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TM Unifi Basic: Now with increased throttled speed and option to buy more data

In response to the government’s call for affordable broadband, TM had introduced its Unifi Basic plan last year. The fibre broadband plan costs RM79/month for 30Mbps, however, it doesn’t come with unlimited quota.

Now they have some slight improvements with higher throttled speeds and there’s also the option to buy more data.

To recap on the plan, Unifi Basic comes with 60GB of high-speed data with 30Mbps downloads and 10Mbps uploads. If you have depleted your quota, speeds will be throttled down to only 128kbps.

With the latest revision that’s mentioned in their FAQ, the throttled speed on Unifi Basic is now bumped up to 512kbps. That’s quite a significant upgrade and the speed should be able to provide a rather decent web browsing experience.

Previously, if you’ve finished your 60GB quota, you’re stuck with slow speeds until the next billing cycle. Fortunately, TM has finally listened and they are offering top-up options from as little as RM10 to regain your full speed

Below are the data top up options available for Unifi Basic which are valid until the end of your billing cycle:

1GB – RM10
5GB – RM20
20GB – RM40
Unlimited for Weekend – RM50

The top-ups can be purchased on the self-care website or with the [email protected] app. According to the FAQ, the add-on passes may take up to 10 minutes to be reflected on your account’s dashboard.

Overall, the top ups are quite pricey when it comes to cost per GB. If you’re going to spend RM40 every month, you might as well upgrade to the Unifi Pro Plan that offers 100Mbps with an unlimited quota for RM129/month.

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For those who are looking for a cheaper unlimited option, Maxis offers 30Mbps Fibre broadband with unlimited quota for RM89/month. On top of that, Maxis also offers a higher 30Mbps upload speed compared to Unifi Basic’s upload speed of 10Mbps. Since Maxis is also utilising TM’s HSBB network, you should be able to subscribe in areas where Unifi is available, provided there’s an available port.


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