UniFi – TM HSBB Official Price Plans

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TM UniFi Price Plans are out after a long wait since the launch yesterday evening. Let’s go straight to the details.

UniFi Home Users

3 Packages are offered: VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20 designated by its Broadband speeds


  • 5Mbps Download/Upload
  • 60GB Download Quota
  • RM149/month


  • 10Mbps Download/Upload
  • 90GB Download Quota
  • RM199/month


  • 20Mbps Download/Upload
  • 120GB Download Quota
  • RM249/month

All UniFi Home (Residential) Packages comes with:

  • Dynamic IP
  • FREE Calls to all TM Fixed Lines (similar to TM Streamyx Combo)
  • Flat Rate of 10sen/min to all mobile numbers
  • FREE DECT Cordless phone, Premise Gateway (WiFi), IPTV Set Top Box (STB)

UniFi Business Users

3 Packages for commercial use are: BIZ5, BIZ10 and BIZ20


  • 5Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Dynamic IP
  • RM199/month


  • 10Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Fixed IP
  • RM599/month


  • 20Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Fixed IP
  • RM899/month

All UniFi Business Packages comes with:

  • Flat Rate of 5sen/min to all TM Fixed Lines
  • Flat Rate of 15sen/min to all mobile numbers
  • FREE DECT Cordless phone, Premise Gateway (WiFi)
  • 10GB Web Hosting with Domain Name

Free Trial until June

Word has it that those in the available areas such as Subang Jaya, TTDI, Shah Alam and Bangsar are to subscribe for FREE until June if you’re an existing Streamyx customer. It was mentioned that there will be NO Download Quota capping during this period as well. If you already have an intention to sign up for UniFi, we suggest that you do so now to make full use of the Free usage period. If you wish not to subscribe to UniFi come June, you may subject to a penalty fee.

To get started, you may call 1-300-88-1222 and TM will arrange a technician to set up at your home in the next couple of days. Installation time may require up to 8 hours at the installation premise.

UniFi Appalling Website Planning

UniFi’s website has been struggling to complete with its first version being viewable only at 3.00PM today with a basic page of price plans. Several hours later, the site was revamped with a full blown CMS portal with lots of bugs and incomplete pages. As of now, UniFi‘s site is still far from complete and we’ve gotten complaints of inability to access due to Flash issues.

For a broadband product, it is very embarrassing for TM to not manage their website launch properly. It may appear that TM only decided to have a website during the launch yesterday evening and are still rushing to get something online in the shortest time possible. Come on TM, you can do better than this!

We hope UniFi’s broadband service won’t be as badly managed as their website.

For more details, view UniFi‘s direct pages for Home or Business.

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21 Comments for UniFi – TM HSBB Official Price Plans

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This is pathetic,for 20 mbps its already rm249.How about 1gbps?RM5000 a month?I dont think 1gbps in south korea would cost rm249


    even U.S can't compete with south korea in term of price & speed. please think before type.


      South korea broadband price 50% cheaper than U.S and 4 times faster than U.S.


zzz.. it’s already a good thing that TM upgrade their services..

u really want 1gbps with low cost.. suggest u change ur nationally to korean and go live there..


    You sound like those UMNO racists "don't like it get out".

    Tmnut is a monopoly, thanks our gov and MCMC for letting that continue.

    You do realize how high tmnut profit margins are??? No wonder because they have no real wired broadband competitors around.

    So you saying we should be thankful just because they upgrade while at the same time keep the status quo of charging excessive prices for their package offerings is just plain naivety.

    International broadband speed is never taken seriously by tmnut. They only look at local speed and say they have done their job, and anything international is not their responsibility. This is their definition of best effort.

    If all Malaysians were like you, we'd have that ridiculous small bandwidth quota caps on unifi. But because people spoke up, tmnut was under pressure not to enforce the cap.

    Most Malaysian will get 5 or 10 mb unifi although the pricing isn't right when considering most malaysian monthly incomes.


      Well from my 2cents worth, as a Malaysian which can have such a high speed connection will be the first baby steps we are making. For a package of minimum RM149 is quite reasonable. As I said my 2 cents worth.
      And as any company in Malaysia especially the one who can monoplize a market certainly robbing candy from babies.
      1) For the video on demand, we can review the movie within 24 hours ONLY. What happen to a series we purcfhase? Should we take annual leave for 3 days to complete the seasson?
      2) When ever your pc makes a wireless connection and your mobile phone rings near to your modem/router the connection will drop. According to the call center, we can't do that. If we really want to do it we need to add some gadget to boost the wireless singnal.


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I Find The Pricing To Be Quite High If They Can Offer Like A Discount Price For Current Streamyx User UPGRADDE NOW and pay less for current streamyx user than that will be nice. Like astro change your regular box to byond with additionla rm 20 every month you know.


    why not compare pay tv(astro) with other country as well? india pay tv only less than RM 200 PER YEAR!!!haha..poor malaysian..


yea that would be appropriate.But TM needs to gain back the investment they put in.


    Nobody is saying that they shouldn't recoup their costs for investing, but considering they have charged us excessive premiums over the years as a monopoly, it is only fair they upgrade the network.

    These corporate companies won't find reasons to lower their prices because they are in the business of maximizing profits, not the publics interest. So it should be up to our government and MCMC to force tmnut monopoly to make the pricing and package offerings fair for all. If they can't do that, remove them as a monopoly like what Australia did to theirs.

    Japan and Korea have many competitors and government incentives for broadband development to the point that broadband packages and pricings are excellent.

    why can't malaysia do the same? that is the true question here 😡

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link building servic

Kudos for writing this information, I don’t know about everyone else, but I could totally use it.


One thing i know. The penalty fee was false, I already confirmed it with my friend who work there

As for the unify service it self, im not much interested (thus ignoring it) because im happy with my speed


Current offering is waived RM200 on standard installation till 31st March 2011 and additional waived of 1 month subscription for online registration.

There is no FREE trial anymore as we are going commercial and the download quota capping is still not imposed yet.


Anybody has their roadmap for Penang? The rate its going I think by 2015 also won't reach my area.

@warren4321 keep phoning them kacau every few hours. Keep trying to force them to pass you to level 2 support when you call. If you don't pressure them, they are like government staff wait till next shift also won't do any job.


For all the Stupid comment in here.. Dont used any services if u dont want to pay.. change your nationality idiot.. Or open your own company with low cost internet services to malaysian people. Then you can comment in here lol~..

Duh... Patriotism



For all the Stupid comment in here.. Dont used any services if u dont want to pay.. change your nationality idiot.. Or open your own company with low cost internet services to malaysian people. Then you can comment in here lol~..


You are patriotic enough. So I guess you are either one of the TM owner's family member or you are a hardcore blind patriotic Malaysian. The Prime Minister should include you in the text book as prime role model.


i just sign my application for upgrading my streamyx to unifi vip5 yesterday. the coo say that there no download limit…….can anyone confirm this

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