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Streamyx subscribers to get 2X speed upgrade, but…

With a brand new affordable Unifi plan and speed upgrades across the board for existing Unifi subscribers, here’s what TM has in store for existing Streamyx (pre-unifi) subscribers.

The first big announcement TM made is that they plan to upgrade over 340,000 Streamyx subscribers in Unifi coverage areas to Unifi Fibre. Besides that, TM will also double the Streamyx speed of over 350,000 Streamyx subscribers that are not currently in a Unifi area while they continue to invest in both fixed and wireless technology to bring them high-speed broadband.

Unfortunately, as more than half of TM’s 2.33 million subscribers are still on Streamyx, this upgrade plan still leaves a huge chunk of customers with no speed upgrade and no Unifi. When we brought this up to TM they said they will continue to do their best to upgrade the infrastructure there. In the meantime, other alternatives include Unifi wireless broadband which is priced at RM79/month with a 60GB data quota.

That said, TM also reintroduced the Unifi Mobile Postpaid plan that existing TM subscribers — both Streamyx and Unifi — will be able to subscribe to. This plan will offer unlimited LTE data, calls and SMS, with 10GB of LTE hotspot, for a promo price of RM99/month with no contract.

Additionally, TM also said that they will be taking a more collaborative approach with other broadband operators to enter new buildings. For example, for buildings with existing fibre networks, TM plans to “rent” their infrastructure to increase availability, rather than pulling their own fibre networks.

If you’re an existing Unifi subscriber, you’ll be getting up to a 10X speed boost. TM also introduced a brand new affordable Unifi Basic plan for less than RM80.

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