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This is probably the coolest case for the Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch is no doubt the best smart watch at the moment. With the new 4th generation model, the display now stretches edge-to-edge and it looks even better with its rounded corners. 

If you miss the glory days of listening to music on your iPod, you can relive the moment with this cool looking case for the Apple Watch. 

Designed by Joyce Kang & C.O Design Lab, the Pod Case can turn your Apple Watch into retro-looking iPod Nano. It’s a silicon case where you can easily pop in the Apple Watch. For a perfect fit, it has cutouts for speakers and the digital crown. 

It’s thicker than the original iPod Nano but that’s probably a good thing for better protection. The front of the case has a click-wheel design but that’s just for show. You’ll have to control your music through the touchscreen interface. To secure this “iPod Nano” to your wrist or around your neck, there’s even a hole for you to tie a lanyard. 

At the moment, there are no pricing or availability details for the Pod Case and we hope that it goes into production very soon. If you love all things retro, you could pair this up with the iMac-looking Spigen case

It’s funny to see the Apple Watch being transformed into an iPod.  Several years ago, it was a trend to use the 6th gen iPod Nano as a watch by adding a wrist strap.

Alexander Wong