TM unveils Unifi Basic plan for RM79/month but there's a catch |

TM unveils Unifi Basic plan for RM79/month but there’s a catch

Posted:  July 12, 2018   By:    31 comments   

UPDATE: TM Unifi Basic plan is now open for registration.

TM has just revealed the most affordable Unifi plan yet. It’s called Unifi Basic and this brand new plan can be yours for under RM80 per month. However, there are a few requirements you will have to meet first.

For starters, this plan is exclusively targeted at households with income that’s less than RM4,500 per month. This means that the plan will require income verification before you can subscribe to it.

Unifi Basic is priced at RM79/month and will offer 30Mbps speeds with a 60GB monthly quota, making this the first Unifi plan with a limited quota. Besides that, this is also a broadband-only plan which means you don’t get add-ons like calls or Unifi TV

According to TM, Unifi Basic will be exclusively online (the site is not up yet) and will be available starting 15 August 2018. However, if you want you can pre-order this plan from the 15th of July 2018 onward.

For now, there aren’t that many details about the plan yet — like how they plan to verify a household’s income — but we will continue to update this post as more information comes in.

If you’re an existing Unifi subscriber, you’ll be getting a 10X speed upgrade. On the other hand, if you’re an existing Streamyx subscriber, here’s what you need to know.

UPDATE: TM Unifi Basic plan is now open for registration. According to TM, it will be available starting 1st August 2018.

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31 Comments for TM unveils Unifi Basic plan for RM79/month but there’s a catch

data eater

Boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg…………….25% Im still waiting


I am a stremyz user for 5 years maybe more l love to have unifi at my home but no unifi cable yet I would like to know when in seremban bukit rasah


    you can check for unifi coverage in your place in their website..


Better then all current broadband plans…


60GB quota, ya, people with low income just shouldn't enjoy unlimited Internet


A rubbish broadband plan that belongs to year 2000, not 2018.


    in year 2000, broadband (Telekom COINS network), Lease Lines, were unlimited


I sense something fishy.


This is a better start in lowering base prices even with quota . For years we have been getting speed upgrades with minimal base price reduction.

I disagree with negative comments.

The only other solution would be full liberalisation of Malaysian fibre optic network : unlikely current government would endorse such act.


    TM already open their line to other player. Else how maxis offer fibre in so many places. If you want gomen to control, then they have to use tax payer money to buy over hsbb. Same as buying highway from private that spent money to build.


Why need to have quota here and there? Just open it la. The cheaper our broadband can be the better for everyone. Everyone can start learning from Youtube, take course with video lesson. Cheaper internet = better thinking Malaysian. Most of us dont really need superman fast internet. They just want stable connectivity with data quota freedom /endrant


    True for the speed part.
    I don’t need fast internet speed, I just need it to be stable.
    Even 5mbps can provide excellent gaming experience for 4 persons, maybe more.


TM should just provide 10Mb with unlimited quota for that price


After exceeding 60GB quota, what will happen?


    Will throtted to 64kbps…
    I can't feel anything excited for this plan


60Gb Quota LEL JOKE


I pay rm250 for 50mb and my neighbor is paying rm170 for 100mb. When i asked, they told me you're old customer and the new promotion is for new customer. I terminate unify and go for maxis.

S C Wong

How about existing Unifi users ? Any news ?


    all speed upgrade 10x


I'm the current user of 30Mbps unifi plan with my 4 roomates. I'm alone used more than 60gb per months and they want to put a quota? What a joke. WHAT A YOKE! As a current user of unifi, don't ever dream TM will lower your bill.


Malaysians are never happy with anything at all. Want cheap, fast, and unlimited but don't want to pay for it. I like this new government in many ways but Gobind needs to stop being a populist politician because he is killing businesses and jobs. The telecommunication sector will be hit as bad as the construction sector. When you lost your jobs don't complain you have no money to pay for the cheapest unifi plan in the world.


    Wrong. Telco businesses wont be killed as you claimed. You cant have protectionist policies ie monopoly if Malaysia wants to be a developed status !! TM have to change in the way they operate as a Glc.


Never mind the quota. Never mind the speed.
So, is it stable?


100M for RM70! Peak hours throttled to 30M/30M Thailand can do this why can't Malaysians?

cronies plan

its shown clearly this GLC doesn’t want to provide the affordable price for rakyat. they are ready to pay for the consequences to work against harapan objective to provide high quality low price broadband for rakyat.
since GLC still insist their bnumno cornies tactic sucking rakyat blood to dry, then its forcing harapan to do the next step open the fibre broadband market to any telco that capable to provide the best service n affordable price to rakyat. no more monopoly, no more cronies, no more direct award. end the corruption.

Muhamad Rusdi

Apa punya plan daaa…. bukan membantu rakyaat berpendapatan RM4,500. Tak ada siaran unifi dan kuata 60GB. Kalau nak bantu bantulah dengan ikhlas, ini ada agenda yg tersembunyi pulak.


10x speed improvement for existing unifi turbo user. Fantastic. When will the plan begin to take place?


Please take care of the old customer that paying the high bill with lower Mbps instead of always have the cheaper plan with high Mbps to the new customer and asking the old customer to change and change the plan forever !!!


I think we should not justify poor or rich. Basic plan should be for all esp for long time Unifi users. Many of us were paying the old rate at rm160 to rm180 per month with GST. TM enjoyed the profits from us. So its time to give us back what you have enjoyed for 18 years, to reduce our rate to rm79 plus 10x upgrade. Fair and square. Tks.


It's not the first plan with a quota. The past cheaper packages also had quota, but you rarely reach it. 60gb is more than enough for light users, which is exactly what this package is targeting at.

Loo Leong Woei , Jacky

Basic Plan Basic