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Maxis: There’s no speed cap for Hotlink Postpaid plans

A few weeks back, a Hotlink brochure from a dealer had surfaced online which appears to be a new postpaid plan. What’s interesting is that the brochure had highlighted “high speed internet up to 30Mbps” which is probably the first time we are seeing a speed cap for Hotlink postpaid.

Maxis has reached out to us with a response and they clarified that there’s no speed cap whatsoever for its Hotlink postpaid plans. Users can get more than 30Mbps and the actual speed is subject to coverage and signal strength of its 4G network. They added that the 30Mbps in the brochure refers to its Fibre product that comes with a postpaid bundle for RM99/month.

The telco also mentioned that there are currently no plans to revamp its existing Hotlink Postpaid plans. They added that the “plans” shown on the brochure are in fact options available which include the ongoing add-on pass of RM10 for 10GB.

At the moment, Hotlink Postpaid’s base plan at RM30/month comes with unlimited calls and SMS with 1GB of data. If you add RM10/month (RM40/month total), you’ll get the same perks with an extra 10GB (11GB total). Adding another RM10/month (RM50/month total) will give you an additional 20GB extra (21GB total).

Meanwhile, the highest option at RM70/month is basically the current postpaid 60 plan at RM60/month that comes with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, 10GB data and 10GB of YouTube, with the additional RM10 for 10GB pass. With this configuration, you’re getting 20GB of data plus 10GB of YouTube.

While the pricing and quota now make sense, it is quite odd that Maxis is marketing them as individual plans. Furthermore, if there is no speed cap, what’s the purpose of highlighting “up to 30Mbps” right under the “Hotlink Postpaid Plan” header?

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As pointed out by one of our readers, the old Postpaid Flex brochures did state “Fast Internet up to 30Mbps”. As shown above, the 30Mbps speed cap was mentioned for both the base Flex 30 plan (RM30 for 1GB) as well as the Flex 40 (RM40 for 5GB) option. When we checked Maxis’ Hotlink Postpaid page, T&C and FAQ, we can’t find any mention of the 30Mbps speed since the plan was introduced in December 2018.

Nevertheless, 30Mbps is still pretty fast for typical data consumption on a mobile device. According to Netflix, you would need a stable 25Mbps connection in order to stream in Ultra HD resolution. If you’re on Hotlink Postpaid, do let us know about your mobile data experience in the comments section below. Can you get more than 30Mbps on mobile data?

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