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Hotlink Postpaid Flex now comes with extra data for YouTube

Maxis is giving its Hotlink Postpaid Flex plan an upgrade with extra data for YouTube usage. You can now get unlimited calls, SMS and 20GB worth of data for RM60/month.

As usual, all plans come with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks. For the RM40/month Flex plan, Hotlink is offering 5GB of data and 3GB of YouTube data. For the highest RM60/month Flex Plus option, they are offering 10GB of data and 10GB for YouTube.

The Flex Basic Plan at RM30/month remains unchanged. It still comes with 1GB of data along with unlimited calls and SMS. There are also optional add-ons that provide unlimited quota for selected apps. You can subscribe to unlimited social or unlimited music at RM10/month each or unlimited chat for RM5/month.

For more info, you can check out Hotlink’s Postpaid Flex page.

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