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The iPhone XR is currently Apple’s best selling iPhone

Amidst speculation that the iPhone XS and XR are not selling as well as expected, it has been revealed that the iPhone XR is doing better than the iPhone XS. The iPhone XS and XS Max had went on sale on 21 September, while the iPhone XR was released later on 26 October 2018. 

Apple’s VP for product marketing had shared in an interview with CNET that the iPhone XR is currently their best selling iPhone each and every day since it was made available. However, without providing any numbers, it is hard to determine if Apple is selling more units than last year’s final quarter. Starting next reporting quarter, Apple will not reveal its unit sales. 

When the iPhone X was introduced last year, it was their most expensive model at that time. However, Apple had managed to post a record quarterly revenue of US$61.576 billion just for iPhones with more than 77 million units sold in just one quarter. 

If the iPhone XR is their best selling model, it’s a sign that consumers are starting to lean towards affordable alternatives. In way, that’s in line with Apple’s expectations and they are still going to enjoy high revenue since the iPhone XR has a starting price of RM3,599, which is higher than the iPhone 8 at the time of launch. It’s also speculated that Apple is restarting production of the iPhone X and this could help increase Apple’s average revenue per unit. 

If you factor in the other premium models like the iPhone XS Max that tops at RM7,049, it is still possible that Apple could post yet another record quarter in terms of revenue. For Apple, it’s the revenue that counts, not just units sold. 

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Alexander Wong