Maxis slashes its Home Broadband plans to match TM UniFi’s offer

Posted:  November 15, 2017   By:    20 comments   

MaxisONE Home Broadband

TM isn’t the only one dishing out price cuts for its broadband plans. If you’re looking for an alternative, Maxis is also slashing its MaxisONE Home broadband plans to as low as RM119/month as part of their year end sales.

The base MaxisONE Home 10Mbps plan is now reduced from RM139/month to RM119/month and it comes with unlimited free calls to all fixed and mobile numbers. You can also triple the speed for just RM20/month extra as their 30Mbps plan is now going for RM139/month instead of RM179/month. Apart from unlimited calls to fixed and mobile numbers, you also get a free home phone and complimentary unlimited access to iflix, plus free Maxperts consultation and setup.

The other higher broadband options remain unchanged. The 50Mbps plan is going for RM219/month, while their highest 100Mbps option is going for RM299/month. The complimentary iflix offer is free as long as you’re an active subscriber of 30Mbps plan and above.

Take note that the reduced pricing for 10Mbps and 30Mbps is a limited time promo until 31st December 2017 and it is valid for the first 24 months. This means you’ll be paying the full original price for the 25th month onwards. Both plans are applicable for new subscribers, while the 30Mbps offer is also extended to existing MaxisONE Home customers that are out of contract. As usual, all subscriptions are tied with a 24-month contract.


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20 Comments for Maxis slashes its Home Broadband plans to match TM UniFi’s offer


Will existing users enjoy the rebate too?


    Based on MAXIS FAQ.…
    I am an existing MaxisONE Home subscribers, can I subscribe to this MaxisONE Home Year end sales promotion?

    If you are no longer on contract, you may subscribe to the 30Mbps promotion with new contract to enjoy the special price and savings. This promotion is not applicable for existing customer with contract because customers are still enjoying the benefits from the previous offer.


      Okay thanks for tips.

      Will call them soon.


        Existing customer also applicable just your contract will be renewed to 24 months


@Maxis, if we are still under contract, could we upgrade our Home Fibre plan??


Can they be responsive in the competition’s rather than following what other is doing? This make the markets completely dull.


stick with unifi…. limited time to subscribe, limited time of 24 months only…. why bother to switch, afterall they riding on TM cable.


Why new subscriber has such offer and the present subscriber is not giving such promotion? Maxis has to be fair with their present and loyal subscribers.


    That’s because you are not new revenue generator to them anymore unless you make the move


    Try terminate the the plan "if" they value you they renew your contract with lower price… I terminate my unifi change to time because of this not fair at all


      Agreed. I am not under contract. Since i am now paying rm149 for 10mbps. I am thinking of terminate it now. See if can get rm119, else bye to maxis.

    Rocky Tan

    Go Maxis and tell them to offer you this rate, else you gonna switch to Unifi, and usually they will offer you this rate, but keep in mind you will stuck with 24 months contract again.


    Agree. When car dealer give more free gifts and more discount to new customers, why existing car buyers never get discount? They should also give the same gifts and tell the bank to reduce our monthly instalment. Old customer should not be discriminated.


    This is very true, I think Maxis only interest target to pull in new members only but not necessary keeping the existing loyal subscribers.


it is so unfair to the existing customer. need to be threaten to switch to Unifi only can offer this rate?


Sorry Maxis, TM Unifi already taken me first. Digi is also catching up and tried to understand customers’ sentiments than you.

Your service is so horrible and horrendously annoying in the past, I am happy with TM now.


My Unifi came with Hypp TV. That’s the deal breaker for me to stick with Unifi rather than switch up to Maxis. Yeah, both came with iFlix but I don’t watch it too regularly.


My Unifi contract will expire in December. I'm contemplating whether to stick with Unifi or switch to maxis. Seems that the price offered is good plus it comes with unlimited call. I don't really watch HyppTV simply because i have android box in my room.

Anybody here have used both Maxis and Unifi before at their house?


on a fair note, i think this is quite a good deal for now. Speaking about the speed, it will give a difference given the subs base in Maxis home broadband is way lower than TM and this technology is in fact on pool sharing basis. The only concern for me is that it comes without Hypp TV like package as i already unsubscribed Astro 2 years ago. If Hypp TV is not an issue, i would go for it.


Again.. Maxis doing the same mistake with their loyal postpaid users…. Why don't automatically offer the cheaper rate to the users who contracts has ended or even upsell them to higher speed with an add on 24 months contracts… Never learn from earlier mistakes… Lucky I don't own any Maxis shares….