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TM offers Unifi TV set-top-box with all channels on their 100Mbps plan

Earlier this year, TM has stopped offering their Unifi TV set-top-boxes for all new Unifi subscribers. This means if you want to watch their TV content, you’ll have to turn to their mobile PlayTV app instead.

For those who prefer to watch Unifi TV channels on the big screen with a dedicated remote control, it appears that the Unifi TV set-top-box is back for a limited time only.

On Unifi’s website, there’s now a third broadband option where you can get a Unifi TV box and subscription for RM159. That’s RM30 more than the current 100Mbps Unifi offering.

According to the FAQ, this RM159 plan is offered as part of the Unifi Home School Holiday promotion and it’s available from 12 March until 31 May 2019. The promo provides you with 100Mbps broadband with Unifi TV Ultimate Pack and it’s bundled together with a Unifi TV Box for RM159/month instead of the normal price of RM189/month.

The Unifi TV Ultimate Pack is originally priced at RM60/month and it gives you access to all channels. Although it is tied to a 24-month contract, it is stated that the promo price is perpetual. This means you will still continue to enjoy the same RM159 promo price after the contract period.

Previously, Unifi had mentioned in their FAQ that they will no longer offer set-top-box due to the current trend where consumers supposedly prefer to watch on their mobile device. Despite the return of the set-top-box on their current plan, the new FAQ still retains the same question and answer about not having the set-top-box available. Perhaps Unifi’s team have forgotten to update this portion of their latest FAQ.

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We still believe that the set-top-box is still a viable product especially when Unifi is still offering TV channels in HD. For those who are still watching terrestrial channels, the IPTV solution provides better quality than your typical antennas. Personally, I would prefer to flip live TV channels on a remote instead of going through a mobile app. On top of that, Unifi has always positioned themselves as a convergence player. If they decide to remove the content offering, Unifi won’t be any different from other broadband providers that offer just internet and voice calls.

For more info, you can visit Unifi’s Broadband page.

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