iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have passed Malaysia’s SIRIM certification

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are now available in selected first wave countries. If you prefer to get an official Apple Malaysia unit, it looks like you won’t have too long for the local release. Three new Apple devices have just gotten the green light from SIRIM.

As shown below, SIRIM has just listed the A2097, A2101 and A2105 on its certification database. The A2097 is the model name for the iPhone XS and A2101 is the iPhone XS Max. Meanwhile, the A2105 is Apple’s “affordable” iPhone XR that comes with a 6.1″ LCD display.

Our local telcos including Celcom, Digi and U Mobile have started teasing the iPhone XS on their respective websites. This is an indication that they will be offering the latest iPhone models on contract very soon. Based on last year’s release, we expect Apple to release the iPhone XS and XS Max in Malaysia as early as mid-October.

In terms of pricing, the iPhone XS should hover around RM5,000 like last year’s iPhone XS. Meanwhile, the larger iPhone XS Max is expected to be priced from around RM5,400 and it could hit the RM7,000 mark for its top of the line 512GB storage model. You can learn more about these new devices in our announcement and recap posts.

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7 Comments for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have passed Malaysia’s SIRIM certification

Audi Faliq

It seems for iPhone XR, we will getting the dual-SIM version!


    Nope. A2105 is the esim version. Only 2108 XR is the dual physical sim card version. Only in HK, CN & Macau


All hail the gods of iPhone, no need explain so much, people will still buy it anyways


    Kidney for sale. Swap with iphone xs max 512gb also can.




The screen saver is really a failure…
It seems like they are promoting their battery gonna make your phone looks like the photo…


I will only buy it after apple solve the wifi & LTE connectivity issue.