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Xiaomi Mi MIX review: Bonkers, in the best way possible



A ‘concept phone’. Those were the words I heard when Xiaomi unveiled the Mi MIX — something I thought they wouldn’t sell because that’s what the term ‘concept’ usually means. Then the presentation continued and my jaw hit the floor.

Wait, they’re going to sell it?!

If you forget the ‘concept’ label and think about it, it’s not that hard to believe. It’s got a standard flagship processor with RAM, internal storage, and a regular battery. It’s not powered by harvested unicorn tears. It’s still a smartphone with a camera at the back and a camera in front for selfies. It’s got buttons too!

Then you really think about it. It doesn’t have an earpiece. It has an absolutely humongous screen that is basically — wait for it — bezel-less. The front camera is a tiny little spec at the bottom where it’s easily blocked by your palm. And it’s made entirely out of ceramic which is as slippery as a fish out of water.

Is it really a smartphone then? Should Xiaomi have put it on sale at all or left it as a proof of concept? Well, that’s what I spent the past few days finding out.