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TM offers new UniFi customers up to 3X speeds for an extra RM10/month

A few days ago, we mentioned that TM is giving an upgrade offer for existing UniFi customers. If you’re currently on 10Mbps UniFi Lite, you can get 3X faster speeds for the only RM10/month.

Now it appears that TM is extending a similar upgrade promo for new sign-ups. So, if you’re thinking of signing up for UniFi, this allows you to get faster speed for less.

According to a brochure posted on Lowyat Forum, new customers can get a bump of speed for only RM10. So if you’re getting a 10Mbps line, you can get 30Mbps for additional RM10/month. The same speed upgrade also applies for the 30Mbps (upgrade to 50Mbps) and 50Mbps (upgrade to 100Mbps) plans as well. The brochure below was apparently taken from TM Point Alor Setar.

No actual fees were mentioned in the brochure but below is how much you would pay based on the original UniFi subscription fee:

10Mbps UniFi Lite – RM129 (unchanged)
30Mbps UniFi Advance – RM199 RM129 + RM10 = RM139 (Save RM60)
50Mbps UniFi Advance Plus – RM249 RM199 + RM10 = RM209 (Save RM40)
100Mbps UniFi Pro – RM329 RM249 + RM10 = RM259 (Save RM70)

If we compare to the previous promo, nothing has changed for the 10Mbps and 30Mbps plan. However, it is RM20-30/month more for the higher 50Mbps and 100Mbps option where it was previously offered at RM189/month and RM239/month respectively.

Unlike existing customers, new customers won’t get to enjoy free unlimited phone calls (If previously on VIP Plan) for fixed lines and HyppTV Jumbo Pack. Another difference is that this promo price for new signups is only applicable for the first 24 months whereas existing customers can enjoy the offer permanently until they change plans.

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Alexander Wong