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Check if you’re eligible for the UniFi speed upgrade now


UPDATE: To those who were initially ineligible, you can now check your surprise!

Remember the internet speed upgrade UniFi subscribers were set to receive come 2017? After a period of silence, we finally get our first solid lead on this as TM is now letting existing UniFi subscribers to check if they are eligible for the speed upgrade or not.

If you’re interested in finding out, just head on over to this webpage and fill up your details in the form. Then, click “Check My Surprise!” and if you’re eligible, you should be greeted with a page like this:


Then, all you need to do is accept the free speed upgrade (you can also decline the speed upgrade if you want to, for whatever reason) and you should receive an email that looks like this (keep in mind that there will be no contract extensions if you accept the upgrade):


If, however, you’re not eligible for the speed upgrade, do keep in mind that they’re rolling out this service in phases from January to June 2017. Eligibility is also subjected to location and technical readiness. Some UniFi subscribers may also need new hardware to handle the faster speeds.


So far, based on what we’ve tried among our team, subscribers who are on VIP5 get bumped to a UniFi 10, VIP10 gets bumped to Advance 30 and Advance 30 gets bumped to Advance 50.

What did you guys get? Let us know in the comments below!