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We are aware that subscribers have yet to get their speed upgraded, MCMC Chairman

MCMC chairman, Al-Ishsal Ishak says the agency is aware that a number of broadband subscribers have yet to get their speed upgrade. In a statement posted on Twitter, he said the that the speed upgrade are being done instages.

Since December 2018, 75% of customers who are eligible for a speed upgrade have been upgraded, the remainder, the MCMC chairman said, should have their broadband speeds upgraded by the middle of this year.

“We are aware that there are subscribers who have yet to get their broadband services speed upgraded. I would like to inform, the services and upgrades are being conducted by the telcos in stages and MCMC has been informed by the telcos that up to December 2018, at least 75% of the customers have been upgraded while the rest would be completed by the middle of this year,” Ishsal explained.

In July 2018, Unifi announced it will upgrade its subscribers to higher broadband speeds, up to ten times more in some cases, for free. While this was met with a lot of positivity, it was quickly revealed that TM’s roll-out of the upgrade has been, at best, confusing for its subscribers due to the lack of communication and information about the upgrade.

The speed upgrade done by Unifi was in line with the government’s promise to reduce broadband prices while at the same time increase broadband speeds. In addition to the speed upgrade, MCMC has also facilitated the implementation of Mandatory Standard on Access Pricing (MSAP) which reduced wholesale prices of broadband access significantly. The reduction in wholesale prices meant cheaper broadband for the end user.

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MCMC reported a 30% reduction in subscription fee for entry-level high speed broadband packages, surpassing the agency’s initial target of 25% reduction in subscription fee for the same type of broadband packages.

Interestingly, TM has recently issued an invite to the media for what it says is “some #khabarbaik” or good news. We’re expecting the telco to share updates on how much progress it has made with regards to its speed upgrade.

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