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UniFi – TM HSBB Official Price Plans

TM UniFi Price Plans are out after a long wait since the launch yesterday evening. Let’s go straight to the details.

UniFi Home Users

3 Packages are offered: VIP5, VIP10 and VIP20 designated by its Broadband speeds


  • 5Mbps Download/Upload
  • 60GB Download Quota
  • RM149/month


  • 10Mbps Download/Upload
  • 90GB Download Quota
  • RM199/month


  • 20Mbps Download/Upload
  • 120GB Download Quota
  • RM249/month

All UniFi Home (Residential) Packages comes with:

  • Dynamic IP
  • FREE Calls to all TM Fixed Lines (similar to TM Streamyx Combo)
  • Flat Rate of 10sen/min to all mobile numbers
  • FREE DECT Cordless phone, Premise Gateway (WiFi), IPTV Set Top Box (STB)

UniFi Business Users

3 Packages for commercial use are: BIZ5, BIZ10 and BIZ20


  • 5Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Dynamic IP
  • RM199/month


  • 10Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Fixed IP
  • RM599/month


  • 20Mbps Download/Upload
  • Unlimited Download Quota
  • Fixed IP
  • RM899/month

All UniFi Business Packages comes with:

  • Flat Rate of 5sen/min to all TM Fixed Lines
  • Flat Rate of 15sen/min to all mobile numbers
  • FREE DECT Cordless phone, Premise Gateway (WiFi)
  • 10GB Web Hosting with Domain Name

Free Trial until June

Word has it that those in the available areas such as Subang Jaya, TTDI, Shah Alam and Bangsar are to subscribe for FREE until June if you’re an existing Streamyx customer. It was mentioned that there will be NO Download Quota capping during this period as well. If you already have an intention to sign up for UniFi, we suggest that you do so now to make full use of the Free usage period. If you wish not to subscribe to UniFi come June, you may subject to a penalty fee.

To get started, you may call 1-300-88-1222 and TM will arrange a technician to set up at your home in the next couple of days. Installation time may require up to 8 hours at the installation premise.

UniFi Appalling Website Planning

UniFi’s website has been struggling to complete with its first version being viewable only at 3.00PM today with a basic page of price plans. Several hours later, the site was revamped with a full blown CMS portal with lots of bugs and incomplete pages. As of now, UniFi‘s site is still far from complete and we’ve gotten complaints of inability to access due to Flash issues.

For a broadband product, it is very embarrassing for TM to not manage their website launch properly. It may appear that TM only decided to have a website during the launch yesterday evening and are still rushing to get something online in the shortest time possible. Come on TM, you can do better than this!

We hope UniFi’s broadband service won’t be as badly managed as their website.

For more details, view UniFi‘s direct pages for Home or Business.