Maxis Fibre Broadband now more affordable with unlimited 30Mbps at RM89/month |

Maxis Fibre Broadband now more affordable with unlimited 30Mbps at RM89/month

Posted:  August 20, 2018   By:    83 comments   

Maxis has finally revealed its new fibre broadband plans which are now more affordable than before. Following TM’s price reduction announcement, Maxis has slashed its broadband prices by 36%-65% and you can enjoy 30Mbps broadband with unlimited quota for less than RM100.

MaxisONE Home Fibre

According to Maxis, their 100Mbps MaxisONE Home Fibre plan is now going for only RM129/month and that’s a massive reduction from its original price of RM299/month. Meanwhile, their 30Mbps is now reduced to only RM89/month from its current RM179/month. On the 100Mbps plan, the upload speed is 50Mbps, while the 30Mbps plan gets 30Mbps for both download and upload.

MaxisONE Business Fibre

For business users, the new MaxisONE Business Fibre at 100Mbps is going for RM139/month while the lower 30Mbps plan is still affordable at only RM99/month. That’s 65% lower than before and Maxis is also offering a zero downtime proposition with a wireless backup connection. This means if your fibre connectivity goes down, your office is still connected via the Maxis 4G LTE network. You can learn more about their business plans here.

All fibre broadband plans come with unlimited internet quota and Maxis is providing a dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) router for better connectivity. To ensure that your connection is set up right from the start, their Maxperts team will provide end to end installation and assurance support. While TM is offering speeds of up to 800Mbps, Maxis says they will only offer higher speeds when the infrastructure is ready.

The 100Mbps plan comes with unlimited voice calls and a free DECT phone, and this call option is also available as an RM10/month add-on for 30Mbps customers. The new plans will be available from 13 September onwards and you can subscribe over here. Existing Fibre broadband subscribers, including those on contract, can register for an upgrade by dropping their name, IC and phone number on their website.

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If you compare Maxis offering to TM Unifi, they are quite competitive. TM’s new RM79/month basic plan is only open to those earning RM4,500 and it offers 30Mbps with a fixed quota of 60GB/month with no option to top up more. With Maxis, you’re getting unlimited quota for additional RM10/month which is worth paying for.

For the Maxis 100Mbps option, it is on par with TM’s Turbo Plans assuming that their Unifi Lite 10Mbps at RM129/month is upgraded to 100Mbps. However, the clear difference is that Maxis offers unlimited voice calls while calls on Unifi Lite are charged as pay per use at 20 sen/minute.

Maxis’ 100Mbps business plan at RM139/month for 100Mbps is quite a huge deal considering TIME currently offers 20Mbps at RM188/month on promotion (Normal: RM238) while TM charges RM199/month for 10Mbps on their Unifi Biz Lite plan.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

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83 Comments for Maxis Fibre Broadband now more affordable with unlimited 30Mbps at RM89/month


Should be “for both download and upload”.


    Yes, it has been fixed. Thanks.

Jason Lim

unlimited ? according to Maxis , it is up to 100Gb quota then capped with throttle speed.


    according to Maxis? any link ?


What about the current customers that already signed up?


    You can request for an upgrade. Just register your details on the same website.


      Will required to re-contract for 24 months.

      Yong Ching Lian

      Why shall we request for upgrading?

      You shall be free upgrading to us like what TM have done.

      Is this what you treat us as your existing loyal customer?


        Got 24 month contract and no free iflix. You think every customer will agree if maxis force extend contract for all? You want just register yourself online. Just name, ic and phone number. If you can comment here you already can submit the form.

        Dis Cust

        Tbh…this telco company never honest about it…they call you for upgrade plan… But never renew their hardware like modem…after 5 year i really disappointed with TM service… They take my money but never try to keep their loyal customer… This is problem when monopoly is involve.. They think nobody can touch them.

PC Stone

Time for me to terminate my Unifi since no sms or email from TM on my free upgrade !


Lets go maxis fibre!

Chan Chin Yew

Hi, I’m subscribed a Maxis Home Fibre broadband plan for RM 156/per montha

. Am I still qualified change to this plan ?


    Yes you can. Just fill up the upgrade form on their website.

Chan Chun Yew

Hi, I’m subscribed a Maxis Home Fibre broadband plan for RM 156/per montha

. Am I still qualified change to this plan ?

Najib Razak

We need to revolusionn on our internet tariff,

Wilson Tham

What if I am on Astro IPTV plan? how will this affect me?


    It'll not affect you since TM is already planning to sell plans in excess of 300M, 500M and 800M.
    Even if you subscribe to the 100M Maxis Fibre plan, sparing you another 50M just for IPTV is no issue.


What is the link for the upgrade?

Jho Lower

Go go go Gobind Singh is King !


How bout current customer who is on contract? Do we get to upgrade our speed automatically?


    You need to fill up the upgrade form online in maxis fibre nation website for existing user. I just did it today. Understand from them, they will call after 13th Sept 2018 for the upgrade request. Please note if you have your iflix subscribed under Maxis to cancel it after your upgrade, otherwise your monthly bill will get charge of Rm10 for iflix.


in the end they just tumpang unifi Fibre not create new infra. what a waste of time.


    Tumpang your HEAD! Maxis has its own NGBB network and if you're on TM HSBB, your traffic will be re-routed to different gateways. It makes BIG difference with international routing. All the regional telcos in Asia actually BENCI TM. Whether it's Singtel, StarHub, TrueOnline, TOT, Time, Telkom, Biznet and PLDT. 5G will become even a bigger game changer because many telcos will be pulling their own fiber after this. TM's HSBB will go KAPUT and rot after this.


      I'm talking about last mile fibre optics. laying the cable to end users home. the word 'tumpang Unifi fibre'' is the exact word use by Maxis own hotline staff which I called today. You might have the better gateways but no fund or initiatives to beat TM by laying your own last mile fiber to my home, you are offering nothing useful to me. you are as useless to me and the hundreds of houses in my taman as TM are.


        This phatcat is obviously either a maxis hater or TM people. His Telco knowledge is 0000. He is just a keyboard warrior. He even deny or absent minded on the High speed network is not owned by TM, but funded by all Telco with universal fund as confined by MCMC. It’s just managed by TM only.
        TM must allows access by all Telco and must provides SLA.

        Phatcat also ignorance on the backbone connection and intl gateway as hosted by each Telco for their subscribers network, which that makes a big service level different.

        He didn’t know that VLAN tagging is used for carry different operator traffic on the backbone. He think that fiber is only limited to few gigabit speed.

        Just ignore him. He is not a Telco knower. His mind is simple. That’s makes TM earning


          simple mind or not, it does not change the fact that the word 'tumpang Unifi fibre' is the verbatim word for word uttered by Maxis customer service staff manning Maxis hotline number. It is their word not mine.


          The thing is this, despite the HSBB network was meant to be shared by every participating member ISP, its wholesale leasing model is managed by TM using their own enterprise/carrier routers to route packets assigned with different VLAN tags and they themselves are a consumer ISP on it which is UNFAIR to the rest. There's always a possibility that since they are the wholesale operator that manages these active equipments, they can always play dirty by deprioritizing other players packets assigned with different VLAN ID than their own to give themselves the advantage. This is why until today TIME refuses to join the HSBB network, they rather build their own fibre network or lease unused dark fibre strands from utility companies such as TNB to expand their coverage hooking them up with their own active switches/routers. However tides will change when 5G Wireless networks goes online, there is no longer any need to pull fibres to pass homes for deployments, all they need to is pull directly to each base station bypassing TM owned HSBB alltogether to cover each area.


          Its very true indeed, Mr Wanda. 5G as the last miles will cut TM profit. Thats why they rather give free SIM thru TM UniFi 4G network. However they are trying hard to be a mobile operator but somehow they are not experience enough as you may see their UniFi Mobile offering as well as their support for the 4G network on former P1 LTE-TD network on 2300 and TM LTE-FDD 850. They only have LTE network and no LTE voice support and must rely on Celcom 3G/2G for voice roaming.Worst still is that they have different pricing for their consumers on using Celcom 3G roaming data. Can the consumer control their phne when to use 3G or LTE? LOL
          End up, tons of complaints and free sim subscribers discontinue.

          At the mean time, all the wholesales customers of TM are monitoring tightly on the performance. All this so called Tumpang is because of commercial driven factor. No telco will willingly to fork out money to do last miles as its costly. To better safeguard every parties interests, MCMC has to do a good job. I believe the new Minister will do better than Najis era.

          The policy of Mr Phatcat 'tumpang" is from Maxis Cs, which is not technical. As a CS officer, to speak to laidman on the street like Phatcat, use Tumpang, instead of VLAN is a way to escape trouble from this simply minded consumer.

      its Britney, XXXXX

      aiyoooo otak dekat lutut. #wandacoffee


but if my current unifi RM179 @30mbps speed gets upgraded to 300mbps (10x free upgrade) which one is better ?


    Maxis's international connectivity and routing is superior to that of TM's. Don't bother about 300M or 1Gbps. 100Mbps is all you ever need for a single home with small family. TM's upgrade to 300M is only for existing users. New potential sales leads and sign-ups will all flock to Maxis because they're not going to enjoy the higher speeds.


      oooh ic


        How big is your family or number of users at home? If you have less than 3 devices connecting simultaneously, symmetrical 30M is more than good enough for most people. 100M will give you pleasant experience even during peak hours. I've yet to see any mainstream app that needs more than 20M. Even with stable 1-2MB/s torrents, the wait for gigabyte size files is very minimal that is if there's enough seeders/content servers that support such speeds. Google throttles download speeds based on video resolution size, even with 1Gbit line it doesn't help.


          mostly abt 5-6 devices at home, 4 users. and active in online gaming. now am stuck with TM due to the contract since we just had unifi coverage in our area begining of this year. but thx for you info, will consider move to maxis in the near future

Maxis boy

I am subscribed to their current 100mbps plan. Can i change to the new pricing?


    Cheaper then Time Broadband now. Why not? RM129 for 100mbps. That's all you will ever need for each home. Throw anything in 4K streaming, torrenting or whatever you'll never saturate it unless you plan on running some home server or something.


    Yes. I called Maxis. I am currently on 30mb rm139. I ask them if can swith to 30mb rm89. Maxis said can. I am undecided to take 30mb or 100mb for rm129. Leaning more towards 100mb.


Yea. What about current subscriber?

    Useless Blog

    @maxis boy @raymond, obviously u guys never bother to read the post carefully.

    It said it’s also for existing customers and need to recontract to 24 months period.

    No wonder nobody answer u guys, Internet has been become a lazy term for u guys that are lazy in nature. Maxis got website and FAQ and obviously u guys don’t bother to read and understand, but simply wasting blog space for question that has been answered before u guys comment. BUKA MATA DAN GUNA OTAK.


Eric Ng

I’m more interested to know more about their services and internet reliability.


    Maxis's international connection reliability has always been way better than TM's. It buys most of its bulk bandwidth from NTT MSC which is a Tier-1 carrier. I can get 120Mbps to some China Telecom server at off peak hours using their 4G services which runs totally on their own network. Trying doing that with Celcom or TM's lines, you'll be so disappointed.

      Useless Blog

      Celcom and TM are sucked. Go to Yoodo website and u can see many complaint on bad data service at night time.

      I experienced YouTube failure because celcom download speed is 59kbps on LTE network. What a shame. Celcom earning because he don’t care of service quality to consumers and celcom serves too many MVNO
      Whereby I m using maxis home fiber 30mbps at the moment. The download is 26mbps. So u said good or not. It’s at puchong area.
      Also the support by their CS is knowkedgable on networking issue.

      Not like celcom. Patut they last time sponsor football match because they like to kick customer ass from Dept to Dept, even on helpline.

Anzilleo Mozihim

I heard Maxis internet is limiting in online games. Is it still true to this day? My family is very interested.


    I connect it with my PS4 and PC, it runs well

      Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

      That’s assuring, thank you very much.

Rakyat Memilih

Maxis Fibre:

Free local/domestic call


PlayTV via apps or STB

Unifi ✅ lah got TV same more


    Rubbish channels, people are cutting cable subscriptions everywhere in the world and Cable TV is becoming obsolete. HyppTV will not survive just as ASTRO. Everyone is now heading for OTT IPTV and VOD nowadays. Trying to enter the pay TV industry was bad move by TM, they're bleeding big loses now.


just msg unifi.. my free upgrade to 500mbps .. need to wait from 15th aug 2018 till 30 june 2019.. damn.. then i think change to maxis.. after 2 yrs only consider unifi.. stupid tm


Can 10mbps rm119 upgrade to 30mbps rm89?


I am a one prime user, if i change to new plan rm129 100mbps (speed upgrade but price downgrade) will my one prime plan still workable?


    One Prime users can opt for One Prime, same 129 for 100 Mbps + 188 for 1st Unlimited 4G postpaid line (Same as old plan but new pricing for fibre internet)

Maxis subscriber

I’m currently on a rm179 50mbps. Can I downgrade to rm129 100mbps?


    that's an upgrade, not down.
    Yes, I believe you can. just go to maxis fibrenation to request for upgrade… just fill in the form.

VM Loo

My maxis fibre is using TM modem port as they using TM HSBB in my area. Current 10Mbps on RM118, To upgrade speed to 30mbps or 100mbps which is better, very tempted to go for 30mbps as not very heavy user. AS 10 mbps no problem at the moment.

cy maxis

any upgrade your contract will be extended. No downgrade allowed


    Whether you like it or not, you are still using it. 24 months contract makes no different. More-over you are paying where lesser on new plan.


for maxis 30 mps home fiber
1. compare maxis braodband vs unifi, which is more stable/realiable & amount of down time frequency?
2. does maxis 30mps need contract? how long?
3. provide free hardware?
4. provide free installation/configuration?
Pls help
Tx in advance!


    1. Same. I'm previously Unifi users.
    2. 24 months.
    3. Yes.
    4. Yes.


      i read a lot of comment and found that the modem of maxis is nt good compare to unifi modem.. is it true?

Ant Ant

woohooo!!… finally now can terminate unifi and go with maxis!….

thanks for the info….

Ant Ant

TIME now is becoming the outdated one….
for the same speed 100MBPS… think Maxis have got he best package for now!

#Time RM149
#Maxis RM129…


    that's for NOW… just you wait. YB Gobind has just warned the other telcos who have yet to propose revisions to do so before 31/8/2018.

Ant Ant

TIME now is becoming the outdated one….
Maxis have got the best package for now for same comparison on 100Mbps

#Time RM149 per month
#Maxis RM129 per month


what's the catch other than renewing contract ? so far I've been happy customer of maxis. torrents are not slowed, netflix, iflix no long buffering

    Useless Blog

    That’s right. I HV used 2 TV BOXes for HDTV streaming and also downloading torrent at night time.
    All on 30mbps.

    Never drop frames. Even I use china app to stream CCTV5 sport channel for worldcup.

    Bye bye Ass-tro!!

Kian Tee

Hi Soyacincau,
Can I convert my existing Maxis 30 mbps home plan to Maxis Onebusiness fibre plan? Thanks


    Maxis ONE Business Fibre is only applicable for commercial addresses such as shop houses, business centres, malls and office complexes. You won't get coverage when you enter a residential address into their system.


      Yes, they don't allow. We residential users are paying fibre broadband + 188 unlimited postpaid, just to get 4G backup when fibre was down. Business users paying 139 for 100 Mbps + 4G backup.


Thing about business fibre is, see how much they charge for one fixed IP?


I am a subscriber to Astro IPTV bundled with Maxis fibre – 10mbps for rm148. Can i upgrade to 100mbps for rm129? or should i terminate the subscription and go for new application for internet alone?


Currently i am using 10Mbps from maxis home fibre…downloading is good, youtube never buffers…only buffers when try to see youtube videos in 4K..if it is a brrip file that is in 1080p average downloading time is 1 hour…just imagine now with 30Mbps….
That day infinity war brrip file was it in 1 hour….
Downloading was at 1.2-1.4 MB/s
Now it will double that..lesser downloading time for me now….


Hi, i have read through all the comments above but still blur about it.. Can someone clarify for me? I sign up for 30mb 3years ago at RM189. After i relocating modem to another unit in the same condo, maxis ask for re-contract for another 24 months in the same price of RM189. Can I ask them if can swith to the same 30mb speed at price of rm89 or did i need to ask for an upgrade so that i can ejoy the lower payment monthly?


What happens when I am shifting from my apartment to a double storey house with Maxis within KL and the 2 years contract is still running.

Some Puchong-kia

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

Where is my MAXIS HOME FIBER while the rest of Puchong Wawasan area already got since last year..
Still paying 89per month for 200 freaking KBPS..

Maxis is Najib

Can run an article about ASTRO IPTV ?
Maxis is still charging it's Astro IPTV subscribers 10mpbs at RM148 per month.
Called up to Astro IPTV , they declined to answer. Called up to Maxis , they referred back to Astro IPTV.
I want to call YB Gobind now , anyone has his contact?


after switching to maxis home fibre, I've been encountered intermittent discounttion more than 20 times a days!. extremely regret to switch to maxis.
Calling to maxis technical support, on hold for more than 30mins and no one entertain my issue


Just subscribed to Maxis with the basic RM89/month. Looks good!


how to check whether maxis is good at our place ?

Sivakumar Nadaraja

Please DO NOT go Maxis Home Fibre….i have been waiting for 2 months for the upgrade and still no news…..stick to Unify….much better.

Kent Lee

I guess I am the unlucky one here. My Unifi line was unplugged by TM vendors/contractors and was given to new customer in my area in Penang. This is so ridiculous! TM tech made a new line but my Unifi internet is not working until today. 30 Mbps original speed also don't have, don't need to talk about 300 Mbps.Got screwed by TM!