You can pre-order the iPhone XS in Malaysia from RM4,999 |

You can pre-order the iPhone XS in Malaysia from RM4,999

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Pre-orders for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are now available in first wave countries which include Singapore, Australia and the US. If you’re interested to get it ahead of its official availability in Malaysia, 11street is now offering pre-orders for the latest iPhone duo.

Reseller T-Mobile is offering the iPhone XS from RM4,999 on 11street and you could get it by end of next week. Below is the pricing for the entire range.

iPhone XS 64GB – RM4,999
iPhone XS 256GB – RM5,799
iPhone XS 512GB – RM6,699

iPhone XS Max 64GB – RM5,499
iPhone XS Max 256GB – RM6,299
iPhone XS Max 512GB – RM7,299

Stocks are limited and it is estimated to arrive around 23rd September, which is next Sunday. All models are available including the top of the line iPhone XS Max 512GB in gold.

The pricing is not bad considering and you could get extra savings with 11street coupons. Take note that these are imported sets and they are not from Apple Malaysia. Below is the official Singapore pricing for your reference:

iPhone XS 64GB – S$1,649 (about RM4,974)
iPhone XS 256GB – S$1,889 (about RM5,728)
iPhone XS 512GB – S$2,199 (about RM6,633)

iPhone XS Max 64GB – S$1,799 (about RM5,427)
iPhone XS Max 256GB – S$2,039 (about RM6,151)
iPhone XS Max 512GB – S$2,349 (about RM7,086)

To learn more about the iPhone XS, you can check out our announcement and recap post.

If you’re interested, you can place your pre-order on 11street.

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27 Comments for You can pre-order the iPhone XS in Malaysia from RM4,999


buy for kids playing around


droidfarks: soyabean never listen to us, ald said no more posting things with above rm1000 price tag, we cant afford, its making us butthurt and wanting to bitch to let whole world know how poor we are, both mentality and financially

#staylow #bitchallthetime #foreverstayatbottom #playyourrole

    reese buttercup


    reese buttercup

    y’all hear sumn?



    Annie Ng

    A RM9.90 wristwatch tells you the time In as much as a Rolex tells you the same time. Why tf hate? In all material possessions, just wear which hat fits your head. It’s your attitude that determines the altitude of your IQ and EQ. Don’t like something you read online, simply ignore or scroll down. The final word from Jobs may be the best response the next time an Android loyalist gets in the grill of a happy iPhone fan.

    “Relax … It is just a phone.”
    #iSour #iBitter #cheapskates #yougetwhatyoupayfor #glitches


    Which era you living in where proper quality gadgets are worth less than RM1k ? No one's asking you to bitch and be butthurt based on your current situation.

    Work hard and decide whether you would spend your money on something like this, bitching about not having money isn't going to help your situation. Having sites like this post relevant up to date information is good for everyone.


1 kidney – buy iPhone XR

2 kidneys- buy iPhone XS

Apple watch series 4 is the one to watch.


    If the cost of kidney remains the same like a few years ago then:

    1 kidney – Huawei or Samsung flagships
    2 kidneys – Apple flagship


    Still not enough. If you want to buy 512GB storages, need to see your balls also.



Note9 with 6.4 6gb ram 128gb storage pon 3699rm


Buy asus 256gb rm 2299
Buy aio pc touch screen rm 2699
Buy iPad Wi-Fi 128gb rm 1800 less, Total rm 6798, can have 3 IOT things


Even me working in SG also feel damn expensive. Unless signing plan here are acceptable a bit. Wonder who’s damn rich one in malaysia willing to buy this kinda overpriced thing.


    The phone itself isn't that expensive when money is earned in USD (i.e. iPhone Max XS starting from $USD1099) — it's always the exchange rate that made the pricing in the country expensive (not our fault lol). Some people can afford it, some people can't, that's how economy works. Think about it if it costs RM1099. 🙂

    People who are willing to buy things they want are always willing to do it, not always because they're so rich to want to buy something overpriced. Conclusion, it's the 21st century. Aesthetic rules. 😉


eh? quite cheap ma. half a month's salary

PC Stone

Tim Cook must be thinking we are Crazy Rich Malaysian !


I have the X.

See nothing tempting with the Xs.

Will only upgrade if it is dual Sim

Kampong Banker

I foresee a lot of credit card bankrupters by January or Febuary 2019


Don't see the point here… Get it over, I've switched to Huawei since jailbreaks are dead. The fact that the docks are not customizable to 8 icons are a real bummer. Let it rot, Apple

Mike Khoh

Wow Apple did it again by pricing it the most expensive phone. Guess more ppl will just dream of owning it. Instead of making cheap phones

    Tam Cook

    Apple is not in the business of making cheap phones. They are making the world best smartphone. You don’t expect Italian supercar makers to make a car to fight with your kancil. You work hard to get it.

Waleed Asrar

Apple company always produce new product specially for iPhone very fast adding and upgrading their technology by Apple engineers and designers ….. to Apple (iPhone) user and new customer they maybe find and want to try something news from new product by Apple (iPhone).

Depends to users either they want buy the quality and technology or just want buy the brand for pointed the brand to people (even though not use all the system (app) incuded in the iPhone. They can choose what they need and want to buy the phone from many brands .

Be smart and clever users with an application that could in ter owned phone.


    RIP English


Time to squeeze chinaman towkay for a few rotten apples….

Shiva thapa

When coming in Malaysia iPhone xs max


When release iPhone xs max in Malaysia