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If you’re a huge Apple fan, you must get this for your iPhone

Spigen Classic Apple Case

Can you imagine? It has been 20 years since Apple launched its first iMac. The device has made such a huge impact in today’s world on how we perceive and use technology. To honour this iconic amazing machine, Spigen came up with a little surprise for all of us.

Inspired by the original design of the 1998 iMac, Spigen has created a new series of casing called the Classic C1 Series. The Classic C1 comes in 5 different colour design that is based on the 5 different colour variants from the iMac G3.

Besides that, Spigen also introduced the Classic One casing that is inspired by the first edition iPhone.

Spigen was really detailed in their design works, with the exterior that mimics the vibe of the vintage G3.  Inside the casing is the iconic ‘hello’ handwritten text from the original Mac in 1984 and the word (again) is a way of paying tribute to the iMac G3 era.

The casing uses a dual layer protection as its core protection design. If you’ve used Spigen’s casings before you’ll know that their shock absorption system — The Air Cushion Technology — is quite sturdy and reliable. The design for the casing also ensures that it’s slim enough to enable the wireless charging.

The Classic C1 and Classic One casings are currently being sold under Indiegogo’s campaign project. While the super early bird and early bird packages have been sold out.

For the iPhone X users, you can get just the Classic C1 (colour of your choice) at USD 25 (about RM99) or you can get it together with the Classic One for USD 35 (about RM139). If you want the wireless charger, they are also selling the C1 + One + Wireless Charger kit for USD 70 (about RM278).

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Just want more cases? You can also get 5 colours (Bondi Blue, Sage, Ruby, Snow, and Graphite) for USD 80 (about RM318). The additional Grape and Blueberry cases are sold as a separate combo at USD 35 (about RM139).

If you’re using the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, you can get the Classic C1 and Classic One combo for USD 35 (about RM139).

The original target was USD 5,000 for this campaign, but Spigen was able to gain more than USD 100,000. As it has reached its stretch goals, the Classic C1 and Classic One cases are now available for the iPhone 8 and 8+ as well. On top of that, Spigen has also unlocked the Grape and Blueberry Classic C1 cases for the iPhone X. If you’re interested, you can order now and they are shipping worldwide for free starting from June 2018.

The new casings Spigen has designed certainly brought an interesting and fun way for us to be reminded of the iconic device that changed the how we use technology today. What would be your favourite colour ? Share your thoughts with us.