Malaysia is among the first in the world to get the iPhone XR |

Malaysia is among the first in the world to get the iPhone XR

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When it comes to brand new iPhone launches, Malaysia is often left out from the list of first wave releases. Apple’s first wave countries usually include the US, UK, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore, and it will take approximately a month before the devices go on sale in Malaysia officially.

For the very first time, it appears that Apple has different plans for the iPhone XR. Almost a month since its introduction, the new colourful iPhone will be available for pre-order globally starting this Friday, 19 October and Malaysia is among the first wave countries to get it.

The iPhone XR comes in a total of 6 colour options namely white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red (Product RED). In Malaysia, the device is officially priced as follows:

iPhone XR 64GB – RM3,599
iPhone XR 128GB – RM3,849
iPhone XR 256GB – RM4,299

To recap, the iPhone XR is Apple’s new affordable alternative to the iPhone XS and XS Max. It’s RM1,400 cheaper and it also runs on the latest Apple A12 Bionic chip. In terms of storage, it comes in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacity.

While the display is bigger at 6.1″, the iPhone XR pushes a lower Retina HD resolution of 1792×828 pixels on an IPS panel. You also get a notch which also houses an array of sensors to enable Face ID. Another feature that’s lacking is 3D Touch but Apple has an alternative that’s called Haptic Touch that claims to offer a similar feedback as MacBook Pro trackpads.

Over at the back, the iPhone XR only comes with a single 12MP f/1.8 main camera with OIS but it can also shoot 4K video (up to 60fps) with stereo audio and there’s also limited support for Portrait Lighting. In terms of build, the frame of the iPhone XR uses 7000 series aluminium instead of stainless steel.

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With its lower resolution screen, the iPhone XR could offer the best battery life of any iPhone. According to Apple, the iPhone XR can last up to 1.5 hours longer than the iPhone 8 Plus. The device also supports wireless charging and fast wireless charging via an optional USB-C PD charger and USB-C to lightning cable.

It’s worth noting that the Malaysian iPhone XR pricing is more affordable than Singapore and it matches the pre-order pricing revealed by 11street. However, it is still quite expensive considering you can get new flagship Android smartphones for the same price and they often come with at least twice the amount of storage.

To learn more, you can check out our iPhone XR announcement post.

If this is the iPhone for you, you can place your pre-order from Apple Malaysia’s online store starting this Friday at 3.01pm. Stocks are expected to be available the following Friday and we expect our local telcos to offer pre-orders on contract very soon.

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22 Comments for Malaysia is among the first in the world to get the iPhone XR

The Observer

Again and again, the fallacy of comparing Android and iPhone spec to spec just to bash the high-er price.


Swan bitch, do rejoice. Master Apple had treat Malaysia plantation so nicely, hope you iSheep can pay gratitude properly toward Master Apple and Messiah Tim Cook.


    this comment smells badly of envy


      Envy ? Sound more like salty and sarcastic to me.

      You new in SoyaCincau ? This nasty little troll, Swan guy, is absolute Apple ‘worshipper’ .


any different if you are the 1st one to buy that? the device will have more power?

Swan CB

Coz they knew there will be ppl buying it but indeed, they would be a lot of stupid around to buy it, just the brand chehh


Stainless "Steal"? Apple really steal alot of our money man..


    Yup.. more like shameless steal

Swan’s fan

At last, swan can proud of tis…cmon, bitch about this.


How did usd749 become rm3599. Unbelievable..


    749usd -> RM3109, but.. need to add 10% import duty + 6% SST. you will get it at 3599 🙂


    Even in US, you can't just walk away the phone with USD749, there are tax imposed as well.


      well said!!! Tax is payable at checkout! so listed price doesn't include the tax…. and each county has diff tax rate too!!! how complicated!


haha no thanks..but if you must own an iphone u should go for ipx not this least ipx was apple flagship last year..better spec as well


    I'm currently using iPhone X, I saw the chances to change to iPhone XR is:
    1) Battery life better
    2) Physical dual sim (I will find a HK version with physical sim)
    3) Adjustable bokeh effect
    4) Latest A12 processor


      not worth it imo. to adjust bokeh you can download apps to do so. Search for it. X is still more premium than Xr.


      so how does eSim work in Malaysia????

Swan’s fan

Swan, u goin to get this? Or u will stay on ur iphone 4?


I can get 2 of these and it'll costs only slightly more than the 512GB Xs Max !!

Thank you so much Apple for this affordable option.

I luv u guys so much


hey…. where's that bitch? waiting for his bitching….


Why this Akismet thing allow cursing word but doesnt allow duplicate comment … Should it filter the comment first? Just saying

Apple Nuts

I rather get the Samsung Note 9. Note 9 is still the best phone for 2018/19 compared to this iPhone crap. Apple no longer innovates and hence all this crappy designs. Not to mentioned, functions that Samsung/Android has since 2 years ago.