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100Mbps Astro-Maxis IPTV now available for registration but it’s subject to availability

Astro maxis IPTV 100Mbps

Astro had earlier announced a price reduction in December 2018, where existing customers can enjoy 30Mbps broadband for only RM89/month. Now Astro is offering a higher 100Mbps option for RM129/month.

The 30Mbps broadband plan is available immediately to all customers, however, those who choose to sign up for 100Mbps will be informed of the availability via their website.

The pricing for both plans are similar to MaxisOne Home fibre broadband and existing customers can get a dual-band WiFi router upgrade if they choose to be re-contracted for another 24-months. The broadband plan has no usage quota and customers can bundle it with Astro packages that start from RM39.95/month. Since it uses fibre instead of satellite, you can watch all channels without having to worry about weather-related interference.

According to the speed upgrade pop-up on Astro’s IPTV page, the faster speed upgrade is not applicable to VDSL customers as they are limited to 10Mbps. However, Astro will still reduce their monthly subscription fee to RM79/month instead of the old rate of RM148/month starting from December 2018. This price reduction is a good move and this is something TM should emulate for Unifi and Streamyx customers who can’t enjoy the Turbo upgrade due to technical limitation.

For more info, you can check out the Astro IPTV page.


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