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Turns out you can downgrade your Unifi plan and still watch Unifi TV via the set-top-box

Got the Unifi Turbo upgrade with 10X faster speeds? If 500Mbps or 800Mbps is just too much, why not reduce your subscription fee? If you still want to use your existing Unifi TV set-top-box, here’s some good news for you.

Recently TM had removed Unifi TV set-top-boxes from its revised fibre broadband offering but eventually, they have reintroduced the boxes back on its higher 100Mbps + Unifi TV bundle (RM159/month) and on the 300Mbps broadband plan (RM199/month). For other plans, you can only watch Unifi TV via the mobile PlayTV app which is quite inconvenient.

We do know that a significant number of users still rely on Unifi to consume TV channels in the living room. Unlike the app, the set-top-box solution is more practical for most people and you can watch free-to-air and other channels in high-quality with the convenience of physical remote control.

If you’re an existing Unifi TV set-top-box user and want to cut down on your monthly subscription, it appears that you can easily downgrade your plan to a 100Mbps Unifi Plan at RM129/month while retaining your Unifi TV access on your set-top-box.

According to a tipster, he has managed to downgrade his Unifi fibre plan from 500Mbps (RM199/month) to 100Mbps (RM129/month) by calling 100. This is the same 100Mbps Unifi Broadband plan that comes with unlimited quota. On top of that, he is allowed to keep his Unifi TV channels via the set-top-box at no extra charge.

Obviously, this will require a new 24-month contract and TM will also provide you with a new wireless router. If you’re on a 300Mbps plan and above, do you really utilise all of that speed? Perhaps, you can downgrade to 100Mbps which is still more than enough to stream 4K content.

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