This is the iPhone X queue in Singapore

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iPhone X Singapore queue

The iPhone X is finally going on sale starting tomorrow in over 55 countries worldwide. While the iPhone 8 reception has been extremely quiet compared to its previous launches, many are expecting an even epic turnout for the iPhone X.

So is there genuine interest in a phone that costs more than RM5,000? Well, just check out the crowd in front of Apple Store at Orchard Road, Singapore.

There’s already a huge crowd camping in front of the store based on photos tweeted by Yahoo Singapore at 10:53PM

You can check out the size of the queue at about 6PM in the video below. Apple Store staff are seen telling the crowd to take a step back so that everyone has enough breathing space.

According to Channel News Asia, some had seen five or six people queuing in front of the store as early as Wednesday. While most are wanting to own this 10th anniversary iPhone, some had admitted that they are selling their unit to make extra income.

The iPhone X is officially priced at S$1,648 (about RM5,126) for 64GB and $1,888 (about RM5,873) for 256GB. Pre-order units have sold out online and there’s now a 5-6 weeks waiting time on the Apple Online Store for Singapore. In Malaysia, the iPhone X is officially priced from RM5,149 but there’s no details on our local avaibility.

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30 Comments for This is the iPhone X queue in Singapore

Live Life Sma

LOL… i bet 60% or more in those line intended to 'flip'/re-sell.

    Carlos Tim

    Ahahaha… your estimation is too 'generous'… more like 80%!
    Most of them will end up in Ebay… they will sell it to bigger gullible iSheep.


well, those are rich i Sheep. Looking at them make me more sad. . . . ;(


What ? The latest sales figure just released – better than last years’ iPhone 7 numbers, 46.7 vs 46 million units. I thought everyone said, it’s doomed this year with iPhone 8?!

Competitors and haters shok sendiri sahaja ?…


    I know you work for fruit brand , your living depend on their sales, but every user have their opinion and experience using the phone, why so butthurt what others say? Syok sendiri king


iphone 8 no queue = apple falling
iphone x long queue = sheeps

#bodokambinglogic #foreverkatak

    Babi Hutan

    Dah believe belum else dont talk cok


    Normal sheep = Queue on release day
    Hardcore sheep = "five or six people queuing in front of the store as early as Wednesday"


I will definitely won't be getting the X. Still prefer the touch ID


Use ifon easy to attract girlfriend, especially if you buy for their whole family, some more easy. But bank not borrow fund for buy fon, better look for money lender, call two lender, very fast approved loan, no mortgage involved, if you plan buy more than 150 set, find one get the fund,, won’t regret


At least 200 malaysians inside the ques, later came back sell rm6k. Risky business though, sgd1648 maybe is the half salary of an ordinary office executives in SG but rm5000 are almost whole month salary of a manager in MY. Keep your clear cool head guys… rm5000 are insane expensive for a phone, it doesn't worth when u have better choices.


    Supply and demand.


      When the sheep demand, tim crook must feed and then milk the sheep.. economy 101


Another fantastic year for Apple, continues decade long as top selling brand and highest profit in history, great!! I will continue my tiny part push more sales for iphone, price does not matter, spec irrelevant, battery no big deal, face ID not important,we just want the logo at the back, to represent our prestige and class above status, you are the best!! No one can beat you!


half of them phone dealer queing…


all the LagDroids so jealous.
everyone wants Apple dead!
ironically, their stock price continue to soar!


“Selling their iphone for extra income..”

Wait. They queued up just to sell their iphones among the crowd?

Roman Numerals

Just for joke….based on 2nd video

Narrator: It's a marathon not a sprint, After a year of waiting, today will be the magical day….. it's the day the sheep to shear its wool (money). Steel barricade has been reinforced, sheep's cries to get attention. The Shepherd (apple/ prosec staff) must properly aligned the herds in one line to avoid panic or stampede. During the tedious process, each sheep will be given a tag on their right leg. Not only the tag will make things organised but it will ensure that each sheep will not get sheared more than twice. Some herds beginning to strategically counting their turn, some even communicate by relaying the shearing process for this year. For the outsiders, it's an annual spectacle worth to be IG. But wait, there's more…outside from the aligned barricade, there are still line of herds being stopped by the shepherds. But why? This year is different, the wool is thicker than before, skip the 8, X marks the Notch.

alrighty…need to stop here, feeling bad about it. And remember this is just a "joke" and I'm an iphone user too, so that makes me a sheep too? or is it? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


If available in Malaysia market.

Wondering what are the quene likes…


Kiasuism being excercised 😀


Sing dollars strong mah, as compared to….?


for these kataks apple is doomed every year, no exception, their career and future are even brighter than apple, no joke.


    One thing is doom for sure this year, and it's the IQ of the sheep.


      You poor then don't blame others IQ plz.


        Criticize apple = Poor

        Come on sheep, its almost 2018, use a stronger point next time.


hopeless sheep like u = no future


    So I assume swan was in the que since wed. He got the best future and is the smartest guy alive… Woohooo


    swan had camped out since last week.. He already sold her kidney, brain, and her family…


nah only you, can definitely see that from you comment

#plssaveyourself #stopbeingbutthurt #kesianbodokambingnoiq


you think everyone so shit like you cant afford need to sell your own body, LEL