TM’s HyppTV is no more

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HyppTV UniFi TV

TM is embarking on another rebranding exercise for one of its existing services. This time, it is their IPTV service, HyppTV, which was first introduced in 2010 with Unifi broadband.

Similar to webe, the IPTV service will be rebranded under a single brand name with the aim of providing the best experience to its customers.

In an SMS to its subscribers, TM has announced that HyppTV will be branded to unifi TV, while HyppTV Everywhere will be renamed to unifi playTV. The rebranding will take place effective 12 January 2018.

According to TM, existing customers will have nothing to worry about and they can continue to enjoy their current IPTV services without interruption and there’s no change in pricing. As the rebranding exercise will take place in phases, you’ll probably still see “HyppTV” on your current bill. For more info, you can check out the full FAQ here.

It looks like TM is gradually putting all of its services under a single unifi brand. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, webe had announced that they will be rebranded to unifi. The name change was reflected in the network name that appears next to the signal bar on a mobile device.

Strangely, it appears that TM might have taken a U-turn on its rebranding exercise for webe. Apart from the network name, the same webe name is still retained on their website and social channels. In their product FAQ, it states:

8. Is webe changing its name?
Not at all! We are still TM Group’s Centre of Excellence for Mobility – webe and we are still here to provide you never-ending data, voice, SMS and so much more!

Perhaps, we’ll see something different by end of this week, as webe could be revamping its unlimited plans after 12 January.

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29 Comments for TM’s HyppTV is no more


Is unifi an university brand in malaysia?


    Actually its ‘a university’


      "Fai" in Cantonese means disabled or terencat. UniFai means University for the retarded?


In fact on TM website, 50 mbps is no longer offered.

After 30 mbps straight jump to 100 mbps.

Any reason why


    just to make you pay more…… that all….


    50mbps rm18x… it just not in the flyer…


SC should not HV tabloid type tricky titles, you can tell that hypptv is getting renamed. Established blogs don’t do that.


How do i know that my unifi has been free upgraded from 30mbps to 50mbps as offered last year?


    You'll get SMS notification that upgraded is completed. Perform speed test for confirmation.


    Run speedtest. If you get 30Mbps download, you are not upgraded. If 50Mbps you are upgraded.


    run speedtest. upload 10mbps package 30mbps. If upload 20mbps, then it is 50mbps package.


The entire company's price plan for consumer is a big mess like as if it's run by amateurs. You rarely see telcos offer discrete plans which selectively chooses subscribers for RM10 upgrades which is very unfair. Most telco companies out there when they upgrade the plans or lower their pricing, everyone enjoys it without needing to renew their contracts or offered selectively like lucky draws or having insight connections with their staffs.The upgrades will take effect across the entire system and you'll notice speed upgrades seamlessly whether your new subscriber or loyal one enjoying loyalty discount rates on your bill.Almost every country's telco will implement upgrades that way but not TM exceptionally.It's like it's run by very incompetent people.


    there want to make the most out of it. That's why the company's behavior like this.


I have a few neighbors who subscribed to UniFi 2 years back when it first made available in my housing area. One of them is working as a TM booth marketing agent who subscribed the 30M plan earlier for RM149, after a year he got his free upgrade to 50M plan and now recently another upgrade to 100M for just additional RM10. The other neighbors were so unhappy for this prejudice treatment that TM is giving them and turning them down claiming such offer do not exist. What kind of company is this? Those who opted for FREE installation were also pissed because they had to call the useless technicians who looked like rempits and charged every time for the bad job of pulling the drop wires. My parents actually banned me from subscribing UniFi for this very reason after hearing all the bad reviews from my neighbors and moreover the long sign-up contracts. If they looked more decent and performed more professionally, it would have changed my parent's mind, perhaps not until one day the HSBB infra is opened up.


    Call TM installer rempits but never subscribe to unifi. Ban Unifi because of neighbours story. Cool story.


      I've subscribed Streamyx for over 10 years since it was first introduced. You know what the technician told me once before when configuring my modem? He said if my neighbors steal my WiFi password, let them be since your connection was unlimited. In my mind, I was WTFed?My impressions of them was final.


    1. Everybody who is on the previous 30mbps got auto upgrade to 50mpbs.
    2. I think TM only offer the upgrade to 100mbps for RM10 for people that nearing contract expiry, to get them to extend for another 2 years. Wait for your turn, you'll get the same offer.
    3. I think you have subscribe to wrong channel / third party contractor. If you subscribe through TM website, the service should be good. Even if job not well done, go complain and show your proof. TM always give rebate of some kind.
    4. Your parents banned you from subscribing to Unifi? Are you 12? Then what are you complaining when you obviously don't have any experience with Unifi?
    5. Long sign-up contract? You mean, like 24 months? haha good luck.

    Unifi obviously not the best when offering speed for value, that goes to Time. But they are not bad either.


    The story doesn't make any senses. Add rm10 upgrading is just for certain package only.


      If u are unhappy, just don’t subcribe…use convensational type of streamyx libe 2mbps


        Thanks for the suggestion, it's a no brainer one. Better give this advise to the mentally challenged.


    ''I have a few neighbors who subscribed to UniFi 2 years back……..''
    '' The other neighbors were so unhappy for this prejudice treatment that TM is giving them….''
    ''Those who opted for FREE installation were also pissed because they had to call the useless technicians who looked like rempits….''

    then came this line :

    ''My parents actually banned me from subscribing UniFi for this very reason after hearing all the bad reviews from my neighbors and moreover the long sign-up contracts''

    what a joke from katak bawah tempurung. made assumptions/summary based on hear say..


      Hear say or assumptions? My neighbors are calling your professional men to come fix their lines after they opted for standard installations at least once a year on average thanks to their bad work.Saw it myself and you claim I am assuming? Thankfully they're just now waiting for the contracts to finish..


Free upgrade but no significant change of speed.


    try downgrade and download something. Then you will feel the slowness.

TH Chew

Do agree on the speed. No big jump. The catch by TM is you need to subscrbe to RM90 Hyppe TV pack on top of the rm10 for the speed upgrade.

Nigel Yong

Since this is becoming a “share your TM story” thread I will add my 2 cents. My parents are still on UniFi. When I was living with them, I could say UniFi wasn’t the best but it isn’t that bad either. They had decent enough speeds to get the bare necessities done. Then I moved out and stay in a condo and now I experienced TIME. With TIME my internet is super fast all the time. No slowdowns of any sort. But you have to live in a condo. In short, TM is 7/10 and Time is 9/10. Minus one mark cos no one can be perfect. Ha.


came for the comments.. got interesting debate here..
Things that come up from TM is such a Hypp!! lol


Interesting huh? Observing the reaction of their staffs getting worked up so easily and calling their potential customer names is enough to give you a glimpse of what kind of culture the company is about. Seriously, they are not only short of talented marketing people, but they also need to work on customer relations.


Semi-offtopic guys; will unifiTV offer World Cup 2018 with their sports package?

Planning to change from the racist packages (pun intended) to either sports or movie.

*I mean come on la, you think Malays don't watch Chinese or Tamil programs or vice-versa.
The way they separated the packages is complete BS (similar to AssTRO) – since it's a damn digital subscription, allow users to choose their channels independantly la.*