TM’s Unifi announcement: Cheaper, 10X faster…and then there’s Streamyx

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TM made a huge announcement today that includes a brand new Unifi Basic plan, Unifi Turbo speed upgrades and new options for Streamyx subscribers. Here’s everything TM announced in one place, a.k.a, your TL;DR.

1. New Unifi Basic

This is a brand new entry-level broadband-only plan for households with monthly incomes of less than RM4,500. You get 30Mbps for RM79/month.

Read more about it here.

2. Unifi Turbo speed upgrades

Current Unifi subscribers will get up to a 10X speed upgrade for free, with unlimited quota. For example, 30Mbps becomes 300Mbps, 50Mbps becomes 500Mbps, 100Mbps becomes 800Mbps. However, there are limitations.

There’s also a new Unifi Mobile Postpaid plan with unlimited everything.

Read more about it here.

3. Streamyx speed upgrade

More Streamyx subscribers will get the chance to upgrade to Unifi. Most of those who can’t will have their speeds doubled. Those who aren’t eligible for either, TM’s working on it.

Read more about it here.

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43 Comments for TM’s Unifi announcement: Cheaper, 10X faster…and then there’s Streamyx

Mark Cheng

Wondering why the previous government can’t do this??

    Wonda Kopi

    You still want to ask this kind of question? Why not ask why they lost the election?


    Because Biggu Mama her collection of Birkins and keep a bunch of lowlifes employed for the votes.


      I suddenly realize you mention "Biggu mama" is one piece characters.. Hahaha..


        So you've been keeping up with One Piece latest episodes yeah? Not sure if Japan pulling a joke indirectly with Malaysia using this character but I find the timing very coincidence. Her obsession with wedingu kek!


          TM is private company. nothing can do with gov.
          Also previous gov already discuss about this in parliament and have a budget.

          Do you think to upgrade network facility for whole Malaysia is easy as you eat peanut?


    why indeed, TM can give good speed but they be like "i'm going to hide my PS4, you kids play with this branches sticks and pebble stones".


    well, TM has cancel the upgrade…hahahaha


Cable cannot support 500mbps


    cat5e can support gigabit if the cable is good enough. If can't then just buy a cat7 cable.


      For max 100m distance only & over 4-pair of cable. VDSL using 1-pair cable

    Ahmad Nabil Mohd Yusoff

    Cat5e bole ja support gigabit speed.. tp max 50m sj.. juga bergantung pada quality cable.. schneider,belden jenama yg bagus.
    Maknanya kalau setakat cabling dlm rumah tu.. ok sj pkai cat5e.. kalau x yakin.. tukar sj ke cat6.. haha


my condo still using twisted pair cable. how to support till 500mbps


what is TM plan for 8mb streamyx plan with no supported Unifi infra? 8mb is like the max limit of copper line. You have to cut the price below the RM79 30mbps. I'm not going to pay double for one fourth of speed. that is ridiculous! you will take a whole lot less money until you bring me that Unifi. that is only fair.


    Try using wireless 4G LTE solutions. It's already faster than even VDSL and it's going to catch up with fibre soon as soon as 5G is introduced. If the ISP is serious in reaching rural areas they can use fixed wireless solutions to replace copper phone wiring.Maybe not as fast as pure fibre but at least it's Fi-Wi hybrid, base station is fibre fed, wireless can still get hundreds of megabits to users if you take advantage of unlicensed Wi-Fi bands for wide coverage.


Not sure if you guys actually do the math, if quota set at 60gb with a speed of 30Mbps (max download speed at 3.75MB/S), it only takes you 4 hrs 26 mins 40 sec to finish up 60gb when running on full speed.


    TM already plan for capping during the first time unifi was introduced years ago, but they never enforced it. If it follow the original capping plan, if im not mistaken, you can’t use your quota in 1 go. It will split by 30 days. Meaning; if quota 60GB/month, per day u can only downld at max speed for 2GB, after that throttle down speed at 1Mbps.


    You want to complain about the cheapest plan? Your head ok or not? This is pricing strategy done by so many companies so that you will get their middle plan. If the cheap plan so good value, nobody will sign up higher plan. Thats why you never buy the smallest tin of Milo or bottle of softdrink if you want to calculate best cost.


    Silly idea to implement quota for 30M when the cheapest plan out there with unlimited 100M is priced so close around RM119 which is currently for Unifi Lite or Maxis Home Fibre 10Mbps.
    Between RM120 and RM79, 10X the speed and unlimited quota is no brainer. If TM rivals want to intensify the game, lower the 100M plan just below RM100, TM will lose even more customers! MyRepublic last time say they want to sell UNLIMITED 100M for something like RM60-70, TM can bungkus after this


With this great news from Telekom Malaysia (TM), Streamyx 1Mbps subscribers will be paying 400 times higher price compared to this new Unifi 800Mbps.

Unifi 800Mbps – RM189 = RM0.24 (24cent) / 1Mbps
Streamyx 1Mbps – RM110 = RM110 / 1Mbps

Even for some lucky 1Mbps subscribers that got upgraded to 2Mbps later and current Unifi 100Mbps subscribers that pay more than RM189, the difference still high as more than 250 to 400 times higher.

Young Tommy

A bunch of people won't need 60GB. Especially those families with elderly and over 40s aunties who post their daily meal and lifehood photos to FB/ wechat/whatsapp everyday, they needed only 500MB for posting 100 photos, the rest 4 hours were wasted beautifying (tweaking to non-natural) their photos. There goes a day for them.


    No, they will still watch their HK drama/TW Variety shows via some multimedia device.

      Abigail Esther Len

      v true ..i am an aunty who watch k drama everyday


Really 500mbps, we will see about that. They upgraded me with 100mpbs and at most the highest speed I can get is about 60mbps. 500mbps? Don’t joke about that…


    same goes with me. Bloody cheater. They want to give 10X internet speed using telephone cable to people?what a joke. TM, you better make sure to change all the old rustic cable to fibre optics first before you make bombastic promises joke!


D previous Govt just want to swindled People’s Money as well d Former CEO TM whom resigned. In Europe Countries Unifi n Data are widely given FOC. Whereas here all d TELCO Cos n Ministers wants their pocket to be filled. As what one man whom said ‘cash is King’ b4 this. Real *****.


    Data given for free in europe you say?

    Changing government after 60 years is easy. Changing dumb mentality like yours will take longer. You want to kutuk use your brain pls.


      No need compare Europe, just go to Taipei or Japan use their FREE public Wi-Fi service. It's faster than our paid 10M Unifi Lite plan. Serious. Have you visited New York City's public LinkNYC booths before? Here Gizmodo's article:…
      Who's the dumb one now? 500M symmetrical test results.I wished my home is next to one of these booths. Free internet!


    Don't be a Zahid; go improve your English please


    It's really free. Link NYC 500M public hotspot FREE WiFi internet and available since Jan 2016!…


I wud wonder if the popular telcos in msia will follow suit TM ‘s announcement


Oh I see. That’s why you suddenly banned people right after new bill was charged for this month.Exactly on the date of this announcement.

Kedai mamak also kena. Nampak sangat a sudden change has been done.

TM monopoly is so sick . Change to other inernet provider guys. The bill system they imposed is cruel. They charged you every month before you even got your paycheck and then the due is the next week after payday. Brilliant bloodsucker company.


    How to change other internet provider if TM is a monopoly? I also hate it when friends I borrow money from asking me to pay them back before my salary come out.


Unreasonable for the unifi basic plan only for the income household below RM4500. It emerged a discrimination. Furthermore, there isn’t an information highlighted on the webe (unifi mobile broadband) status too which current cost RM59 with 20G data & lower speed connection provided. Compare the the new unifi basic plan, it seems that current webe is more expensive


    Don’t you have any shame to compare yourself to those earning less. You also want to complain for not receiving brim?


Is this available in east malaysia? Or just peninsular?

data eater

My area here 3.5G Umobile is the fastest even Hotlink lose la……Better Umobile Unlimited Quota at 3MBPS Giler GX30 at RM30 than Unifi at RM99…my area here got no 4G la Unifi!!….Going to end my Streamyx 1MBPS contract soon!!!…maybe sooner if Digi join with Umobile soon!!!


Good job, you make every household happy. I am sure you are the winner. Smart move.


Not available anymore?