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Maxis Fibre Broadband now more affordable with unlimited 30Mbps at RM89/month

Maxis has finally revealed its new fibre broadband plans which are now more affordable than before. Following TM’s price reduction announcement, Maxis has slashed its broadband prices by 36%-65% and you can enjoy 30Mbps broadband with unlimited quota for less than RM100.

MaxisONE Home Fibre

According to Maxis, their 100Mbps MaxisONE Home Fibre plan is now going for only RM129/month and that’s a massive reduction from its original price of RM299/month. Meanwhile, their 30Mbps is now reduced to only RM89/month from its current RM179/month. On the 100Mbps plan, the upload speed is 50Mbps, while the 30Mbps plan gets 30Mbps for both download and upload.

MaxisONE Business Fibre

For business users, the new MaxisONE Business Fibre at 100Mbps is going for RM139/month while the lower 30Mbps plan is still affordable at only RM99/month. That’s 65% lower than before and Maxis is also offering a zero downtime proposition with a wireless backup connection. This means if your fibre connectivity goes down, your office is still connected via the Maxis 4G LTE network. You can learn more about their business plans here.

All fibre broadband plans come with unlimited internet quota and Maxis is providing a dual-band WiFi (2.4GHz/5GHz) router for better connectivity. To ensure that your connection is set up right from the start, their Maxperts team will provide end to end installation and assurance support. While TM is offering speeds of up to 800Mbps, Maxis says they will only offer higher speeds when the infrastructure is ready.

The 100Mbps plan comes with unlimited voice calls and a free DECT phone, and this call option is also available as an RM10/month add-on for 30Mbps customers. The new plans will be available from 13 September onwards and you can subscribe over here. Existing Fibre broadband subscribers, including those on contract, can register for an upgrade by dropping their name, IC and phone number on their website.

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If you compare Maxis offering to TM Unifi, they are quite competitive. TM’s new RM79/month basic plan is only open to those earning RM4,500 and it offers 30Mbps with a fixed quota of 60GB/month with no option to top up more. With Maxis, you’re getting unlimited quota for additional RM10/month which is worth paying for.

For the Maxis 100Mbps option, it is on par with TM’s Turbo Plans assuming that their Unifi Lite 10Mbps at RM129/month is upgraded to 100Mbps. However, the clear difference is that Maxis offers unlimited voice calls while calls on Unifi Lite are charged as pay per use at 20 sen/minute.

Maxis’ 100Mbps business plan at RM139/month for 100Mbps is quite a huge deal considering TIME currently offers 20Mbps at RM188/month on promotion (Normal: RM238) while TM charges RM199/month for 10Mbps on their Unifi Biz Lite plan.

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Alexander Wong