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This is the iPhone XS queue in Singapore

When Apple announced the iPhone X last year, it was their most expensive iPhone yet. However, the high pricetag didn’t deter hundreds of people from queueing up overnight ahead of its official release.

Now we have the iPhone XS and Apple has raised the bar higher with a more premium iPhone XS Max that offers an even larger 6.5″ display and it comes with huge 512GB storage option. Will people still queue up for an even more expensive iPhone? Just check out the queue in front of the Apple Store in Singapore.

The iPhone XS will be available in Singapore at 8AM tomorrow (21 September). By 12PM today, there’s already a queue of about 250 people in front of the store at Orchard Road, according to the Straits Times.

The first in line is Mr Le Than from Vietnam and he had started queuing since 6AM. He plans to get two units of the larger iPhone XS Max. According to him, he has been queuing up for the latest iPhone models for years and this is his first time to be No.1 in the queue. His sister was right behind him and she is also getting two units of the iPhone XS Max.

According to the news report, both of them are part of a 44-member group from Vietnam that had flown in specifically to buy the latest iPhone models. Apparently, a Singaporean by the name of Haikal Putra claims to be there earlier at 1.30AM but lost his #1 position after the crowd was moved to the official line. He added that he had already placed a pre-order for two iPhone XS Max line but he decided to queue up to get more units to make a profit.

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In case you’re wondering about toilet breaks, each person will be given a wrist band which allows them to leave for 30 minutes while maintaining their spot in the queue.

Since the iPhone XS and XS Max are only released in selected first wave countries, obviously there will be scalpers taking the opportunity to make a quick buck. Last year, someone had offered an iPhone X 256GB for nearly RM10,000, which is almost double the official retail price.

Looking at last year’s release, it didn’t take too long for Apple to release the latest iPhone models in Malaysia. Several telcos in Malaysia had started teasing the iPhone XS and we expect both models to go on sale locally as early as mid-October.

If you can’t wait, there are online resellers that are offering imported units at rather reasonable prices. In Singapore, the iPhone XS 64GB is priced at SGD 1649 (about RM4,974) while the range-topping iPhone XS Max 512GB is going for SGD 2,349 (about RM7,086). You can learn more in our iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR recap post.

If you’re planning to get one, are you getting a unit from overseas? Or are you waiting for the official local release in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong