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TM no longer offers IPTV Set-Top-Box for Unifi TV

When TM introduced Unifi, they were pushing this idea of convergence with a triple-play proposition of Video, Internet and Phone. The Unifi TV (formerly known as HyppTV) set-top-box was one of Unifi’s key differentiator as it provided HD IPTV content via fibre.

Unfortunately, it appears that TM will no longer offer this set-top-box to customers due to changing consumer trends.

Based on the latest FAQ for Fibre Broadband, their IPTV Set-Top-Box (STB) will not available starting January 2019. New consumers can still watch Unifi TV via the PlayTV app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.

This appears to affect new subscribers who are interested in getting the set-top-box. If you are an existing customer with a Unifi TV box at home, you can still continue to watch all of your channels on the TV.

It is worth pointing out that TM has stopped bundling the STB after they had revamped their fibre broadband offering in September 2018. Their current 100Mbps plan at RM129/month comes with Unifi TV pack but you would need to watch it via the PlayTV app. At that time, you could still get the IPTV STB but it will cost you an extra RM30/month which includes access to all channels.

Previously, the STB was bundled for free together with the wireless router and DECT phone. HyppTV was offered as standard on all VIP plans since 2010.

While it is true that consumers are consuming more content on the go, the home viewing experience is still important for TM if they intend to be a serious content player. The current PlayTV app does not support Chromecast and there are people who would prefer to watch their Unifi channels on the TV with the remote control.

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Perhaps TM might have different plans for content moving forward. Without the TV component, Unifi is no different from any other broadband provider, as they are just focusing on broadband and voice services.

What do you think? Do you still prefer to watch your TV shows on the big screen or on your portable device? Let us know in the comments below.


Alexander Wong