Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro hands-on: Pretty, but for a pretty big sacrifice

I’m a total sucker for cool-looking smartphones — I can’t help it, I’m just naturally drawn to the device with the impractical motorised cameras, or the coolest new sliding mechanism. Or, in the case of the brand new Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro, the one with the most transparent back.

But the problem with a lot of these fancy smartphones is: There’s a high chance that you’re giving something crucial up just so you can own that cool new design or mechanism. And unfortunately for the Mi 8 Pro, it looks like you’re giving up something pretty significant — something I don’t think Xiaomi really needed to do with this line of smartphone.

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The Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 is now on sale in Malaysia

Mi MIX 3

The Mi MIX 3 is currently the best smartphone Xiaomi has ever made. The large display dominates the entire front and it no longer has a thick chin in the bottom like its previous MIX models. To solve the selfie camera conundrum, Xiaomi has gone with a manual slider mechanism which hides its dual-front camera setup. 

The MIX 3 is currently officially on sale only in China. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the device, you can now buy imported units from Mobile2Go.

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