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TM’s HyppTV is no more

HyppTV UniFi TV

TM is embarking on another rebranding exercise for one of its existing services. This time, it is their IPTV service, HyppTV, which was first introduced in 2010 with Unifi broadband.

Similar to webe, the IPTV service will be rebranded under a single brand name with the aim of providing the best experience to its customers.

In an SMS to its subscribers, TM has announced that HyppTV will be branded to unifi TV, while HyppTV Everywhere will be renamed to unifi playTV. The rebranding will take place effective 12 January 2018.

According to TM, existing customers will have nothing to worry about and they can continue to enjoy their current IPTV services without interruption and there’s no change in pricing. As the rebranding exercise will take place in phases, you’ll probably still see “HyppTV” on your current bill. For more info, you can check out the full FAQ here.

It looks like TM is gradually putting all of its services under a single unifi brand. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, webe had announced that they will be rebranded to unifi. The name change was reflected in the network name that appears next to the signal bar on a mobile device.

Strangely, it appears that TM might have taken a U-turn on its rebranding exercise for webe. Apart from the network name, the same webe name is still retained on their website and social channels. In their product FAQ, it states:

8. Is webe changing its name?
Not at all! We are still TM Group’s Centre of Excellence for Mobility – webe and we are still here to provide you never-ending data, voice, SMS and so much more!

Perhaps, we’ll see something different by end of this week, as webe could be revamping its unlimited plans after 12 January.

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Alexander Wong