payers money and still can’t wire up everyone home via Fibre. Pathetic.


    report MACC la. stop using apa sarahan saya tone

Muhamad Ibrahim

I am still on miserable 4mb Streamyx in Seremban, capital of Negeri Sembilan no less. What’s more pathetic my house is just a few hundred metres away from many government offices and official residences such as RISDA state office, Wisma Persekutuan, Wisma Negeri, state religious body, state mosque, official residence Menteri Besar, official residence the state Armed Forces commander – to name a few.


I went to Dubai Mall and test the speed of wifi there, guess what? It is about 200mbps and its free. I went to La Vale Village at Paris and La Rozas Village at Madrid, speed is about 300mbps and its free!
Why Malaysia can't give us that kind of speed for free at public area. It will increase the number of people to come and use the internet at the same time shopping. Who goes to the shopping mall without even buying a drink?


    Our GST already zero and country huge debt and you want everything free. People will come to Malaysia because of free internet? Good luck.

Working Adult

Yup, still stuck with streamyx option in Seremban 2 with unifi option only a few streets away. Called TM and they said they said no idea when will expand. This is 2018 and I have been waiting so long till I lost count.


For my area, it only has this rip-off Shitmix providing the worst experience. With only 2mpbs supported, yet still getting intermittent disconnection. When call to complain, the stupid TM customer services always say either having to paid RM53 something or renew contract making us bound to the worthless services.
Since the government knows the unifi price is about the same with the Streamyx, the Streamyx price should have been reduced in a long time ago which it did not happen.
The government should stop TM monopolying as the ONLY ISP is most area.


    Is TM still a monopoly if Maxis and time are also offering broadband? Is it TM fault if other ISP don’t want to pull cable to your house?


well you need to gather your neighbor's signature, if demand many they will come in quickly.. for my house, i waited for 4 years.. and we have around 20-30 user signup together.


    If government want to make internet a constitution right then they must do something to stop rakyat from begging ISP. Will government put more budget to build broadband infrastructure?


      more budget to build? like dragging fiber optics everywhere?

      just go subscribe telco wireless broadband.


What the shame Penang Capital City (Georgetown) no TM fibre service ? Still on old tech internet connection (Streamyx).These day we call rubberband not a broadband
PH governement,
Initially say 50%.
Now say 25%.
By Year End say 12.5%.

Mike Khoh

Hi YB Gobind why I cannot watch world cup live on Hpptv Unifi channel tv2?I have complain to TM careline,mcmc and kkmm. No answer from them.please take action.thank you YB.

    Abang John

    You probably didn’t even read the news. Astro has the exclusive rights to air World Cup on RTM channels, Unifi TV does not. So you get blank TV screen if you turn to RTM during those matches. It’s not Unifi TV problem.


    Stream from RTM website

Lawrence Gunn

I subscribed Maxis home fibre 30 mbps for RM179 almost 2 years but Maxis roll out cheaper package of RM139 of 30 mbps for new subscribers, very unfair to us as loyal suppirters to Maxis


    Likely be able to negotiate to recontract with the new price. Walk in to inquire.


    They will give u the cheaper price if you renew your contract. Just call only.


As I am not in the country for 4-6 months collectively every year, I am happy to stay on Streamyx 1Mbps at the price of RM129 inc lo usive of free calls…


Senawang (Seremban) area still not fully covered by Maxis Fiber or tmunifi. We got to pay TM steamyx RM140 for just 2mbps. Whereas we should be given 10mbps for the same charges. Too many times this issues highlited to TM but no action.


Interesting to know the 25% reduction be based on what price? Im using 30mbps and paying rm179. But i see newer promotion for only rm139. If it based on rm139, then its good. Otherwise, 25% out of rm179 is still only rm134.


    One more thing to ponder, they can introduce new speed packages and new pricing. Such as Replace 30mbps with 40mbps?


    Why u don’t change to 139 instead of paying 179 if it is same package. U too rich ka? Bodoh


      Haiya…dia bg extra channel tv laaaa…terpulanglah….


      You cant change package while still under contract. If i can of course i will change.


    You can renew your contract with the new price. No need to walk in also. Just call them up and renew for another 24 months at the new price.


      Bruce, ive walked in and also contact them via phone early this year. The answer was no.

      But i will try again and contact them later


I live in the same place for abt 10 years,
It’s not that we’re not aware of the existence of unifi that we don’t utilised it. TM themselves has not really pushed hard and fast enough to provide Unifi coverage to more remote and urban areas, a 10 minute drive out of town and suddenly there’s no unifi. Increase coverage please Unifi!

Still Waiting

Still on streamyx ADSL….
TM hanged up the fibre cable 1.5 years ago around the ares. And the cables still dangling there, doing nothing…. @#$%^&*%$##$#$$^%&*


Have been complaining about the slow speed and connections quality to TM since day one. Also lodge our request for Unifi for 2 years. But no update till today. What has TM [email protected]


no coverage, drop it to RM1 i also cant subscribe.


If you are talking about reducing prices, but first need to improve the coverage issued. No coverage how to talk about the pricing?
Some are not a rural area, is a major city. Wait more than 5 years, no Unifi coverage. And making the worst, there is no Streamyx coverage too.. I just wondering currently TM is doing what? Investment only? If investment only, why not just closed down the internet service business and change to TM Investment bank? Tied the monopoly license of fiber services, making more worst maxis or Time unable to expand the Fiber coverage.


    TM Monopoly fibre license? So Time, Celcom, Viewquest and Maxis fibre broadband illegal?


      You need to know those telco such as Time, Celcom and others.
      Time – Focus on Klang valley high building such as apartment area. If you tell me TIME will going expand to other state except Klang Vallye, then you must be dreaming. All been tied control by TM, other company cannot expand the Fiber business to other state.

      Same goes with maxis, it is sharing with TM infrastructure (Unless different story at some area at Klang Valley bcause some area maxis has their own maxis fiber infrastructure)

      If you tell me other company is illegal, then they can open business so wide illegally?


        Just wondering, who prevent Maxis, Time, Celcom etc. from laying fiber and provide services to other areas? Do TM have that power?

Nur Hafizah

Sy pon sama.. Nk upgrade unifi.. Tp area xsuppprt… N streamyx pon 4 mb je… Nk upgrade pon tarak boleh.. Sedih!


Have been going to TM office regularly to see if my Taman can ugrade my streamyx to unifi….. After all the promotions is a lie….. Mana ada…. Hopefully the new Minister can keep his word else i am stillstuch with 4mbps horse… very frustrating!


I’m on the 8mbps dload, 512kbps dinosaurs era upload speed on streamyx TM.. and I live in the urban area.. the download is low but acceptable, but the upload speed is utterly unacceptable NOW on 2018.. people nowadays using internet not just to watch utube.. people is using internet to get income oppurtunity.. please consider this for urban area..
5mbps upload seems okay.. especially if you do streaming..
Pleasa act now for the sake of many Malaysian.


Since MyRepublic is not making its presence here. We, the rakyat jelata can only HOPE there is foreign investor to break the monopoly or introduce new technology such as 5G data network (which is still in trial mode). Only new technology like this can break free from the evil claws of cable trunking control. The thing is the waiting time for new technology like this to happen.

Facts of 5G data network: (tested by Huawei)
• The 5G wireless trial system provides users with a fibre-like experience with their home network.
• 5G networking equipment also requires a much smaller footprint than traditional mobile networks, reducing requirements for government approvals of new tower locations.
• The first trials were initiated on December 4th, 2017 and the initial application has successfully achieved single-user download speeds of over 2 Gbps.

Andy nelson

Staying at km25 kuching serian road kuching sarawak am still experiencing very slow and bad Tm streamyx service. Been complaining all this while to Telekom but still same problems. The ministry concerned should go down and inspect and interview user on their experiences as subscriber of the poor services. Please we dont mind to pay our bill if your services up to our needs. Thank you


My home in JB also use Streamyx (1 mpbs). Hated it!
At least my campus in KL uses Time, which is 100000000 times better than Shitmyx.

Joseph a/ Thangasamy

I was told 2 years ago, I would get Unifi, but till now no news. The nearby housing estate at Kampung Boyan, Taiping has received theirs. When contacted, TM Point is unable to give any assurance as it is also in the dark.

Ku Han Siang

Still stuck off streamyx at bukit mertajam, one of he major town at Penang, the houses behind my house already have unifi, but the houses same row with me , don’t have fibre cable.


I'm working in gov office, guess what, we are still using 2mbps. despite that our works required us to key in into more than 5 types of database applications. I have checked, our office area are supported by Unifi but nobody bothers to upgrade us. Line was so slow, shared by many. I practically had to bring my own Mobile Unifi sim card to work. Sometimes I tether my data plan in my smartphone into my work pc to make official work runs faster. If this is how they treat gov officer, how else everyone going to fare better.

Streamyx User that feel a bit sad


Im a Streamyx user and Im waiting for 2.6 years for unifi to put cable in my area . Im in a between 2 block of suburban in alor setar. Well both side have unifi and the question is me left block get Fiber Cable installation and they skip my block and they install the Fiber Cable in the block on my right. I never miss my bill. I ask Tmpoint to list me in the Installation but they sair 2 things

1) You need to get 30 people to apply for fiber cable installation

2) They tell me that i need to wait. 2.6 years now.

I can wait if im camping in bushes on fortnite or camping on top of tower in battlefied 1 but waiting nearly 3 years just for Tm to connect 1 Connection point of Fiber cable in my area. I feel sad and now i give up on waiting for Tm.

This is my suggestion . If it was possible it can be taken but If my suggestion are impossible just ignore it and I really sorry for making this long comments.

1) Tm have been our nation Isp for decades. Even maxis fiber have to wait for Tm to install Fiber Cable in certain area for the customer to access it. If possible that could we attract more ISP from outside to invest in our country and bring their internet to our country etc Myrepublic internet.

2) If bring outside Isp are impossible , how about symetrical the down and up speed. Example unifi offering 30 mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed for 1++ bundled with Hypptv. Unifi should give symetrical up adn down speed. I use streamyx to play bf1 i see a margin of latency with other player.

That is my suggestion. If anyone here feel my suggestion are not suitable, I really sorry about it. Im sorry if my comment i made , offended other people.

Mr j

Its about price… They up the speed.. But still at price over RM100.. Why dont just intoduce malaysian fibre RM 25 for max 5mb speed unlimited data… Instead of.. 10+ speed.. For hundred or so… As far im concern.. 5mb wired.. Is good enough compare to 4g broadband… FYI.. There are majority of household under b40 group.. How many of us can fork out more than a hundred for a decent internet? Hopefully for our new gov.. Nowadays.. Internet is as important as teh tarik and roti canai..


The TM Building Jalan Pasir Puteh, Ipoh is about 1 km from my house and unifi service is Not available . What a joke.


    I know right. I don’t know what they been doing all these year.


This so frustrating. I’m streamyx user for more than 6 years. I try to keep looking for fastest internet connection in my area that offer fibre wifi. Yet none have made the speed goes to 10 mbps .the fastest wifi speed on my area only 4mbps for streamyx and other telco not covered yet. I a heavy user this so frustrating. I play pc ps4 smartphone all them need wifi unlimited.. But streamyx too slow. I need to download movie and game. My ps4 game is 60 gb need to download. If I download on my 2mbps streamyx it would take 200++hours.


got ports? then do something about it. if not all are just talk kok sing song only

i live in bandar seri alam gunung area in johor bahru for the past 15 years. the mamak shop less than a km frm my house got unifi, the empty plot that was redeveloped into townhouses about 2km away from my house got unifi… i register interest so many times but unifi still is not available to me.

the thing most piss me off is that the mamak shop so damn nearby my house have unifi… as expected, Malaysia Boleh. /sarcasm

i was using p1 for so many years. that was my only option besides streamyx. then p1 was gone forever.

god bless digi infinite 150. if not i would have to suffer streamyx. shitty tm and their inefficiency. Malas is all i can say.


Everyone complaints and accused TM of monopoly. But I see it as a government failure to move the market and mandate for common broadband backbone.

TM doesn’t have any authority to stop any of the telco players to invest and expand their fiber infra and provide services to the market. It is purely business decision by Maxis, Time, Celcom etc. to not serve those non lucrative locations.

While TM is forced by the government to participate in HSBB, HSBB2 and SUBB to provide services to locations inclusive that deem as not lucrative. You should look into those projects and find out the coverage locations. You will find that even with those 3 projects, only selective location will be covered.

So, you can moan, groan, cry and bash your head, but if your area are not covered, TM has no obligation to entertain you. Profit is the main objective of any business.


Stuck with expensive streamyx.. no coverage for unifi.. they should reduce price for streamyx users if they cannot perform the upgrade. Unfair pricing.


Stuck with Streamyx even though the Unifi cable already reached my area since last year. Still waiting for them to install those grey boxes on the poles.

Dominic Chee

Sorry to say we are in very very shameful state with tm doing so little despite being a pioneer in telco business and constant on government help. I sure hope and trust our new government with YB Gobind in charge will turn tm around and earn back some dignity for Malaysia.

Good luck YB Gobind and take good care of health.

Kuganasan Kanapathi

I have been using Streamyx since the beginning of time, but there is no indication that TM will improve their
services in the near future. TM only serves special areas not needy areas like Rasah Seremban,
Ministers may come, ministers may go, but TM stays put

CC Tan

I am staying in Pmtg Pauh, the houses opposite had the fiber cable >2yrs, but unfortunately my row doesn't have until now!!!. Approach TM, they said wait…