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Is Maxis implementing a speed cap for Hotlink Postpaid?

[ UPDATE 21/07/2020 15:00 ]: Maxis has clarified that there’s no speed cap on its Hotlink Postpaid plans. More details here.


It looks like our local telcos are now revising their respective affordable postpaid offering. After engaging an unlimited prepaid war last month, Maxis seems to be turning its attention to its Hotlink Postpaid Plan. Formerly known as Hotlink Postpaid Flex, the new revised plans appear to come with more data but there’s now a speed cap.

As spotted by Lowyat.Net, some dealers have shared brochures of the new Hotlink Postpaid plans which claims to offer high-speed internet up to 30Mbps. On the current Hotlink Postpaid Flex, there’s no mention of a speed cap and you can get full speeds depending on the network. Nevertheless, 30Mbps is still pretty fast and it’s more than enough for 4K video streaming according to YouTube’s requirements.

The base plan still starts from RM30/month with 1GB of data plus unlimited calls and SMS to all networks. With the new revision, you now get more data as you level up in the monthly commitment.

Source: Maxis Hybrid Service Centre Facebook Page

As shown above, RM40/month gives you 11GB of data and RM50/month gives you 21GB of data. Essentially, the Hotlink plan lets you add 10GB of data for an extra RM10/month which is pretty reasonable.

For heavy data users, there’s now a higher RM70/month option that provides you with 20GB of data for all usage and 10GB for YouTube. The weird thing about this plan is that it’s called Postpaid 60 but yet it costs RM70/month.

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If you compare it with the RM50/month option, it looks like you’re not really getting your money’s worth as you’re paying an additional RM20 on top of the Postpaid 50 plan just to get 10GB of extra data for YouTube and 1GB less for all usage. Based on the lower two plans, it would make more sense if Hotlink bundles 31GB of data for all usage at RM60/month.

Perhaps the extra RM10/month for Postpaid 60 might be for additional add-ons like unlimited social or unlimited music streaming but there are no asterisk or fine print that mentions this.

At the moment, Hotlink Postpaid offers 10GB data + 10GB of YouTube for RM60/month and 5GB data + 3GB YouTube for RM40/month. Both plans also come with unlimited calls and SMS. Hotlink currently also offer additional add-ons such as Unlimited Social and Unlimited Music at RM10 each per month. There’s also an Unlimited Chat add-on that costs RM5/month.

On the right side of the brochure, you also see the Hotlink + Fibre broadband bundle at RM99/month. The combo is the same as the current offering which offers 30Mbps of unlimited fibre internet plus a Hotlink postpaid plan that comes with unlimited calls along with 10GB of data + 10GB of YouTube.

At the time of writing, the plans are not available on Hotlink’s website and we expect Maxis to announce the plans within the next couple of days.


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