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Hotlink offers unlimited fibre broadband + postpaid for RM99/month

If the MaxisONE Prime offering is too expensive, here’s an affordable alternative from Hotlink. With Hotlink Postpaid Flex + Fibre, you can get a fibre broadband plan and a postpaid mobile line with 20GB worth of data for less under RM100.

The combo consists of a 30Mbps home fibre broadband plan with unlimited quota and a Hotlink postpaid plan that comes bundled with 10GB of data, 10GB of YouTube along with unlimited calls and SMS, for only RM99/month. Unfortunately, 30Mbps is the only broadband speed available and there’s no higher speed option.

The fibre broadband also offers voice calls over VOIP but no DECT phone is included. Voice calls are charged at 9 sen per minute but you can opt for unlimited voice calls by topping up RM10 per month.

The broadband combo is offered with a free wireless router as well as free installation by Maxis’ Maxperts team. You can set an appointment for any day except on a Sunday or a rest day. As usual, there’s a typical 24-month contract and you are required to pay RM99 as an advance payment.

Overall, you’re saving RM50/month with this Hotlink combo and it is great for most mobile users that don’t need more than 20GB of data each month. If you calculate each item individually, the 30Mbps Maxis fibre broadband is offered for RM89/month, while the Hotlink Postpaid Flex plan itself is currently going for RM60/month.

According to the T&C, the plan is open to all new and existing Maxis/Hotlink customers. However, on the FAQ, it states that you can’t switch your existing Maxis or Hotlink mobile line and this Hotlink Flex Plus Fibre plan is only applicable for new lines.

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For more info, you can visit the Hotlink Postpaid Flex + Fibre page. If you’re interested to sign up, you can leave your details on their website and a Maxis representative will contact you.

Alexander Wong