Double the speed, cheaper Unifi : All you need to know about TM’s big announcement

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OK this is it. TM has finally announced that they’ve got new plans for both Streamyx and Unifi customers. These include a new entry-level Unifi plan, new “turbo” Unifi plans, a special upgrade package for pre-Unifi (aka Streamyx) subscribers and an unlimited Unifi Mobile mobile postpaid plan.

A new internet-only sub-RM100 30Mbps Unifi plan

This, I think, is by far the biggest announcement of today. The people have been asking for a more affordable way into Fibre and it looks like this could it.

So far, details surrounding this plan are still vague, but here’s what we know. First, this will be designed to be the new entry-level Unifi plan that’s designed for users in the B40 (bottom 40% income group) segment.

Although TM hasn’t revealed how much this plan would cost exactly, they did say that this new Unifi plan will give users a speed of 30Mbps for below RM100. TM also said that this plan will be offered at a price point that’s 40% lower than the existing 30Mbps package.

This makes it the cheapest 30Mbps Unifi plan TM has ever offered. The last time TM had a Unifi plan for less than RM100, it was the Unifi Edu plans for students, but that was only for 24 months and had a speed of just 10Mbps.

However, they also said that this plan would be unlike the current 30Mbps plan. They didn’t specify all the differences, but they did say that it would be an “internet-only” plan. This likely means that it won’t come bundled with add-ons like Unifi TV or calls. Although, in an extreme case, it could also maybe mean a BYOD type of solution where you would need to buy your own modem. That said, this BOYD solution is merely speculation on our part.

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TM added that more details regarding this plan will be revealed on the 12th of July 2018 and that the company will be opening registration for pre-booking customers at on the 15th of July 2018.

Frankly, I think this can potentially be a very interesting plan because I’m sure there are many out there who’d want an internet-only Unifi plan, without add-ons like Unifi TV or calls — I know I personally would.

New Unifi “turbo” plans

This is where things get a little bit tricky. TM announced today that there would be new Unifi “turbo” plans and that these plans will be offering “much more than double the speed” of the existing broadband.

What’s more, they also said that TM will be upgrading the speed for all its existing Unifi subscribers at more than double the speed for no extra cost starting 15 August 2018.  Finally, TM revealed that new customers subscribing to existing Unifi plans before 31st December 2018 will be “upgraded accordingly in 2019”.

Therefore, it looks like these new “turbo” plans aren’t exactly new plans. Instead, they are plans to upgrade existing plans depending on when you subscribe. If you’re an existing subscriber, you can expect to have your existing speed more than doubled for no additional cost. On the other hand, if you’re planning to subscribe and you subscribe before the end of this year, you’ll only be getting your speed upgrade next year.

It doesn’t sound like there will be specific new Unifi turbo plans right now, but I guess all will be revealed on the 12th of July.

Special upgrade package for pre-Unifi aka Streamyx

While upgrades and new plans for Unifi subscribers are great, TM also has a special upgrade package for pre-Unifi/Streamyx subscribers. Considering the fact that more than half of TM’s 2.33 million broadband subscribers are still on Streamyx, this will hopefully give people incentive to upgrade.

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Unfortunately, TM hasn’t revealed much regarding these plans so we’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for these Streamyx subscribers. However, they did announce that Streamyx users can check their eligibility status on from 15th July onward.

Relaunched unlimited Unifi Mobile postpaid plans

Finally, TM also revealed that they will be relaunching their unlimited unifi Mobile postpaid plan. This will give users unlimited data, calls and messaging. However, this new plan will serve as a “convergence offering” that’s exclusive to existing broadband customers and will be available at all Unifi outlets (and online) starting 15 July 2018.

Will these new plans solve Malaysia’s internet problem?

Yes, new plans are great, especially when these new plans are designed to be affordable, but it’s hard to say how much this will impact Malaysia’s big broadband problem: Availability.

From what we’ve seen, a lot of people want to subscribe to Unifi and stop paying for the expensive yet slow Streamyx speeds. But, they simply don’t have the option to do so for a myriad of reasons that are beyond their control, for example, the lack of Unifi ports.

TM did touch on this topic during the media briefing, saying that they will continue investing in their network to provide users — who don’t currently have access to Unifi — at least, access to their 30Mbps base plan. And, they said that they will do that “through the latest technologies that will be a mix of both fixed and the latest wireless technologies”.

In other words, Unifi may not necessarily come to you in a fixed or fibre method, it could also leverage wireless technologies too. They didn’t specify what forms these wireless solutions may come in, but we’re guessing they could be referring to something like TM’s Unifi wireless broadband.

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Then, there’s the issue of the 1.4 million underutilised Unifi ports nationwide — which, by the way, is more than their 1.13 million Unifi subscribers — and why users weren’t getting on Unifi. To that, TM answered that they rolled out these ports not based on demand, but on supply — which also means they built the ports in anticipation of future.

They also said that in some locations, users weren’t picking up fibre networks because of behavioural reasons, like a preference for wireless broadband instead of wired. One example they provided was about people who rent instead of buy property, which makes sense because those who move around a lot probably don’t want to be tied down by fibre solutions.

We suspect it could also be because of the high bar of entry fibre poses to your average user. The most affordable Unifi plan right now is the Unifi lite plan which gives you 10Mbps for RM129. If TM can drop that bar of entry to below RM100, we could see more people subscribing to Unifi.

So, while we don’t think this will instantly solve all our internet problems, we think it is at least a step in the right direction.

Either way, we should be getting a lot more details on these plans next week, the 12th of July 2018, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, let me know what you think of this in the comments below!

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79 Comments for Double the speed, cheaper Unifi : All you need to know about TM’s big announcement


There will be income cap to qualify for the bare unifi package

Probably household incomes not exceed RM3K per month

Ad Killer

How about these crooks give 100Mbps broadband at affordable prices like TIME has been doing?
TM received grants and soft loans from gomen to deliver these services. If a small player like TIME can do it, what the hell are they waiting for? Dah lah, many of the ports not in use.


    TIME concentrate only at high density area such as condos and apartments.. of course, they can give higher speed unlike TM.


      No No No ~~~ TIME just get their business to rich & high end condo, not high density area, Penang Farlim Desa Permata surrounded by 8 apartment is a super high density populated area that is more then thousand mid rank apartment on my house here, I have try to apply for our community for years on TIME to install their service on our area but not even a shit. my area here just have low fucking Streamyx service that only have 1~2Mbps is available most highest is 4Mbps line that port is always full and not applicable, and the fucking unifi also is not available in my place, no others service is available on here, if TIME install service on our place surely will hit a jack port, but that dumb ass still don't want to install their service on our community.


        Unfortunately, TIME license not allow them to do so…Their business expend is being control since long time ago; so that T.M can maintain their market share


    TIME selling 100Mbps for RM149/mth? Left behind smoked liao! Thailand just re-upate their pricing 200M going for 1200baht a month summore available everywhere including landed homes. Now TIME also needs to update theirs to keep up with times.


My speed currently is 50Mbps after given upgrade from 30Mbps..I have no idea what i'll do with 100Mbps as I find 50mbps is more than enough…What I want is the option for people to opt for a price cut and mantain the speed..

    Bandwidth limitations

    What you failed to understand is that..with that amount of speed they secretly throttling your band width..without your knowledge


      They use shared bandwidth at aggregation link. not so much throttling the bandwidth. Not everyone uses upto bandwidth capacity at the same time.. When u watch HD video, you would probably use 10Mbps maximum at any one time. 30Mbps if you watch 4K movie.


    Nowadays high bandwidth is not about downloading. You need consistent and high bandwidth connections for subscribing IPTV and streaming. Nerd stats on Youtube already indicates that you need a consistent 10Mbps(~9Mbps) to stream smoothly without buffering in between for a 720p 60FPS video. For such videos, a 10Mbps Unifi connection won't make it moreso if the server is based outside this region.


    I agree totally.I'm satisfied with my current speed. I've no need for faster speed.Only wish for a price decrease.


    Saya setuju dengan pendapat anda.


Just use TIME la

    biasa tak biasa

    We like too, unfortunately Time haven’t plan to pull cable at my area…. 🙁 So to have high speed, that the only service provider have.


      Time also not very honest company la. They keep selling the idea that fibre optics is something very expensive which is a lie today. If 10 years ago yes agree with them but today the technology is already very matured and equipments are already abundantly dumped by China around the world dirt cheap. There is no shortages of glass(silica) in this world and unlike copper cabling which needs active electricity supply, passive fibre networks can be deployed very much further without need for power.If you go to China or Japan today and bring up subjects about fibre optics they'll just say meh because it's so commonly found everywhere.


I’d target house hold income 3000+ only entitle for the offer. I don’t see it helps much. I.see.the package as not sincere at all. 3000+ income for a family every month after necessary expenses I don think they can save much as well.


At last …Please try again later bla bla no infra bla bla too far from street cabinet bla bla bla only support 100meter bla bla bla TM lips service. Remember TM THANK YOU SURPRISE???

    Tarik cable

    U want fast deployment, lay your own fiber cable la


    With fibre optics so common today and saturated around the world, how can Malaysians still think that fibre optics is something very limited and exclusive to own? Damnn..even the poor in Cambodia and Thailand 3rd world countries are wiring up their homes with fibre today. It's so common today in China and Japan today is like giving the small child a optical disc such as DVD or CS today they'll just dump it for wasting space. Kampung Malaysians still think this technology very canggih? The technology TM still using today like GPON is already like close to 10 years old man!


B40, income below RM3860

Lason Jo

And I’m still waiting for a telephone line coming to my flat


    Go ask the isps around. There's this new technology called wireless fibre where they install laser P2P transmitters on top of the building's roof delivering 10Gbps for backhaul then pull ethernet wiring to subscribers below using standard switches. Google Webpass uses this cheap and economical technology for apartments/flats.No need to lay fibre all the way from your building.


      Hey, where can i get i more info regarding this ? Does it also apply to apartment ?


        YES Home Broadband is using this technology, TIME can also use this technology if they want instead of pulling cables all the way into the building. Google is now slowing down their Google Fiber division in favor of this new tech called Wireless Optical Network/Wireless Fibre.
        Gigabit Speeds Without Fiber!…

end the bn umno cronies

end the bn umno cronies, rakyat need rm10 for 10mb, rm20 for 20mb, rm30 for 30mb, why rakyat are forced to pay for their ceo n director milion n million ringgit? bn umno cronies should end, no more monopoly, no more sucking rakyat billion ringgit to pay ceo director in glc. high price low quality glc in all sector should end now and forever.


    TM Unifi is already using a very old GPON technology which is already approaching 10 years old yet they still have the dilemma that they're selling something very sophisticated. Damn jaguh kampung living under the tempurung! China already dumping GPON equipments these days dirt cheap because of oversupply and saturation, TM still think it's something very proud that only the rich can afford. No wonder other people are starting to label Malaysians as monkeys living on trees.


    Please ask Time and Maxis.

Future UniFi User

1. Streamyx 1 mbps should be priced below RM 50, anything higher than RM 50 is cekik darah.

2. The entry level UniFi package should start around RM 50.


TM so insincere…
what if i earn RM 5k?? i cannot enjoy unifi below RM100??
not everyone needs phone and useless hypptv!



Unifi 10mbps 129..wht kinda pricing is this?Really not fair at all..


    RM90 for 150mbps and RM120 for 200mbps?

TM slave

I am thankful that they would double the speed. However, would existing customers have a choice to maintain the speed while reducing the price? Better not make the new affordable plans to be eligible only to new subscribers.


What about reducing the streamyx cost at the location that doesn’t have unifi?


Let’s see how other telcos will respond.

Time, Maxis, Digi, U: your move.


My unit I thank you surprise 30mbps:
1. Internet – Rm109 (after RM60 discount), hpptv – Rm30 = total RM139.

So can’t see how tm can’t offer 30mbps internet only at RM99. They’re making RM10 less profit.

And more than double 30mbps speed, to what? 75mbps?


    How about matching our neighbor? New promo pricing release again yesterday. 200mbps for RM120???TM left scratching their heads once again?

Ahmad Maslan

Singh is King…!!


Below 100? i am sure it will just RM98 or RM99 price range. Just make a cheaper plan like RM50 for 10mbps. Affordable for B40 and the rest.


TM still call me up to replace my RM70 streamyx to RM140 unifi. Sure, I know the speed is higher, but there is a psychological price point that just says to me I shouldn't pay that much. Even that RM70 is a joke, but that is the cheapest I can get for fixed line.

I wish i have unifi

Well thats all well and good but until unifi is available in my area (and more) this is all useless. My area only got streamyx 8mbps like 2 years ago.. before that the highest is 4mbps.. and we don’t have any other providers like time, maxis etc.


    they just wanted to hook u up to contract bro


    You know why they refuse to go to many old and poorer districts to replace copper wiring with fibre? They know eventually people will find out about their exorbitant charges and would just drop off.Asking close to RM200 for 30M for commitment of 2 years is daylight robbery in today's telco pricing levels. For poor and low wage earners it's already like paying monthly installments for a small car or bike! That's the REAL reason why their FTTH deployment is so slow. Greedy corporatism who only wants to jaga their fat salaries.


1. Give us an option to choose to maintain current speed with price cut or double the speed with current price
2. take away the useless hypptv from our bill
3. let more player into the market like TIME dot com and open up the market
4. SST or GST free incentives
5. More solution or coverage for unifi

Syed Azman

TM shd just prepare the neccessary and then just offer to the public their latest rakyat prone packages instead of playing suspense wait n see trick with us


Where's the stupid Swan that calls people poor as f* when requesting TM to give cheaper internet, up to calls people as ungrateful poor cheapskate.


    F'ed mentality TM staffs have. They're pushing away complaints by insulting Malaysians not being able to pay for their exorbitant high prices. Whichever TM staff caught telling their customers excuses like this should be sacked immediately.


      i want to throw bottle to this TM ceo….last time they send me text message that no line for 2 weeks…after that no price cut whatsoever….i call them and they said i have to go TM centre and made application…wtff …stupid TM …now i use only wireless broadband.

SY Tang

I’m paying for 50Mbps. I accepted an offer of a free upgrade to 100Mbps 2 months ago but the upgrade has not happened. Instead my current speeds are down to less than 20Mbps. Complaints to TM have not been fruitful. I’m sceptical about their new promises.


Dear TM, regarding your offer #affordable. Many areas are not accessible #nocoverage. I terminated my streamyx as the speed available for my area is ONLY 1mbps LOL 1mbps??????????


Pointless to have all the speed in the world if coverage is spotty….I have been living in my area for 12 years. Spent 6 years on 1MBps and 2 years on 2Mbps, only to be able to upgrade to a max of 8Mbps 2 years ago with no plans from TM to ever upgrade our line to fibre.

Our neighbors are paying RM180 for 2Gbps *rolls eye* I think I should only be able to enjoy that speed here once I check into my grave.

Kah Chon

Now, wait for TIME to announce RM149 for 300mbps 😉

Chan Min Yuen

There’s the phrase ‘best effort’ attached to all of UNIFI plan… They can offer hyper speed 1000mbps but yet provide super slow and say its their best effort…. And free upgrade- come on lah… you’re just saying -no, we are not lowering our prices……Wake up…..this is new Malaysia everyone can see how fat and bloated you are


Wah liao wei, i don't think below RM100 should be for low income group only loh.
What nonsense is this? This is not a sport car or house leh.
Internet is a need in this era. So be fair to everyone la….
Moreover its only 30mbps. Other people talking about 100mbps or more already leh..
If wanna save, i suggest TM to cancel the HyppTV. Seriously not everyone want this n if someone wants to subscribe then its optional la..




    Given that speeds are not guaranteed in excess of hundreds of megabits, TM pricing are way overpriced. Thailand which depends on Malaysia-SG land cables for for more than 1/2 of their connectivity can sell 150Mbps for 900baht(~RM90) we want to sell 30Mbps for under RM100 NEXT YEAR? How many years we behind people?


    offer hypptv with poor content…what a stupid bussiness strategy..those tm HQ at bangsar full of uneducated people with IT …they have degree but dont know how to make money… is like selling nasi lemak with only timun inside…shame


what will streamyx price be? still high?
special upgrade package? another contract?
these info are needed.
not all location can use unifi, still alot streamyx users out there, not fair for paying such price.


Most people just need affordable package with right price.
Worst of all, so called speed increase but with pathetic connectivity speed.

Please benchmark with TIME and improve the pacakge.


    Anything more than RM50 for 30Mbps is way out of time for today's pricing levels. With RM100 expect nothing less than 100Mbps. Those paying close to RM200, the expectation should already be no less than 1Gbps. SGreans already achieved 2Gbps for only around S$50(~RM150). Even getting 100Mbps for current pricing levels of 30M is still very outdated pricing structure.


To those jaguh kampungs out there who thinks fibre optics is something sophisticated and priviledged to have, you're making a joke of yourself. Today, this technology is already highly matured and dirt cheap.China and Japan are dumping fibre equipments cheap all over the world now.There is no forseen shortages even in the future because unlike commodity metals such as copper silica(sand) is abundance.My relatives are involved in a JV manufacturing OEM fibre networking equipments in Shenzen including those for Google Fiber. They say it's so saturated and competitive, they've to diversify into other markets such as making tv boxes as such. It's no excuse that by now we should've already replaced every single public network including rural areas with fibre cables instead of keeping ageing rusted copper wiring around.


TM please sell 200Mbps for RM120 lah! Our neighbor beat us again to it. Launched this just a day ago!
200M/100M Fibre Broadband 1200baht/mth
Shame on TM! Everytime make announcement, immediately our neighbors re-update their pricing!


Later cheaper package can introduce quota again, like how they did with Streamyx. I hope Gobin ask them to double or tripple the coverage, and at least give everyone who is on streamyx RM50 for 8mbps. This is 2018, and who still uses 1mbps nowadays.


    Hello… fiber optics is sooo outdated today. The GPON technology TM is still using already close to 10 years old already lah and process for manufacturing fibre optic cabling is so common these days without any shortages of silica glass(sand).There is no excuse to keep copper cabling on tiangs anymore today other than to risk pencuri kabel.

The notorious

You need to expand the coverage.We need fibre optic to apply your shits


Many people giving TM hard time for not enough coverage but keep quiet when Time and Maxis are available at even fewer areas. Since Time can offer cheaper broadband, please ask them to maintain same price but quadruple their ports by 2020. MCMC can fine mobile operators for not hitting coverage targets so why fibre players not given the same pressure?


Will 100mbps double to 200mbps?


MyRepublic please come in Malaysia and kill Telekom Malaysia and offer RM50 for 100 Mbps. Please make it happen.


    That price is just about right. Thailand just started selling 100M for RM60 early this month. So fast and transparent their pricing structure for internet plans. No need create excuse say need access to private LHDN database for low income users, this and that.

    Why Malaysia always make things difficult like a nip in the buttt and using stupid "ana-logies" by some dumb TM staff?


Everyone failed to ask the most important question. How can a company request for access to your private salary information? TM is not a financial institution. Should they be allowed to make such packages requirements?


    The plans is targeted for B40, not necessary you need to carry copies of your banks statement, etc.. If during registration for such plan your name appear in their database as someone who is not qualified, maybe they have a compiled list sync with LHDN payers list, or whatnot.


      LHDN leaks coming soon? Excuses to steal and leak PDPA again? Just make things simple 100M for RM60, our neighbor up north can do it now we need to wait till when?


HAHAHA! TM and TNB are the only owner of Malaysia's high speed fibre infrastructure so they kinda have the power to "affect" the price and speed cap of all the other ISP.

So TIME, Maxis etc just "renting" TM's infra now. Even if MyRepublic come here I can confirm the price floor/speed cap would still be along the line of our local offers.

Why TIME wayy cheaper? Their ports cover only the high rise apartment/condo. Landed housing area confirm can't subscribe to TIME.

Conclusion; TM is still the Godfather of fibre internet in Malaysia, MCMC really need some regulations to handle their "price controlling" power.


    You paying RM149 for 100M internet by Time? New pricing in Thailand now is just RM60 for 100M / RM90 for 200M.
    If TIME is way cheaper, how far are we behind our neighbors?


i talk with tm live chat about unifi turbo. i told them, i used NETIS upgrade from streamyx 8mbps to unifi lite 10mbps. can i received upgrading if tm upgrade speed soon. they told me, yess because my building have fibre optic. if my house use cooper, i can't received uprgrading soon from tm.


For those dumbos who claim TM not making enough money to satisfy shareholders, bond investors, tax agencies, you can stop making trips to the Alps and drinking Ribena. Here's a shocker again from our neighbors up north defying odds. How about 100/100M Fibre for 590baht(RM60) a month? Want more 200M/200M for 890baht(RM90) a month? Time you slacking already?
When Malaysians getting 100M under RM100?


I am already paying 299 for 500Mbps using time broadband. Can Gobind pls make sure time give me 1Gbps for 150 per month?

You no happy with Unifi, please switch to time. Now maxis and time always giving brochure and calling Tm customer to upgrade.

tm not good

I paying rm100 unifi mobile postpaid,the speed so slow,watching youtube speed 200k~250k only,Before buy plan unifi mobile i try free simcard unifi can running youtube speed 600~700k.Now i hv 1 pay rm100 and 1 free unifi sim,try same handset same area,paying rm100 so slow,free one speed fast,why?????