This is the iPhone XS queue in Singapore

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When Apple announced the iPhone X last year, it was their most expensive iPhone yet. However, the high pricetag didn’t deter hundreds of people from queueing up overnight ahead of its official release.

Now we have the iPhone XS and Apple has raised the bar higher with a more premium iPhone XS Max that offers an even larger 6.5″ display and it comes with huge 512GB storage option. Will people still queue up for an even more expensive iPhone? Just check out the queue in front of the Apple Store in Singapore.

The iPhone XS will be available in Singapore at 8AM tomorrow (21 September). By 12PM today, there’s already a queue of about 250 people in front of the store at Orchard Road, according to the Straits Times.

The first in line is Mr Le Than from Vietnam and he had started queuing since 6AM. He plans to get two units of the larger iPhone XS Max. According to him, he has been queuing up for the latest iPhone models for years and this is his first time to be No.1 in the queue. His sister was right behind him and she is also getting two units of the iPhone XS Max.

According to the news report, both of them are part of a 44-member group from Vietnam that had flown in specifically to buy the latest iPhone models. Apparently, a Singaporean by the name of Haikal Putra claims to be there earlier at 1.30AM but lost his #1 position after the crowd was moved to the official line. He added that he had already placed a pre-order for two iPhone XS Max line but he decided to queue up to get more units to make a profit.

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In case you’re wondering about toilet breaks, each person will be given a wrist band which allows them to leave for 30 minutes while maintaining their spot in the queue.

Since the iPhone XS and XS Max are only released in selected first wave countries, obviously there will be scalpers taking the opportunity to make a quick buck. Last year, someone had offered an iPhone X 256GB for nearly RM10,000, which is almost double the official retail price.

Looking at last year’s release, it didn’t take too long for Apple to release the latest iPhone models in Malaysia. Several telcos in Malaysia had started teasing the iPhone XS and we expect both models to go on sale locally as early as mid-October.

If you can’t wait, there are online resellers that are offering imported units at rather reasonable prices. In Singapore, the iPhone XS 64GB is priced at SGD 1649 (about RM4,974) while the range-topping iPhone XS Max 512GB is going for SGD 2,349 (about RM7,086). You can learn more in our iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR recap post.

If you’re planning to get one, are you getting a unit from overseas? Or are you waiting for the official local release in Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below.

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55 Comments for This is the iPhone XS queue in Singapore


Queue for donate trilion dollar to apple share wkwkwk


Usual way for high class folk with high IQ and EQ to grab the most advanced tech sophisticated gadget in the world, another giant leap in mankind since Armstrong


    Armstrong not went to the moon. Thats american propaganda only. He just posing at studio. They just want compete russian yuri gagarin went around the world. Funny


    swan definition of 'high class' is waiting in line hours before store opening, sitting on ground, under the sun for piece of technology that is only for 'high class people' only.





Ok, next iPhone price START FROM 1 million dollar.. with 1TB storage..


And next year they will come again to get iphone xi with cip a13 and again and again and again…. funny


11:53pm 20-9-2018

5 poor butthurt droidiots spotted so far


    and apple till now bought oled from samsung and lg. Funny


    And one apply zombie spotted so far

Aloy horizon high

Why Singaporean likes to named themselve aloysius ?? Wow look at those high class people…in malaysia these scenes will only be seen in fronts of warehouse sales venue.


Sheep. “Baaaaaa….”


Why would you que for a phone smh

Truth sakit

Actually 50% is scalper


    True lol…. Easy money


    Why so many scalper when no one buys iphone now ?

    As we can see, many of the users commented here are androids. Strange.


      Scalper like to play2 with iSheep lol. Why ah ? ‘Strange’ indeed.


They buy iPhones I buy AAPL. Thanks for contributing to my share price.


7:12 21-9-2018

10 poor butthurt droidiots spotted

doubled in just few hours, very fast growing

#poor&useless #nofuture #proudtobelowlife #babysitting


    I saw stupid swan swim at the pond under the apple tree. Funny

    Crazy Poor Asian

    Don't forget to count me


    Do you want me to order some food for you? Kesian swan queue up 24 hours without shower. Living the high class lifestyle.


Crazy Rich Asians.


Queue from Malaysian and foreigners more I think.

tim cuk



Congratulation. Brainwash program succeded


9:20 21-9-2018

15 poor butthurt droidiots spotted

impressive, the power of poor and butthurt

#poor&useless #0contribution #nofuture #proudtobelowlife #lowlife


    protek jangan tak protek


    Hey count me in too Swan


    Last year rm5k. This year rm7k. Next year rm9k. Every year apple broke your tabung duit. Saving your money to buy a house n car. Your iphone be scrap stuff every year. Funny

crazy rich sg

Crazy rich singaporean weih


kidneys gone


so this is the way to act "high class"? Still can't brain this shiyt

The Observer

Until today, there are still people out there who think that people buy iPhone… because of class/ status symbol?

Queuing scenes like this had been around ever since iPhone 3G/ 3Gs and never died down.

Perhaps there is something in iPhone that users see that are not present in Android and the Android fans do not want to accept as truth?


    they are too poor to be able to 'accept the truth' la LMAO, they cant even afford to try something different what 'truth' could they know? they forever stuck at 1k price 1k experience, no clue on any amount higher than that

    its sad and depress when u saw bmw and merz sales breaking record year to year but u realise u could never afford one until the day u die, so u choose to sit inside wira or kancil and bitch about it hahhaahh

    #sadrealtruth #foreverbottom #iliketobitchnotgrow #nofuture


      hahaha….. i love to be a poor andorid fan…

      count me in too!!


      Actually , Malaysians are richer.

      2K earner in SG, chicken rice is S$3
      2K earner in MY, chicken rice is RM6

      Looking at the ratio, Malaysians are “richer”


    "Perhaps there is something in iPhone that users see that are not present in Android and the Android fans do not want to accept as truth?"

    yes, the price tag.


iSheeps queueing to be sheared …. No wonder that Apple worth 1 trillion market value now, thanks to sheep’s basic instinct of simply being an animal.

P.S. I don’t like Samsung as well.


    I know, right.

    Proud Master Apple Inc sure know to take advantage of that.

Ah Beng

Funny la everyone here and outside. Argue for what? Some buy for software experience, some buy for hardware experience. If you got the money then buy la. Lol.

Funny la you all, and i like this swan chap. He’s keeping track like no need to sleep and work. Maybe he is one of those atas society people who can pay top dollar for an iDevice.


    everyone here is just for swan… to make him feel like a rich god while us poor folks stay indoors counting our poor money and rich folk sit under the sun and rain waiting for their status to be upgraded with an iphone xs max ..

    or whatever…as long as swan's happy, we are happy to be poordroids…. ps he still thinks phones are like cars… gives a person status…


    “He’s keeping track like no need to sleep and work”

    Buh, what to expect from iSheep like swan. Grazing the grass all day, no care for else unless Master Apple Inc or Lordship Tim Cook come.


Use whatever you want be it Stupid Fruit, Droid or other OS brands….
but worshiping it like a brainless sheep is definitely something wrong…..

For me, I aint going through such a crowd to get one for sure….
There are many ways to get it but definitely not like this…can't brain this for sure….


@swan , is that you ?

Hee, it's fun to see iSheep lining up to get new iToys.

1st iSheep jump over the fence, 2nd iSheep jump over the fence, 3rd iSheep jump over the fence … .


phone is a status symbol?

nope…. big ticket items are status symbol….. these are cheap self glorification….


Bloody hell… These people got nothing better to do meh, think apple is god ah. So much of money to waste for a overpriced junk. you all can get pocophone for a fraction of price la wei. #overpicedjunk #appleisnotgod #drakeisgod


Lambs to the Slaughter!

Humans are strange!

Joe Hafiz

it lookalike iphone Xs Maximus Tyrannus 512GB a GOD item “MUST HAVE” according to the sacred texts of iPHONE religions,.. awesome peeps LMOAoo

Ali Bakar

It is nothing if compare to the queue for the Switch warehouse sale for Apple products in MyTown few months back…….

    Joe Hafiz

    aigoo looi salah baca kaa bro??
    depa tidur sana nk beli iPhone XS MAX that by offering 0% discounts

    bukan Switch yg jual “Limited Quantities” old stock fon for half price that semua org balik tangan kosong haha

Johnny Lo

I though the crowd is under arrested for illegal activities..

Bur ritmu



Most of them are phone scrapers for mobile phone stores or actors to make the event look encouraging la. Masses don't be fooled. Most wage salary people need to work, they will not have time to squat on streets and camp overnight. Even if they can afford, buying online and having it delivered to the doorstep is what they'll do not this. This tactic already known since it's very popular in China with property fairs and other product push events.

George of the jungle

Apple has the last laugh at these suckers.