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Webe’s plan details are here — from RM79/month for unlimited everything


UPDATE: Webe is now available to all (non-TM customers/webe certified phone) for RM79/month.

Revealed earlier, webe has begun rolling out invitations to selected TM and webe customers in the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. Now, they’ve revealed more juicy details about their plan.

According to webe, there’s currently only one plan and it costs RM199/month. What you get for that money is unlimited everything — calls, SMS, and internet data.

But, that’s not all because if you meet certain criteria, you can get your plan down to as low as RM79/month. Here’s what you will need:

  1. If you’re an existing TM customer or webe member, you will receive RM60 off your monthly commitment.
  2. If you’re using a webe certified smartphone, you will also get RM60 off your monthly commitment.

Should you fulfill both criteria, it will bring your total monthly commitment down from RM199/month down to RM79/month for a single SIM. If you plan on getting multiple sims, webe will knock off an additional RM10 for the second line, RM20 for the third line and RM30 for the fourth and fifth line. This means that you can get the fourth and fifth line down to as low as RM49/month.


What’s more, the plan has no contract attached to it. webe says that all you need to do to enjoy the plan is the invitation. Click on the link inside and you will be directed to a signup page. Then enter your details, make the payment with your credit card and webe will deliver your SIM pack to you within three working days.


If you run into any problems, webe has 24-hour customer service via an online chat that’s always standing by to help.


Now, RM79/month for unlimited everything sounds incredibly tempting. It’s good value, but you should keep in mind that you will be unable to tether or use your device as a mobile WiFi hotspot by default. Should you want to do that, you will have to purchase a two-hour pass from webe that’s priced at RM6.