This is the best iPhone for under RM4,000 |

This is the best iPhone for under RM4,000

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iPhone XR Launch

The latest iPhone models are just getting more expensive. If we refer to Apple Singapore’s pricing, the iPhone XS is priced from RM4,974 for the base model with 64GB and it goes up to RM7,086 for the 512GB version of the iPhone XS Max. If you need a brand new iPhone but not willing to spend more than RM4,000, Apple has also announced a cheaper version that’s called the iPhone XR. This looks like a direct replacement of the smaller iPhone 8.

While it’s currently the cheapest new iPhone of the lot, the iPhone XR gets a large 6.1″ edge to edge display that uses IPS instead of OLED. Apple is calling it a Liquid Retina HD display and they say it’s the most advanced LCD in the industry. Unlike its more expensive models, it only pushes a resolution of 1792×828 pixels, which is below Full HD.

Similar to the iPhone X, the XR gets a notch which also houses the same advance sensors which enable Face ID authentication. Because of its bigger display size, the pixel density is lower at 326ppi which is on par with the regular iPhone 8. Unfortunately, there’s no 3D Touch but Apple is replacing it with Haptic Touch that claims to offer a similar feedback as their MacBook Pro trackpads. Instead of using stainless steel like the iPhone X and XS, the XR uses 7000 series aluminium for its metal frame.

While it appears that Apple is cutting corners with the display, the iPhone XR is packing similar top notch hardware as the iPhone XS. It is also running on the new 7nm A12 Bionic Chip and it retains the same 12MP f/1.8 main camera that’s assisted with OIS. The camera has Smart HDR, 4K video recording up to 60fps and stereo audio recording.

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The only thing that’s missing is a secondary telephoto lens but it could still take Portrait shots with depth control. Portrait Lighting is also supported but it’s limited to just 3 effects – Natural, Studio and Contour. The front camera is the same as the iPhone XS with a 7MP f/2.2 TrueDepth camera that also supports Portrait Mode and Animoji.

In terms of battery, Apple reckons that it can last up to 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. From our experience, the iPhone 8 Plus can last longer than the iPhone X on a single charge, so the iPhone XR could be the best model for battery life. There’s also Qi wireless charging and it also supports 50% fast charge in 30 minutes provided you have the right accessories.

To differentiate itself from the iPhone XS series, the XR gets the iPhone 5C treatment with a choice of six colours, namely Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral and Red. Despite being a “budget” phone, the iPhone XR also gets dust and water resistance rated at IP67. This means it can be submerged up to 1 metre for a duration of up to 30 minutes. There’s also Dual-SIM support but for those outside of China would need to use an e-SIM for the secondary connection.

In Singapore, the iPhone XR is priced as follows:

iPhone XR 64GB – S$1,229 (about RM3,709)
iPhone XR 128GB -S$1,299 (about RM3,920)
iPhone XR 256GB -S$1,469 (about RM4,433)

Using the direct price conversion, the iPhone XR pricing is quite similar to the iPhone 8 at the time of launch. The iPhone XR will be released next month with pre-orders starting on 19 October 2018 in first wave countries. If you’re using a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or older, would you consider getting the iPhone XR? Let us know in the comments below.

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34 Comments for This is the best iPhone for under RM4,000


Woa…It’s got a “chin” all around the edges. But dissapointing day today from mini phone enthuast with the discontinuance of the SE and no replacement likely.


    Big chin + big cheeks + big forehead.
    Actually is has the worst screen to body ratio among flagships.

real swan

this is to make the bottom chin not so obvious..another innoation from apple, can not hide the chin, then make it all around….correct or not swan?


With that bezel size, the phone should be made in tough quality polycarbonate. This way you don’t need a case to protect the back and it will be lighter and maybe slightly cheaper.


    u sound so wrong, apple did that in 5c and its definitely a failure, just stick to at least aluminium, no one need or prefer cheap plastic feel in Apple product with that pricing. anyway dont expect the word 'cheap' in apple products, not apple style, you get what you pay for. want cheaper phone, go for android like those pariah droids did.


      mind you words. if you do not understand certain language : do not use it. Soyacincau : please take down this comment or I will make a police report against soyacincau.

        Normal Guy

        Triggered, much?


          Aiyo swan, no need to use different name to backing up your condescending comment.


        lol police got time for fools like u


        You know if he uses abusive word you can actually file a complaint on MCMC website for social media abusive/bullying language and they will investigate. All can be submitted online. It’s easy. I did it before regarding some other issues.


          yeah welcome to new malaysia. every small thing file a complaint. better to go back to school and complaint to ur teacher.
          there is a difference between bullying n using abusive words online.


          Using abusive word IS one of the component for bullying, FYI. They have the details explained on what can be considered as such acts. Najib era would be perfect for someone with your rationality I suppose.


          Aiyo, abusive word online is cyberbullying lor – the different is are you offended/insulted by it or not – or you never give f* if people talking s* to you all the time.



Tim Cuk

The chin and bezel is thicker than swan's face


so take ip8+ / ipxr is a better choice ? if camera performance is better then ip8+ then i will consider this ipxr


    no reason to go for ip8+ already la except for price factor, its not even big dif in that.


no more WOW factor for this model launch….


can poordroid finally able to afford iPhone and know the good n uniqueness of it? so to stop them from bitching?

#LEL #staypoorsoyourewise=joke

    not a local


    *note9, vivo nex, oppo find x, huawei mate rs has entered the chat*


      do you own any one of them, which is in the top 10 sales list?

      android phone in the top 10 list

      xiaomi redmi 5A & A1
      Galaxy S8 & J7pro
      Oppo R11s

      which one of them is flagship? only the old s8? come on wake up most of you dint even own any shits that you claim to be good

        not a local

        well, the same thing can be said for the iphone. what is the best selling model iphone? the iPhone 6. 70% of those users are either buying it after 2014 or either buying used/refurbished which will decrease the original price. oh also, i dont think anyone who can afford this phone would buy it though, the X price would probably decrease up to RM3699 anyways, defeating the purpose of the XR (except for upgraded processor).


          dude, you dont even get the point, replying you is like putting money in your pocket

          #staystupid #staylow #playyourlowliferole


          Lol. He was on point.

          #staystupid #stayDumb #stayIgnorant


    swan00, just because you’re rich doesn’t make your argument valid.


      He’s not rich.. He just tot he is rich cause he is using iPhone…

      I got rich friends, they use iPhone but they don’t use it to declare their status… They use their lambo and yatch to declare their status


    Doesn’t mean that using an Android phone is poor . LoL why even afford that shit ?


"..display that uses IPS instead of OLED"
It should be "LCD instead of OLED" or IPS LCD if you're particular.

"While it appears that Apple is cutting corners with the display.."
Using top LCD display is not cutting corners in my book, it's a choice. Some peoples prefer LCD than OLED for some reasons.
You can say new iPad is cutting corners because in order to get lower pricing, there's no laminated display, anti-reflective coating & Pro Motion.


Refurbished iphone.


Best iPhone under 4K? I don’t know how logic works for some people but if you can splash 3.7K, you probably wouldn’t mind another 800-1K and get a whole lot more from the Xs. Even Samsung themselves admitted the OLED screen they supplied to Apple cost over $100, which means you are not exactly overpaying at all, if your mentality is to look for value.

Instead, you’re getting 3D touch, dual camera, better water resistant, stainless steel band, OLED screen.

For me, I had stopped buying Apple products since iPhone 5. I don’t like their pricing at all.


    Unfortunately , all some people want. Their life is an iPhone… Sad really


    Same thing here. My last Iphone was an iphone 5s.
    Switch to android. and never felt better.


You mean , your switch to RedMi 4A or Huawei P20 ?


Its doesn’t matter. To me the ipxr is not worth the money. Because the screen doesnt support 1080p at all. There is so many other cheaper phone that already support 1080p. The only ipxr offer to user is it ios.