Could this be the official Malaysian pricing for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?

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UPDATE: You can pre-order the iPhone XS with Apple Malaysia warranty for less than RM4,500.

11street has been rather proactive when it comes to bringing the latest iPhone XS into Malaysia. Two weeks ago, they were the first e-commerce platform to offer pre-orders for imported units with price starting from RM4,999. For those who prefer to get official Apple Malaysia units, it appears that 11street is now accepting pre-orders and you could get it by end of next month.

On 11street’s promotion page, retailer “Titanz Online” is now offering the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR with official Apple Malaysia warranty. As a pre-order promo, they are also giving away a glass protector worth RM99.

For the iPhone XS and XS Max, pre-orders are available from now until 26 October with stocks expected to be shipped from 29 October. The iPhone XR is also up for pre-order until 27 October and they will start shipping on 28 October.

Below is the full price list for all models:

iPhone XS
iPhone XS 64GB – RM4,999
iPhone XS 256GB – RM5,699
iPhone XS 512GB – RM6,649

iPhone XS Max
iPhone XS Max 64GB – RM5,399
iPhone XS Max 256GB – RM6,099
iPhone XS Max 512GB – RM7,049

iPhone XR
iPhone XR 64GB – RM3,599
iPhone XR 128GB – RM3,849
iPhone XR 256GB – RM4,299

The premium iPhone XS and XS Max are available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Meanwhile, the XR comes in a variety of colours which include Black, White, Red, Yellow, Coral and Blue.

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Although these prices look legit, do note that Apple Malaysia has yet to make any announcement on pricing and availability of the new iPhones. Overall, they are cheaper than Singapore but it is still more expensive than the iPhone pricing in Hong Kong. New iPhones normally go on sale on a Friday, so we are guessing that the official iPhone XS Malaysian release could take place on either 21 or 28 October based on these shipping dates from 11street.

The latest iPhone models can support dual-SIM but for Malaysia, we are getting the 1 nanoSIM + eSIM variant and this is confirmed on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR pages on Apple Malaysia’s website. If you’re looking for a proper dual-SIM device, you could get an imported iPhone XS Max (Hong Kong) from RM5,388.

To learn more, check out our videos and the links below:

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40 Comments for Could this be the official Malaysian pricing for the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR?


RM7k for a phone? Wow! I’m poor.


    nope.. you are not poor but your are intelligent


      this is the biggest lies that the poor and lowlife people tell themselves for not able to spend, sad sad mediocre people mediocre life

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        Nice talk no wonder poor little Bill Gates doesn’t use iPhone







          tsktsk pathetic

          reese buttercup

          y’all hear sumn?


          Wat de hell xr model 3599??? Wit dat price better i buy note9 128gb with quad amoled screen. Funny

        swan's fan

        lowlife pretend high class.
        rm5000 can buy a lot of swan.
        use rm5000 buy a lot of swan, those swan can lay egg but the swan here lay nonsense.



        This is exactly a respond from a person to cover self embarrassment for buying overpriced smartphone with mediocre specs.


          'mediocre spec'

          lmao typical poorass hypnotise himself to believe that a 4-5k phone spec is not on par with 1-2k phone.
          theres no embarrassment that one is able to afford something that poorass claim to be overpriced, why think that way to comfort yourself?

          tsktsk see how lowlife ppl at bottom think, just a 5k thingy. no wonder theres 80/20 rule

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          swan's fan

          swan, u r holding a rm500 smartphone…wake up, dun dream.


          yet again .. this is exactly a respond from a person to cover self embarrassment for buying overpriced smartphone with mediocre specs.


          If a 4k – 5k smartphone spec is on par with 1k – 2k smartphone, isn't 4k – 5k smartphone considered overpriced? hmm ..

          No this, no that, lack of this, lack of that, no way you iSheep worship smartphone specs is on par with some reasonable priced smartphone.

          We all know you die die need to own overpriced smartphone and belittle others to boost your low self-esteem. It is fun to see low self-esteem person trying so hard to boost own self-esteem and yet fail over and over again. I certainly had my fun.

          Anyway, don't take it too seriously, you might enter into depression.


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          Is that how you isheep's, motivate yourself and believe that higher price means higher quality? Is that how isheep's justify the quality of the phone? by just looking at the price tag? wow..No wonder they call you sheep. You know what they call a person who would spend higher for a mid range phone like iphone? IDIOT. yeap..u heard it right. IDIOTIC SHEEP.


    you are not poor, you just dont work hard enough

Sponsor me an iphone

I don’t think Iphone XR has 512 GB


    Corrected. It’s 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Thanks


Not worth the asking price . Coming from someone who has been using the X for about two weeks. If you are not already wedded to Apple ecosystem go and get Android. I think if Apple doesn’t launch an SE 2, the X will be my last iPhone.


    The Xr is being positioned as the SE2 replacement spec and price-wise, unfortunately.


      Yup. RIP Small smartphones.


    why? the X not good? or hate the notch?


      It’s a good phone just not worth that much. Also prefer touch if. Notch is ugly but after a while, I just ignored it.


No headphone jack – no buy.

~ Says no audiophile ever.


    Audiophile use usb-C to headphone amp. Poorass like you dont call yourself audiophile.


Iphone = Prestige like Merc or BMW
Androids = Rest of the world like how Japanese/Korean cars

It's like Nike vs Bata , for all you know, the Batas might just outlast the Nikes.

I think I'll get the Nokia banana phone and save some cash for my next trip…..

swan's fan

first, new iphone xs/max surface antenna gate issue.
now, wide spread of user report their new high tech (aka future proof) iphone can not be charge while in idle/sleep mode when lightning cable plug in.

ooiii swan, rm5000 high tech aka future proof even can not behave basic thing…..another innovation? or apple want isheep to buy fast charge adaptor?


With #MalaysiaBaru, I hope one day we can produce iPhone so it is more accessible to the masses.

swan's fan

beautygate, antenna gate and now charging problem. when phone idle or sleep, phone cannnot be charge when canle plugin. after eliminate headphone jack, apple testing to take out charging port also? or wan to force user buy fast charge adaptor? pity those who spend rm5000 for crap


^ Iphone Xs charge issue, hopefully they fix this when reaching here.


Don’t worry, they are definitely dying this year. With so many different gates to nail it, this charge-gate would be the final nail that pierces through its heart.

They don’t even dare opening an official store here as we have many more higher intelligence people here than other countries. Sure fail.


From RM4k – 8k, sure can charge properly or not? RM400 – 800 China phones can do better. For those prices, better that you buy a proper Macbook for work instead.

swan's fan

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beautygate, antennagate and chargegate, so many high tech feature apple announce this year….syioknya isheep


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Please watch this before buying the new iphone


And with the revelation of #chargegate, Swan has gone off migrating into its cave.

Not just any ordinary cave, an elite cave. A cave where $$$ talks and if you dont have the bling, means youre poor and low class. Eventhough at the end of the day, its still a cave.


When would Malaysia be coming out eSim? I just bought iPhone XS Max 256GB and found out the dual sim card is actually one nano and one eSim. DIGI center told me eSim not avaible in DIGI Malaysia.


Wow, almost 2 months worth of salary.