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Unifi Turbo: Existing subscribers get 10X speed upgrade. Here are the details

Posted:  July 12, 2018   By:    79 comments   

Today’s big Unifi launch didn’t just include an affordable Unifi plan, TM also has a series of upgrades lined up for existing Unifi subscribers that could see your speed increase by 10X.

New turbo-charged Unifi plans

Initially thought of as a brand new “turbo” plan, TM unveiled today that it is actually an upgrade planned for over 800,000 existing Unifi subscribers. This “turbo-boost” to the current crop of Unifi plans will bump speeds up to 10X what your current plan already is, for the same monthly subscription fee, with unlimited quota.

In a series of examples, TM says that existing users on the Unifi 30Mbps plan will be upgraded to 300Mbps, 50Mbps will be upgraded to 500Mbps and subscribers on the Unifi 100Mbps plan will be upgraded to 800Mbps. TM also revealed that the 800Mbps plan would have upload speeds of up to 200Mbps. Also, if you’re a subscriber of a Unifi plan that’s below 20Mbps, you will be upgraded to 100Mbps.

That said, the speed upgrades will depend on your premise and availability, which means that if your premise can only support speeds up to 100Mbps, that’s all the speed you will be getting. Additionally, these speed upgrades will be rolled out in phases starting 15 August 2018.

What’s more, this turbo-boost speed upgrade will not tie you to a new contract unless new hardware is required to support the upgraded speeds.

For customers who have yet to sign up as a Unifi Home customer, TM encourages you to sign up to any existing Unifi plan before the 31st of December 2018 to enjoy the speed upgrade in phases beginning 2019. You can subscribe to a Unifi plan on their website.

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New Unifi Mobile Postpaid with unlimited data

Also new for existing subscribers is the reintroduction of the Unifi Mobile postpaid plan. This plan is only for TM’s existing broadband subscribers — both Unifi and Streamyx — and will give users unlimited LTE data, calls and SMS for a promotional price of RM99/month with no contract.

Additionally, the new postpaid plan will also come with 10GB of LTE hotspot data.

If you’re an existing Streamyx subscriber, here’s what you need to know. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an affordable Unifi plan, Unifi Basic may just be the sub-RM80 plan for you.

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79 Comments for Unifi Turbo: Existing subscribers get 10X speed upgrade. Here are the details


Any option to maintain current speeds and get a discount.

50 mbps is good enough for me.

Don’t need 500 mbps


    You can downgrade to the cheapest plan at 100MBs. Why so stupid


      You cant downgrade unless you are out of contract lol


      Don't be so stupid too. You can't downgrade unless you cancel the plan and re-register the new plan.


      If you've ever tried to downgrade, you would know the amount of shenanigans TM puts so that you'd be better off staying at the current plan. I once said don't want HyppTV and they said "Nope, not possible."


      Gosh… who talks like this? From his response, I conclude Alex is a plain idiot. Not worth anybody’s time.


This makes people question, why can they do this now but not before


    Because of those contented people that call you cheapskate and greedy when you ask for improvement by increasing speed or reducing price. When you don’t push they’ll never improve.


".. turbo-boost speed upgrade will not tie you to a new contract unless new hardware is required.."
The thing is, most current CPEs only support FE (100Mbps). You need to have new CPE that can support GE (1Gbps).
The questions is, how long is the contract for new CPE?


    thanks MK, this is actually relevant info.
    btw how do we know which CPEs will support speeds above 100mbps?


      China is dumping fibre modems all over the world these days. The technology TM is using which is GPON is actually already approaching 10 years old. How cheap are OEM factory dumped CPEs? About USD$35-45 each. How will you know if it supports over 100Mbps? Look at the ethernet ports specs for that particular device. It's either 100M/1000M. In Japan and China today, 1G(1000M) ethernet ports are standard. the high end ones comes with 10G ethernet ports with 802.11ax Wi-Fi(WiFi-MAX) with 6Gbps Wi-Fi speeds).


        That is an OEM device's price. TM just about to use universal ONU, but not yet. Currently they're using proprietary ONU which is quite expensive.
        In current TM practise, they need another device called RG (Residential Gateway) which is a router. Both CPE must support GE for speed upgrade.


    What cpe


      why so lazy to even google?




For me as well.. the present 100mbs is more than good enough, prefer a discount for the amount i am paying now


These people that said they are satisfied with their current speed, holy fcuk.


    whats wrong dude? every user doesnt need too much speed tho, certain people does satisfied with 100mbps, but the bills are way too much


    Agree… they had slow down user's speed from the back end even though it shows 30,50 etc… when u call them, they say that ur using old modem, u need change a new one with 1 year contract..


      maybe someone else is using your internet or your wifi channel is crashing between you and your neighbor's wifi. I experiencing a speed downgrade last week, i call tm and check all the device and it turns out to be a cable degraded and i just replace the cable and everything back in smooth again.


    Not all people like you, downloading 4K movies every day.


Need to upgrade router liao.


VDSL – shortchanged?


    VDSL speeds is just about old LTE 4G Cat3 speed. ~30-40Mbps. Very very old technology. When I was in Taiwan like 10 years back in 2007 their aprtments already have short length 100M VDSL2 service. 10 Yrs Ago!

      Wonda Kopi

      Wanda you so expert in all this and comment a lot. TM should hire you to become their CEO. Your magic wand can make everyone’s internet fly.


        Good !

        And my home cable can only support maxim 100mbps cannot be 500to 800mbps !got any disscount if that cable cannot support above 100mbps ?


So what about streamyx subscriber, I've been paying expensive fee for 8mbps of turtle speed while, just across Taman across the street get unifi. Is not like I'm living in a rural area, how hard can it be to expand the coverage, they had been saying coming to your area soon for like forever.


    me to have same problem with u

      ikan batu

      reducing all these prices might not help you with coverage, now all telco will watch their investments and not simply expand because of low roi.

      Govt needs to start funding for this expansion and open up the networks to all operators.

      Some developers are also just looking at quick profit nowdays, sell their houses without proper infra or catering to mcmc requirement


VDSL customer still pay same price while others enjoys 10X the speed? bravo TM what a good slap in the face to those customer.


Hi anyone got news how will maxis respond to it? Im using maxis fibre 10mb plan currently…. thanks in advance


    I'm interested to know as well. Thanks


    It's just announced, you have to wait for a while before Maxis respond. Most likely they will offer speed upgrade for Maxis One subscriber.
    Maxis is one of the company that very unlikely to reduce their price. ARPU is more important to them.

    Kamen Rider

    People will run to Unifi before they can announce. Announce early as people are eager to know and to decide. If not more than 30% will run off and subscribe to Unifi hahaha…

One Killer

Did TM really can commit themselves to achieve 800Mbps crazy speed?


    SG, South Korea and Japan now heading for 10G affordable service. Japan sells 10G Home Broadband now for around $60 with state of the art 802.11ax MAX-Wi-Fi router that can support Wi-Fi speeds of upto 6Gbps.That's why Malaysians are paying for miserable 100M Unifi?

      Wonda Kopi

      Wanda you so expert in all this and comment a lot. I think you should ask Gobind to step down and you become minister la. One snap of your finger we all can get 100Gbps. Long live Wanda and his magic wand.


        Dude I'm over 20 years in this broadband industry. Been involved in China, Taiwan and Japanese market.Just that during previous BN rule, I chose to keep quiet.


Let haters be haters. Just wanna say kudos TM for the improvement. Hope that everything will go smooth and you will consider to reduce the subscription price in future.


    True. Everyone will say something + -. As for me, I’ll say Good job TM!!!!!

    I’m using Unifi 50 now, so hopefully I’ll get my 500 soon!
    Anyway, please help those streamyx users and also those who don’t have ports.


      There will be another problem where we have to upgrade our router to support the speed , don’t know whether to is supplying the router or not ……


Im sorry, any news for business plan?


    According to TM, the new SME plans will be announced later.

another cronies mystery project

bnumno cronies are blind n deaf.

rakyat all scratched their head why this can be happpen only harapan win.

bcos bnumno cronies mystery project, all cover up, rakyat never ever known what is truth, what is happening behind the door.

so what increase the speed? how many percent of the people able to enjoy that speed? how many percent of area able to enjoy the speed? how much the cost need to pay?

the answer is very few people able to enjoy the speed with the super high billing cost which not benefit to rakyat.

spore 1gb fibre broadband unlimited S39.

cronies plan only to fat GLC pocket, not benefit to rakyat.

mystery project that sucking rakyat money to fat their own pocket.

Rm130 10mb? = 1% speed of 1gb, Rm180 30mb? 3% speed of 1gb,

Rm330 100mb? 10% speed of 1gb.

we are paying the high price for low speed low quality low service which is 1% of the speed that others has?

yes, we all welcome finally that is change, but still too far away to affordable n world class.

people earning RM 2k n u want sucking their Rm1560 per year only for low quality low service basic fibre broadband?

any GLC must have faith n believe, clean, rightful, to provide the quality service n products to rakyat with the affordable price.

as internet is the most basic statutory rakayt right to have in this modern world for people to getting the knowledge.

no more corruption.

no more cover up.

no more mystery project.

GLC are encouraged to be transparent n fulfill their duty to introduce high quality service n product in affordable price.

simply all GLC is funded by government public money, which is rakyat tax payer money.

rakyat want:

rm10 10mb speed unlimited

rm20 20mb speed unlimited

rm30 30mb speed unlimited

why so simple, basic n affordable plan not introduce for all msian?

mystery project by bnumno cronies.

tm can keep blind n deaf, but rakyat still have right to voice.


The Unifi Mobile Postpaid RM99 per month with 10GB LTE. Does it mean Band 5 850Mhz for the 4G LTE?


what's the upload speeds ?


Cable cannot support 500mbps ??!!


Cable cannot support up to 500mbps !!!??


With this great news from TM, Streamyx 1Mbps subscribers will be paying 400 times higher price compared to this new Unifi 800Mbps.

Unifi 800Mbps – RM189 = RM0.24 (24cent) / 1Mbps
Streamyx 1Mbps – RM110 = RM110 / 1Mbps

Even for some lucky 1Mbps subscribers that got upgraded to 2Mbps later and current Unifi 100Mbps subscribers that pay more than RM189, the difference still high as more than 250 to 400 times higher.


With this great news from TM, Streamyx 1Mbps subscribers will be paying 400 times higher price compared to this new Unifi 800Mbps.

Unifi 800Mbps – RM189 = RM0.24 (24cent) / 1Mbps
Streamyx 1Mbps – RM110 = RM110 / 1Mbps

Even for some lucky 1Mbps subscribers that got upgraded to 2Mbps later and current Unifi 100Mbps subscribers that pay more than RM189, the difference still high as more than 250 to 400 times higher. 😉


Look only minister from dap that work very hard compare from ppbm, pkr, pan that only know to eat, “Crawling”, holiday.

I hope one day dap will be dpm and pm. /s


Can we stop complaining and comparing with other countries? At least the speed is up 10x faster (but the price remain the same). It's a progress heading to the right direction. And this is just the beginning. Gobind did a fantastic job,now his next move is to ask other ISP to do the same thing. When competitions offer >100mbps,then we can see a price reduction later. Give it the time la.


    Yes. Patient is more important.


"if your premise can only support speeds up to 100Mbps, that’s all the speed you will be getting" – I'm worried about this.

Arul Dass

P.Harapan has proved that cost cutting can be done to benefit the rakyaat thanks to Yb Gobind Singh.Hope other ministers will do likewise.Umno/bn u have swindled us.


I’m curious about the upload speed. Any idea whether it has improved?

Vincent Wong

Don’t be too happy yet although it is a good news to hear.

TM has merely made an announcement and a qualified statement to say that existing customers will enjoy upgrading from your current Mbps to 10 fold provided facility service available at your area and subject to hardware /devices capacity at your home.

Vincent Wong

This is what we called a new government a new commitment from PH under leadership of new PM Tun Dr Mahathir.

Hope to hear more other good news from them soon to come.


Meanwhile I have to pay RM140 for Streamyx 8Mbps, with no option to upgrade to Unifi since it is non-existant in my area. TM just ignores Streamyx users. At least reduce the price. With the new Unifi plan, the price and speed differences between Streamyx and Unifi are way too far I can’t even see the ending. Totally Moron (TM). Now they really live up to their reputation.





Cheok Kee Yee

my unifi speed remains same


    yupe – tm will sms you once the upgrade is done


Can Unifi show us the roll out plan? Why can’t it be completed by end year 2018? Only 800,000 of us existing loyal subscribers….


    there is no roll out plan yet – currently still under POC


just received my upgrade today, speedtest at 733.07 Mbps (download) and 202.44Mbps (upload),

Tested on speedtest.net with connection to Viewrwest Pte Ltd (singapore)


I have been a Unifi subscriber since Unifi start in area of Bayan Lepas Mutiara Perdana,
but now i still have to pay for RM179/= for 30mbps. Is there any upgrape speed 10X on this area


    yes – matter of time when you are getting it

Doris Tan

I subscribed for 30mbps but only get less than 15mbps all these years. Serious speed can be 10x faster??? Just kidding, right?


    you shouldn't get that low – please complain with TM until they fix it.

Zenn Tan

Guys, my plan been upgraded to 500mb. But onli can get 236mb max(5ghz). Cable switch from cat5 to cat5e still won’t get near to 500mb speed. My router it Asus RT-AC55UHP(support up to 300-867mbps).


    Zenn Tan
    For WiFi – please do not turn on both 2.4 and 5.0 in your router. Just use 5.0 all the way
    With LAN – what is the speed you are getting?


I have subscribed to UNIFI more than 2 years, If I updrade the to 10x speed from 50 mbps to 500 mbps, will it be a new 24 months contract ?


    James – its not u r upgrading – you are given that speed with no additional cost – no contract.


TM are liars. If you don't go to their store to apply for the upgrade, you will never be automaticly upgraded. Also you will not be paying RM189.00 as promoted. You will be ask to continue paying the same old bill. Liars, liars , liars.


just got my 300Mbps turbo-ed.. RM139 finger crossed. :))


With 2 years contract?