Apple Watch Series 4 can take ECG readings & identify irregular heart rhythms

To me, the Apple Watch has always been the best smartwatch money can buy. I didn’t believe it at first, but when I started using one, there was just no question about it. The closest I ever saw any manufacturer get was Samsung, but while their watch had the excellent rotating bezel, everything else always felt a little lacking.

This year, Apple’s pulling even further ahead of the competition with the Apple Watch Series 4.

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This watch lets you check your blood pressure in 15 seconds

Most smartwatches these days are capable of tracking heart rate but unfortunately, you hardly find one that can track blood pressure. The most portable solution we’ve seen so far is Motorola’s Vital Moto Mod but it looks bulky and it only works with the Moto Z series.

Blood pressure monitoring is actually quite crucial as more than 40% of adults aged 25 years and older suffer from raised blood pressure. To tackle this health issue, ASUS has just introduced the VivoWatch BP. This is the world’s first health band with built-in blood pressure tracking.

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