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TM introduces Unifi Wireless Broadband for the home with no contract

If you can’t subscribe to UniFi or Streamyx at home, TM has just announced its new Unifi Wireless Broadband. This is a contract-free 4G broadband service that lets you connect your household with no hacking or installation required.

The Unifi Broadband plan comes with a single plan that offers 60GB of data at RM83.74/month (inclusive of GST). If you need more, you can top up 20GB for RM40 through the unifi mobile care application. We are told by their customer service that there’s a cheaper 5GB option for RM20.

Since there’s no contract, you would need to buy the device upfront. TM is offering the Huawei B618 wireless router at a discounted RM599 instead of its normal price of RM1,099. The wireless router supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi and it can connect up to 64 devices.

We are also informed by TM’s customer service that if you maintain your Unifi Wireless account for a year, you’ll be entitled to a fee waiver for the 13th to 15th month (free 3 months) of your subscription.

To subscribe, you’ll need to be within TM Unifi’s 4G LTE coverage. Since it’s wireless, you are able to use it at any location as long as there’s coverage. More details on the plan will be published on the Unifi Mobile’s site but at time of posting, it isn’t updated yet.

UPDATE: You can check out the full FAQ for Unifi Wireless Broadband. Once your 60GB data is depleted, you can still stay connected at a throttled 128kbps.

In case you missed it, Celcom has recently introduced a wireless broadband offering that uses the same Huawei wireless router. Price starts from RM74.20/month and it comes with 25GB data and 40GB of Video Walla quota that’s dedicated for video streaming. For those who stream a lot, their Home Wireless Platinum plan at RM159/month gives you 150GB of data and 1TB for Video Walla. You can learn more about that plan here.

Alexander Wong