Astro-Maxis IPTV customers get speed upgrade with lower prices

Image: Astro IPTV Unofficial page.

After Maxis had introduced its new affordable Fibre broadband plans, there are complaints that those on the Astro IPTV package are being left out. If you’re subscribed to the Astro-Maxis IPTV bundle, here’s finally some good news. Astro has officially announced that they are revising their subscription fee to as low as RM89/month for 30Mbps.

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Unifi, Streamyx and Maxis service interruptions caused by cable cuts

TM Unifi Maxis Slow

UPDATE: TM has added that the cable cut occurred due to MRT and Sabak Bernam West Coast Expressway construction works. 

UPDATE 2: TM services were fully restored at 10AM. TM has highlighted this issue to the local councils and they will be taking necessary actions against the responsible contractors. 

TM’s services including Unifi, Streamyx and Unifi Mobile were interrupted since Saturday evening at 11PM. As a result, customers had to endure slow connectivity for the entire day yesterday. This issue had also impacted Maxis Fibre as they are TM’s wholesale customer. 

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Maxis bundles fibre broadband with unlimited mobile postpaid from RM187/month

Maxis One Prime

MaxisONE Prime is a fibre broadband plus mobile postpaid combo that offers unlimited internet for both home and on the go. Previously, it was quite expensive since it’s only available for their highest MaxisONE 188 plan. 

To make this combo more accessible to the masses, Maxis has refreshed its MaxisONE Prime offering where you can get it on their entry-level MaxisONE 98 plan. Now you can enjoy unlimited home broadband and unlimited mobile data from as little as RM187/month on Maxis. That’s 50% cheaper than what they used to offer last year. 

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Unifi Turbo upgrades: Good intentions flawed by poor execution?

UPDATE: TM has responded to our concerns. Find their full response below.

Malaysia has been through quite the fibre renaissance recently. Spearheaded by the nation’s largest fibre broadband provider — Telekom MalaysiaUnifi‘s Turbo initiative ushered in a new age of fibre for the country. Not only were ISPs across the board providing faster speeds than ever before, we’ve also seen a considerable reduction in price-per-Mbps so a high-speed fibre connection is now more affordable than ever too.

But, in the midst of this wonderful news, was fa big messy ball of yarn that was Unifi’s plan for rolling out the Unifi Turbo speed upgrades. At first, we were led to believe that this messy situation was inevitable, but subsequent fibre revamps by other ISPs like Maxis Fibre and TIME Fibre proved that this was a problem that was entirely avoidable. What went wrong?

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