Astro-Maxis IPTV customers get speed upgrade with lower prices

Image: Astro IPTV Unofficial page.

After Maxis had introduced its new affordable Fibre broadband plans, there are complaints that those on the Astro IPTV package are being left out. If you’re subscribed to the Astro-Maxis IPTV bundle, here’s finally some good news. Astro has officially announced that they are revising their subscription fee to as low as RM89/month for 30Mbps.

At the moment, the Astro Maxis IPTV package is offering 10Mbps at RM148/month, 20Mbps at RM198/month and 30Mbps at RM248/month. Beginning next month, Astro will be providing a free upgrade to all 10Mbps customers to 30Mbps with a reduced fee of RM89/month. For those currently on the 30Mbps plan, you’ll pay the new reduced rate starting from December.

Current Astro-Maxis IPTV broadband plans

If want to upgrade to a faster 100Mbps option, that will be available in phases starting in January 2019 and you’ll receive a new dual-band WiFi router. Similar to Maxis, you will be contracted if you opt for a new hardware upgrade.

According to Astro, a letter will be sent out to all customers which will outline the new offer and savings from December onwards.  On top of the broadband service, you can add-on an Astro package from as low as RM39.95/month. 

At the time of posting, they didn’t reveal the pricing of the 100Mbps plan and their current IPTV website is still showing the old broadband plans when you use their coverage checker.  

Alexander Wong