Which Malaysian telco has the best network quality?

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Fastest, strongest and widest network. You’ve probably heard the same marketing slogans from telcos but which is truly the most reliable in Malaysia?

To ensure that our telcos are up to mark, MCMC had conducted an extensive network performance exercise throughout 2016. Read on to find out which telco is the best for data and voice call quality.

Wireless Connectivity


As a base measurement, MCMC requires at least 650kbps download for sufficient video streaming with latency of not more than 250 ms. The 4G LTE players (Celcom, Digi, Maxis, U Mobile) were tested using Cat 4 LTE smartphones while WiMAX (Yes/Packet One) were tested using a modem.

Among the six wireless players, Maxis is the fastest with an average download speed of 22.89Mbps and consistently delivering at least 650kbps speeds 99.76% of the time. In terms of latency, Yes and Celcom are on top with not more than 250ms for 94% of the time. While Maxis is the fastest nationwide, it is worth pointing out that Celcom is faster in the Klang Valley, doing 24Mbps versus Maxis at 21Mbps.

Among the LTE Players, U Mobile has a lot to improve as it recorded just 11.74Mbps for average downloads with a low 72.95% for its 250ms latency benchmark. Packet loss is also the highest for the orange telco at 3.95%.

Do note that these tests were conducted outdoors on street level and obviously most people spend more time indoors. How well it performs inside a building would depend on in-building coverage and how well its signal could penetrate walls.

Call Quality


Apart from mobile data, MCMC has also conducted extensive tests for voice calls. They have evaluated each telco for drop calls (DCR) and call setup successful rates (CSSR). These are determined by how well it can hold a 120-second call and if it can connect within 20 seconds from pressing the call button.

For its first test routes covering 3,736km around the Klang Valley, Maxis has the least number of drop calls at 0.68% and it also has the highest call setup success rate (CSSR) at 99.53%.


In the nationwide tests covering 6 regions, Celcom has the least drop calls with 0.83% DCR while Digi has the highest call success rate (CSSR) at 99.28%. All four telcos have passed their mandatory standard requirement of having DCR (Dropped Call Rate) below 2% and CSSR (Call Setup Successful Rate) above 95% in 2016.

Fixed Broadband (DSL and Fibre)


Despite the arrival of fibre broadband, there’s still a lot of users relying on ADSL connectivity. To gauge broadband performance, MCMC reckons that ADSL subscribers should get 70% of their promised speeds and 90% for fibre broadband services. From their tests, Maxis appears to be the best in meeting those speeds with the least packet loss. TIME broadband which offers faster speeds up to 500Mbps is shown to have the best in latency by recording 85ms or less 100% of the time.


When measured against the mandatory standards of Quality of Service, Maxis has the highest compliance for Fibre at 91.5%, followed by TIME at 71.4%. TM, which has the largest fibre subscription lags behind at 63.0% compliance.


It gets worse for TM when it comes to ADSL. Except for Kuala Lumpur and Johor, TM ADSL (Streamyx) subscribers are having poor connectivity with just 46.1% compliance. The obvious solution is to switch to fibre broadband but its service availability is still very limited. Interestingly, Maxis is doing much better at 84.6% compliance.

You can read the full report over here.


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55 Comments for Which Malaysian telco has the best network quality?

Derek Law

For DL speed, how can U Mobile be the slowest when they were voted fastest Telco in Msia by Okla

    Uncle Sam

    Ookla test by UMobile is rigged, they boosted the speed at (i think) Klang Valley and tested many times the speed there to up their network speed rep

    I dont trust speedtest.net as a reference to network speed test, could be rigged


    Okla only test on 4G. Last time their coverage so little of course can do fast fast. Now I dare they try again and see if they can maintain fastest result.

    U seless mobile

    ex U mobile wireless subscriber here, it’s just a bit better than P1 and worst most of the time the connection are down maintenance? BTW scrutinize your bill because mine were extra charge for subscription that were never subscribed, CS as usual better talk to my hand


Your credibilty has gone to the dogs! How much did Maxis pay you for this so called "fact finding"?


    should read the full report from MCMC then can comment. http://www.mcmc.gov.my/skmmgovmy/media/General/pd…


      Hi Bro, when I copy and paste the link, it direct to MCMC portal instead to the report. Did try to search but couldn't find, please help.
      Thank you


    Try reading. It helps.


      Have you done a drive test with a specialised test equipment to test a MO's (mobile operator) network?

      No? I have.

      For your info, MCMC outsource all of their so called tests to independent contractors. These contractors then deploys field personnel equipped with drive test equipment to drive around and collect data. The test data is then submitted to MCMC which then fulfil their requirement as the industry's regulator by presenting the data in more presentable (read: not so technical) form.

      As with all data, the good can be used and the bad suppressed. If you ask any of the other MOs, they will also be able to claim that their network is the best compared to their competitors while also presenting their own data set.

      Now, I assume that you are a consumer that takes most things at face value. No harm in that but please expand your mind before coming out with nonsensical sarcasm.

      I thank you for your replyt and I hope you have a good time reading more on the technical aspect of how the test data is derived and ultimately presented.


        Looking forward to your report. Must be better than mcmc with zero bias.


          Typical. For someone who espoused reading, your vocabulary seem to be limited to silly sarcasm. Well, to each their own.


          Empty vessel makes the loudest noise.


          Thank you for confirming my assumption. Go figure.


          Who the hell are you to disclaim this article?

          Nobody knows who you are and you have 0 credence.

          You’re free to voice your opinion but you are not entitled to claim anyone is wrong unless you have evidence and solid backing that rivals said article.

          Grow up. Internet age is real but it’s people like you that’s giving ammunition for the government to censor information. Be serious about what you post or don’t post at all.


        Very easy to say biased when you are not doing the actual testing. Show the proof. Unless you have evidence that the data is false, you are just another keyboard warrior.


          keyboard warrior down in the dark basement sadly no onw to talk to…


        So have I. Based on my own tests on behalf of a MO that shall remain nameless, I concur with the results presented by MCMC. You my dear friend are wrong. Sorry.

        See what I just did? I made claims without providing hard facts or evidence to back them up. Who in their right mind would trust anything I have to say?

        To conclude, for the average person it's best to simply trust results from agencies like MCMC instead of entertaining claims from nobodies like us. They at least don't hide behind pseudonyms.

Dothan Tan

So much firefighting by Maxis to rescue the business.

The data shown has no credibility even claimed it is coming from MCMC.

Why TIME in Penang has zero for Fibre performance? Penang is the 2nd highest fibre penetration per capita in Malaysia. This is totally bullshit.
At the end of the day, service matters not just speak loud only.


They base on the data from MCMC which is the official source. SoyaCincau only translate them into charts for your easy reading.

OKLA is just a public tool, measurement done by normal users as per when they use.


    Are you very sure? Some people believe maxis pay them to pay mcmc to make fake report.


You can hate on maxis all you want..and trust me..I do…whenever the monthly bill arrives..but having a work phone that's on the digi..really shows the difference ……on a day to day real world usage maxis does win hands down…the internet speed..call connectivity…coverage…is simply on another level..

there have been so many times where I'm indoors and digi just gives up..yes..there have been rare situations where it's been the other way around but the frequency of that happening is 10-1… I still think maxis is 10-30 bucks more expensive then it should be but they really do have a dependable network and probably the best overall at this point..


    I 2nd this – long-time Maxis user, switched to Digi due to costs and coverage/service was so bad, decided to switch back. Maxis is "best of the crap" unfortunately.


    Yes, I have to agreed to that also. Previously I was on Maxis, and then because of pricing, I jump over to Digi, but within a month, I jump back to Maxis. I don't dare to say Maxis is the best as all telco in Malaysia just suck money out from our pocket. But in average, I repeat, in average, Maxis service is still the one that I can depend on and not much complains. Anyhow, I am only using in KL/PJ area. When at far far away from city, then it will be another different story.


      Are you paid by Maxis? Did you use specialised test equipment to back up your claim?


      Yed exactly my case. Port out to Celcom and back to Maxis


    I believe their subscription price is reasonable already for the quality of service that they offered. Honestly, when it comes to mobile network subscription, I can't afford to sacrifice quality for lower price. As usual, it's all about choice guys, if you prefer cost over quality, choose other telcos.


    I 2nd this. I use both Maxis and Digi on a dual sim phone. I hate Maxis because they’re expensive but in terms of speed, coverage & service reliability, Maxis is king hands down.


    Sure or not. I heard Maxis cuts throat on bills. And not that great line penetration in certain places in Klang valley. As an ex maxis I can prove you that. Now I am using Digi, the best line I have ever used for the past 10 years. So far the best in Malaysia.

Derek Law

I am using Digi as main line and was using U Mobile as my data line but recently changed to Hotlink and I can say that the results by MCMC are accurate.

Digi has the worse call quality. Many times, when my caller one the other line cannot hear me, I use U Mobile to call and the line is much clearer.

When I use Hotlink to call, the call quality is ever clearer than U Mobile and Miles clearer compared to Digi.

For data speed, in Klang Valley, it’s quite a close call between U Mobile and maxis. Sometimes, Okla will show that U Mobile is faster than Maxis but still in terms of browsing experience and video loading on YouTube, maxis is better.

However outside of KLANG VALLEY, maxis is much faster than U Mobile.


    Sure or not. I heard Maxis cuts throat on bills. And not that great line penetration in certain places in Klang valley. As an ex maxis I can prove you that. Now I am using Digi, the best line I have ever used for the past 10 years. So far the best in Malaysia.


Haters gonna hate.. no matter what..


Anybody noticed a discrepency for Maxis Fixed Broadband?
"% of time hitting >= 90% subscribed speed (DSL)" more than "% of time hitting >= 70% subscribed speed (DSL)", 94.81% vs 94.17%.
On another point, there is no hard fact but Maxis throttles speed at night from around 8pm to 12am, quite a few users reported this in Low Yat Forum, that's 4 hours a day which leads to a maximum of 83.33% of the time, what times are the tests carried out?
I've never had good experience with their latency, could barely play online games competitively due to delays.
Based on my observation, the test methodology from MCMC don't seem reliable.

    vynncy saw

    Idk if i'm on the same page as you, I am a Maxis user (who is about to switch to Celcom) in terms of the price and connection problem. Everyday during night time, the internet connection will be very poor, I'm talking about both Maxis home fibre and Data plan.

    Any ex-Maxis, current Celcom user here, I would like to know if I should switch to Celcom from Maxis. Please enlighten me, TQ. (fyi, I stay in the heart of Shah Alam city)


Everytime got news about maxis doing better there is always keyboard bashers barking here. Maxis might be the most expensive but kenot deny they are better in quality.


    yeah, similar like paultan.my blog too..hillarious Malaysian..


this is only talking speed. the equally important question is coverage.
U mobile speed in sunway is alot faster than cheras for example (no equipment, just my user experience)
i have 2 phones ( both dual sim) and I have 3 sims cards in maxis, digi, Umobile.
my take (again is my experience and no equipment, u r welcome to accuse me of taking money for advertisement) maxis coverage and speed in the city is the best. but digi is also right up there and is value for money compare to maxis. the cheapest maxis plan is now rm98, but digi still gives u a rm50 plan. Umobile is the worst, not even close to the other 2. I kept it because to take advantage of their data backpack roaming, which should expire soon… and I will be terminating it after.

    derek law

    you can try Hotlink Fast – RM50 gives you
    5 GB all day
    4GB You Tube
    8 GB on 4G (spread to 1GB on 4G on every weekend (Sat + Sun)
    100 minutes to all network

    Latest Fast 3.0 gives you free calls to 5 Maxis / Hotlink Number (think its capped to 1,000 minutes or something like that)

    Only disadvantage is no free SMS


I somewhat find that reading the comments here are much more fascinating than reading the actual article above….


    yep me too. i switch to celcom recently, work at batupahat. Im a ex hotlink Maxis user previously. For the line connection and data i will still go for Maxis.. between after i switch to celcom my line still showing my Maxis. Report the abt 1 week…still no solution….


I am a long time user of maxis. Been with them close to 20 years. The prices may be on the higher side but the network is excellent. Internet speeds are very good. They have their drawbacks for sure but compared to digi which I have 5 lines with btw, and other telcos, Maxis is still by far the best in terms of call quality , internet speeds and overall coverage. Despite what all the haters might say against Maxis , in my opinion they are the best service provider in Malaysia.

Fauzi Omar

MCMC is the defacto regulator. They hv expended huge resources to conduct a study of this scale and l m sure along similar lines of industry best practices. Before we go about disputing their report and hence integrity… l believe the celcos and telcos themselves would have objected if they find the results unacceptable.


Read the report from opensignal.com they have the answers about the best telco in malaysia.

Muhammad Afiq

Bullshit, im using both maxis 4g n fibre their internt worse, high ping, so maxis only good for old people who like browsing n watching utube, not good for downloading, gaming, maxis is overrated! Plz stop this bullshitting

orang utan

how bout in sabah… particularly sandakan/ sepilok area….
if in the forest?

William Choi

I m MAXIS user. MAXIS always no signal bar in my house area and the internet is very slow sometimes disconnected.
I called to MAXIS center to tell them the issue and then they said will call me back. After two days, they called back and told me that they can do nothing in my area. What the hell !!!!! MAXIS , if u can do nothing in my area then PLEASE do not offer your service in my area. I pay more than what i get!!!!

William Choi

I m MAXIS user. MAXIS always no signal bar in my house area and the internet is very slow sometimes disconnected.


Used all the line before and Maxis give me the best ….worth for what I’m paying…that’s my main concern

Anuar Zain

You guys never heard that ONEXOX is the rising star now? The cheapest telco for the people. Contact me 01113226822 🙂


Talk about speed, almost 10 years ago. I lost RM1++ credit in under 4minutes. Its because I turned on 3g to check on facebook. It just loads the header and frozed. Refreshed twice and still showing me blank screen. That's it. It wiped out all my credit with notify me to recharge as my credit is a few cents left.

    John Terry 26

    Its called Pay Per Use, if you not subscribe for any internet plan and go browsing for sure you'll be charged. Its 10sen/10kb if im not mistaken!


all places where all signal do not clear ..depending of our area


Maxis user since 2001 here. No complaint at all.


Maxis is the best …..you have to try it all before say something….

Tai Yoong Phua

Digi is very poor and slow speed in genting highland compare to maxis and Calvin. When u online play game they will show u red speed 200 to 460 until can’t move


i have been using Maxis for 6 years and i have no problem at all. but lately, Maxis is upgrading from 4G to 4G+ at my area, somehow my ping become higher and i have trouble everytime i play a game, watch videos on yt eventhough i already subscribe to monthly internet plan. the connection is not stable anymore. i live in a city but i never get a full signal bar. the highest bar is 2 and suddenly it will disappeared. i keep thinking whether to stay with maxis or change to another telco.