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Xiaomi’s Mi MIX 3 will launch on the 25th of October and it looks nuts

Posted:  October 17, 2018   By:    31 comments   

In the midst of all the hype surrounding Huawei‘s brand new Mate 20 smartphones, fellow Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi dropped a couple of details regarding their highly anticipated upcoming smartphone. I am, of course, talking about the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3.

The first and most important detail you should know about this upcoming smartphone is the fact that it will officially launch on the 25th of October 2018.

Needless to say, I’m super excited. I’ll never forget the first time I got to review the original MIX because that was just such a stunning device. It was one of those convention-defying phones that pretty much told the establishment to take a long walk off a short cliff, and I loved it — flaws and all.

Then, subsequent MIXs were more disappointing than exciting. Xiaomi was trying to ride the hype and excitement surrounding the MIX to sell more devices, not push the envelope. And that was very disappointing because they already had the money-maker Mi flagship phone, they didn’t have to pull the MIX down to that level too. But they did so nonetheless, and those compromises were very apparent in the Mi MIX 2.

Now though, it looks like there’s reason to be excited again. Teaser images of a full-screened smartphone with some kind off sliding mechanism ala OPPO Find X are tantalising, to say the least. Plus, recent posts also hint at the fact that the phone will feature a nutty 10GB of RAM and even have support for 5G connectivity.

Does this finally mean that the smartphone like will make its return back to the experimental and awesome? It’s tough to say, though I certainly hope so. I had such high expectations for the MIX line of devices, I’d hate to be disappointed again.

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31 Comments for Xiaomi’s Mi MIX 3 will launch on the 25th of October and it looks nuts


aih tiru tak habis2, harga melampau


    tiru? We as consumer why need to care for the phone patent infringement problem? harga melampau? You want buy flagship series device with low end price is it? Xiaomi's redmi series is budget friendly, why not you go for that series instead lol, poco f1 is budget king also.


      That will depends. If you are the consumer and employee who works in the company and created the products that someone copied, resulted in bad sales and kena pecat, then you will curse.


      Xiaomi harga mampu milik….


      this guy's a cheap a55


      Poco pun under Xiaomi group la, although India Xiaomi…


    Did someone just said harga melampau on xiaomi?


    If semua tiru cannot, then pinch-to-zoom would be so exclusive.


    while everybody else’s using 16:9 phone, mix is the first in the world to use 17:9


      Not everybody using 16:9, some 18.5:9 or 4:3 or 19.5:9 also there.

    Android Authority

    Oh please.Xiaomi Mi Mix is the reason why we see Bezel-less trend in smartphone


      You are absolutely 100% right! Cheers mate!


    miskin jgn beli lol. tu dh kira hagra boek laa dri ifon lahabau tu


Wow, 10GB RAM I looking forward for the release in Malaysia.


    On a Pc, some engineering applications really need memory but what sort of phone apps would benefit from 10g memory. Games? just curious.


Hope it's not another hype like lenovo Z5, teasing with no notch no chin but ended up having both.


Wow 5g!… hello iToys rm7k. Lol


This makes Huawei and Samsung phones look like toys.

And should not be more expensive than the 2 brands above which exorbitantly expensive now.

Waiting for next year’s Mix 4 with 16GB RAM.


    I beg to differ. Having 5G connectivity and 10gb RAM doesn’t make Mi Mix 3 way far ahead from them. These features are market dependent too, which means it is not truly firm we will get the one with 5G connectivity and 10gb RAM.

    Samsung actually can catch up if they don’t reserve their Next Big Thing for next flagships. And none of the currently existing smartphone OEMs can make something like Galaxy Note series. LG & ASUS has tried, but failed. For Huawei, we will see soon.


      Strange. Why need them to catch up? The beauty or purpose of using Android is – no need brand royalty. Buy any brand that has the best price now with the most checkboxes ticked.

      We shouldn’t wait or bothered with any specific brand to catch-up. Please don’t inculcate brand royalty culture , as this is what we have been cursing some arrogant fruit brand in the past.


        YOU STATED “This makes Huawei and Samsung phones look like toys” AT FIRST, and now you EXCUSING me for being some brand fanatic after showing you some light. You awed at something small and you bypass what were bigger than that. Meg, you’re sure a funny person .

        P.S : Don’t you dare to reply stating you do not make jokes, so how could you be funny later on. I will laugh at you.


tsktsktsk lowlife ppl at bottom mmg tend to fall in fake hype always because of their mediocre life

    pentaasub pas

    pentaasub parti apple semalaysia sembang kencang ttg duniawi


Still standing with my redmi 5 plus

But i will buy mi mix3 if i got money..

Xiaomi is the only Chinese phonemaker i trust and i have huawei p20 pro too but still use my redmi 5 plus more i dont know why lol..


    addicted to MIUI haha, I love MIUI too.


haha i was waiting for mr swan's comments


finally swan is here


    I thought Swan was dead.
    Because his mouth was so busuk.
    Always said other people low class, cheap, copycat etc……
    He is very high class, he thought like that himself.


beli hp mahal but dont reply text also useless


Asalkan ada telepon pun cukup, yg extra feature itu bonus bagi for thos who love photography, performance, gamming, and software. I just wanna said tht im the one of xiaomi mi mix's fan. 🙂


What can I say that this phone is awesome. However since xiaomi now use 5G modem from Qualcomm and still using the Snapdragon 845, don’t you realize that this thing will cause overheat to the phone because currently no chipset can handle the higher band like 5G. With proper cooling system you can do that. I don’t know if the Mi Mix 3 will have a cooling system and not depending on Soc.