Streamyx subscribers to get 2X speed upgrade, but…

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With a brand new affordable Unifi plan and speed upgrades across the board for existing Unifi subscribers, here’s what TM has in store for existing Streamyx (pre-unifi) subscribers.

The first big announcement TM made is that they plan to upgrade over 340,000 Streamyx subscribers in Unifi coverage areas to Unifi Fibre. Besides that, TM will also double the Streamyx speed of over 350,000 Streamyx subscribers that are not currently in a Unifi area while they continue to invest in both fixed and wireless technology to bring them high-speed broadband.

Unfortunately, as more than half of TM’s 2.33 million subscribers are still on Streamyx, this upgrade plan still leaves a huge chunk of customers with no speed upgrade and no Unifi. When we brought this up to TM they said they will continue to do their best to upgrade the infrastructure there. In the meantime, other alternatives include Unifi wireless broadband which is priced at RM79/month with a 60GB data quota.

That said, TM also reintroduced the Unifi Mobile Postpaid plan that existing TM subscribers — both Streamyx and Unifi — will be able to subscribe to. This plan will offer unlimited LTE data, calls and SMS, with 10GB of LTE hotspot, for a promo price of RM99/month with no contract.

Additionally, TM also said that they will be taking a more collaborative approach with other broadband operators to enter new buildings. For example, for buildings with existing fibre networks, TM plans to “rent” their infrastructure to increase availability, rather than pulling their own fibre networks.

If you’re an existing Unifi subscriber, you’ll be getting up to a 10X speed boost. TM also introduced a brand new affordable Unifi Basic plan for less than RM80.

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37 Comments for Streamyx subscribers to get 2X speed upgrade, but…


Unifi mobile unlimited postpaid plan should be the same price just like previous postpaid plan. RM99 is a bit expensive communities especially the ones called student.


The Gobind effect is real…

Lason Jo

Their tm worker is stress at no bonus, cut salary, and here we have a stupid company who don’t want the mobile business, even though they’re not doing any better on the landed business area. Dumb tm, 79 for 60gb? 99 for existing user only? Gg go die unifi

Kencing lg

What is the max speed for streamyx? 8Mbps/16Mbps? Price still RM160? Where got change!!!


    TM will say "got change".. Is the numbering from 8mbps to 16mbps… That's all…
    But the speed still same..


    Streamyx max is 8 so if you’re on 8 and no unifi then you’re SOL


    You can say this is Gobind’s effect. So goooobing!


Their main purposes and brand catchy name is "FREE UPGRADE 2XXXXXX or 10XXXXx" speed… That's all… The rest I don't see how they can improve the infrastructure..

Mrs Razak

Still “enjoying” 1Mbps. Could not even upgrade to 8Mbps.
So many reasons given by TM whilst my neigbours are enjoying their Unifi.

    killer A

    me too, screw this stupid tm


      me too man, if only tm got competition, this kind of shit wont happen at all

Kencing lg

Pre-unifi (Streamyx) price need to down till below RM100 for the highest speed, not RM160!!!!!!!!!.
Speed must be min not best effort basis or else still no change even with change of government. Only changes are the wording which been repackage to look WOW!!! Haih kena kencing lg…..


    Agree. Stupid TM. They installed UNIFI Infra in my area, but only partially. They covered 70% already said UNIFI ready. Real IDIOT!!!!!


    Been staying in this house for more than 30 years but still no Unifi. only Streamyx. Paying RM148.40 every bloody month for 4mbps Paying more than Unifi but slower than Unifi. What F..king logic is that.. Wake up TM, or you be a bloody goner soon without monopoly.


Where is the reduction of price ?
Reduce the price !
Singaporean paid less than S$ 40 for 1Gbps fiber broadband.
We paid RM 150 for lousy 8mb !?
100 time slower but triple the price ??!

Abdul Faruf

Any promotion for OKUs'.


    If OKU can pay more than RM150 then there is actually no need for discount. This is TM approach for OKU applying UniFI to only give RM10 discount regardless which package. If you compare their Streamyx OKU and Unifi OKU then you'll know. So you either take the cheaper package for B40 or, if you are OKU but not fall under B40, subscribe normal package.
    Normal package subjected to multiple promotion, whereas OKU package is only discounted RM10 from normal price. Give you example, Unifi 30mbps promo at RM139, normal price including free call is RM199, whereas OKU pay RM189.


I’m on maxis broadband which was included with Astro IPTV, 10mb. Will Astro be upgrading or should I just get unifi?


What happen for streamyx user? Satu kampung pun xfully support 8mbps how do you wanna double the speed? Perkampungan Felda Ijok selama perak. Pls upgrade


Wait for retaliation and answers from competitors. Maybe there'll be new entry ISPs such as MyRepublic and Cyberjaya Broadband by ViewQwest. If everyone jumps into TM fore sure their network will be very congested. What will Celcom, Maxis and DiGi answer to this?


    Maxis will say they can't give discount because TM charge them for using their landing station.

Kharil Hasan Izani

Just reduce the price for streamyx. Why we must pay higher for your incompetent.


    Exactly, there should be carrot and sticks element. I don't know about carrot but drastic reduction of streamyx monthly fees until you bring us Unifi is the sorta sticks that should whip TM motivation and not rest on their laurel. you have to earn that money instead of giving us the same ol' same ol' for years at premium price. you intentionally have been hiding this 800mbps speed, don't you. you bastard!


I have been waiting unifi at my area for years d !!!!


With this great news from Telekom Malaysia (TM), Streamyx 1Mbps subscribers will be paying 400 times higher price compared to this new Unifi 800Mbps.

Unifi 800Mbps – RM189 = RM0.24 (24cent) / 1Mbps
Streamyx 1Mbps – RM110 = RM110 / 1Mbps

Even for some lucky 1Mbps subscribers that got upgraded to 2Mbps later and current Unifi 100Mbps subscribers that pay more than RM189, the difference still high as more than 250 to 400 times higher. 🙂


Fed up with maxis broadband already. Time for a change

Is This Malaysian?

I’ve been using Streamyx for 11 years and applying for unifi for 6 years but they never provide coverage at my kampung. The idiot thing from TM is why “poor kampung” streamyx 8mbps user have to pay rm160 & “rich apartment & others” unifi 300mbps & 500mbps pay cheaper?


lol even the streamyx my area max 4mbps how to double it? hahahaha 8mbps port dont have thoo


    Change to Digi infinite plan. Faster and cheaper.


    Kawasan tmn pantai sepang putra masih tiada Unify..sbb tiada d pasang optic fibre..streamix pula slow dan kerap terjadi *
    No internet conection*….sedangkan Avani Gold Coast dan kawasan berdekatan..tidak bermasaalah…harap pegawai berkaitan tolong lh upgrade..kawasan ini…


If cant do the upgrade for the rest of the streamyx user then lower the price la tm.. bodoh.. itu pun tak tau ka.. maok cari untung saja.. 8mbps streamyx price at rm90-100 la.. even unifi lite 10mbps was price at rm129. So it only make sense that streamyx 8mbps should be price lower that the unifi lite..


Increase more unifi covered area pls , we (streamyx users) pay more than unifi but we getting a muchhhhhhhhhh lower speed than unifi, what a logic . And now u just giving me 2x speed upgrade? What my suggestion to u TM is that reducing the price of streamyx to under rm100 and increase the speed to more than twice at the same time since u can’t upgrade our areas to unifi covered area. Why we have to pay so muchhh higher for your incompetency


I have been waiting for unifi to install in my area for 10 freaking years!


nothing for streamyx 8mbps or if you house not supported to go for UNIFI you will need to pay extra for broadband . Take it or leave it. you choice we already offer to you. hahha. Screw you TM


Good Strategy for TM, Streamyx 8mb change name to Broadband 8mb. It is sound like we cant provide you UNIFI but we do give you special services because it is " Broadband " , so you must pay more !!!. If my house have other choice i sure will Screw you TM.