Almost 180,000 eligible Streamyx customers have yet to upgrade to Unifi Fibre Broadband

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Now is probably the best time to sign up for fibre broadband in Malaysia. You can get a 30Mbps broadband plan from as low as RM79/month, or 100Mbps broadband with unlimited quota for only RM129/month.

Unfortunately, not everyone is enjoying faster speeds at lower prices. There are still more than 1 million TM customers that are still connected on Streamyx.

During their last media update, they have shared that 340,000 Streamyx customers were already covered by Unifi’s Fibre broadband network and they have reached out to them to make the switch. If they choose to upgrade, they will experience significantly faster speeds while possibly paying less on their monthly subscription fee.

TM has just updated that almost 50% of these customers have made the switch from copper to fibre with no extra cost to their current bill. TM wants their remaining subscribers that are in coverage to upgrade by March 2019.

For the subsequent 350,000 customers that are not in Unifi areas, TM will be doubling their speed up to 8Mbps in phases while they continue to expand its fibre network. The first batch of 180,000 Streamyx customers will be getting this 2X speed upgrade very soon.

According to Imri Mokthar, the Executive Vice President of Unifi, they are aware that TM’s copper network which was once termed as “high speed internet” may not be good enough for today’s demand. However, they remain committed to invest and build the needed network to bring everyone up to speed.

To deliver high speed broadband with a wide nationwide coverage will take time implement and they have also invested in 4G LTE to complement its wired broadband services. Another upgrade path for existing Streamyx customers is Unifi Wireless at RM79/month. At the moment, TM’s LTE network covers more than 77% of household population in Malaysia.

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If you’re not sure if Unifi Fibre Broadband is available in your area, you can try searching for your address with their coverage checker.

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45 Comments for Almost 180,000 eligible Streamyx customers have yet to upgrade to Unifi Fibre Broadband


good work tm, "dah kena ketok baru jalan ._." my place still not covered by unifi but am glad atleast they still tried to improve

    Ismadi ahmad

    Sepatutnya telco kena ketuk sama. Fix line investment is very high and bring low return. Telco lain semua nak tunggu sebab nak tenggek atas network TM. Kalau minister tak nak TM monopoli now is the time for other telco to deploy fix netwok. Biar TM pulak tenggek.


      Agreed.. somehow looks like TM is doing charity work. Im waiting for other telecommunication company such as Time to lay their fibre cable to all kampung.


      It's too late now. Fixed wired infra will become obsolete in future and useless. Telco lain is not waiting but skipping the mistake TM committed. Why fixed wired access will fail? Consumers will not want to commit for long term contracts and pay for something which only limit them to their homes especially working class people.


        Fixed wired especially fibre still very important. There's no substitute for fibre to the home (FTTH) broadband. Mobile is good for on the go, but at home not really.


When want to reduce price for streamyx


I have still not yet receive my speed upgrade.

    PC Stone

    Same here…paying Rm177 for 30mbps !

      WM _Unifi

      Same here and the SC told my area not eligible for the turbo upgrade.
      Want change to the new package also so difficult.
      Not all TM point can do this switching package. Most of them can only register new user.


    I have been upgraded from 50 to 500mbps today. I was in the August to December 2018 batch. Just need to be a bit patient

TM lousy

TM is not value their existing customers! Called me offer free upgrade x10 speed and maintain monthly subscription fee instead of paying less. I have to go TM point to downgrade from rm149 to RM129 to enjoy lower fee and faster speed. Hopefully Time can come to my area soon, then I can get rid of being tied to TM.

    Gursharan Singh

    TM should automatically and immediately convert existing UNIFI subscribers paying RM149.00 PM or more to the RM129.00 PM PLAN. This will show their sincerity towards their long time loyal subscribers.



Why do you still charge me RM155.00 for 30Mbs when it should be RM129 for 100Mbs.Plan to take TM for arbitration.

    Lousy TM

    You are lucky brother, I’m paying 157.94 for 10mbps only!!! They offered me to upgrade to 30mpbs for RM179 (before tax) before this 100mbps was introduce, luckily I refuse to upgrade and now I just signed up RM129 but will be tied another 24 months. TM never value their existing customers!

    TM lousy

    Each time TM called their customers to upgrade or free upgrade please think twice before you say yes! This is their tricks to tied you for another 2 years, after 1 or 2 months later they will launch cheaper package (because they faced strong competition from other operators) so they will offer cheaper package unwillingly.

    Gursharan Singh


    TM HQ should provide FREE PARKING TO ITS CUSTOMERS WHO VISIT if necessary to CONVERT TO RM129.00 PM PLAN.



      loyal customer my ass..u just have no choice…stop whining and move to other service provider..if u can


From Streamyx i chose the price near to what have been paying but now found out am paying extra just to watch some old old programs if cancel they penalise me. This is how govt works caring for the citizens. Good for them please keep it up!


I’ve been checking for the past 8 years to upgrade. Still #not available


TM… I’m very sure that most of us, streamyx user will be very happy to stay with our crappy speed with price reduction instead. Paying rm130 for 4mbs is stupid. And that does not include the tax. Its not fair that we have to pay more because u don’t have the stupid fibre optics yet. As if we’re being punished for staying in such place that u giys decided not to upgrade.

    Talk to TM

    Go to TM and talk to them. I was on 160 per month 8mbps now I’m paying 90 per month for 8mbps.


for some reason maybe cost they drag their feet when it comes to upgrade Fibre at apartment buildings. mine is only 3 storeys but have many blocks. all Taman around already have Fibre and when you try alternative like unifi wireless, the high rise buildings blocks LTE SIGNAL. so you have weak and unstable signal hence double damned.

    Penjejak Awan

    I thought the same, why la TM so hard to upgrade copper to cable at my 16 storey apartment. Then we know that JMB building mgmt responsible for it. After round of money pooling between resident,we are fiberised. Now awaiting my turbo 500Mbps. Hehe


      How much money pooling per person are we talking about here?


TM is still hiding the fact about the 8mbps users in non unifi area, these segment already hit the ceiling, no upgrade, no price cut.

    Talk to them

    Go to TM and talk to them. I was on 160 per month 8mbps now I’m paying 90 per month for 8mbps.


      What did you say to them?

PF Voon.

What happens to my application? In fact I applied months ago not response from unifi till now.

Gurcharan singh

My area at Taman Meranti,Bagan Ajam,Butterworth,Pulau Pinang up to today has not been upgrade to Fibre,it's still copper with 8mbps streamyx speed the amount of RM156/monthly.We have been asking past few years nothing is happening.


    Go for Unifi Wireless. No need to wait for Fibre to come to your area. You’ll save half of what you’re paying now for streamyx.


Subscribed 30mbps @$129 after learning my area is on copper on 4/9/18. 2 days later TM announce new plan of 30mbps @$79. Eventhough when I spoke to customer service that I only need internet, the tv pckg is not relevant. Not a word mention on them having a new pckg that wld hv suited my need. Now I end up paying more for the same speed of 30mbps. Why no plans for without tv n no data quota limit. Regret didn’t sign up with Maxis 30mbps plan. Now I asked if can switch to the latest plan 30mbps @$79..apparently hv to terminate contract 24 mths and pay $500 plus penalty for the hyptv when I have only used it for 10 days.. What a great robbery this is , obviously I am subsidising those who are on 100mbps @$129 (fibrelines- you guys are damn lucky) . For us where the building infrastructure is on copper will forever LOSE out..whatever turbo , rocket speed talk only .. we will get ZERO. Still bck to square one.. Are we really progressing make internet accessible to all. Pls think through TM of your plans. You have the numbers and data of yr users, useage etc.. pls do your research and come up with a more reasonable plan for the masses and not just to selected segment, play fair TM.

Jalan Tualang

More that 3 years My location don’t event have streamyx and unifi, feedback and complained to TM so many time still give a same reasons due to demand and economic reason. I’ve also feedback to CFM department nothing much help.


How about the existing user still paying high price for the 100mbps ? Still no upgrade of what?


Just received this sms:

RM0.00 unifi: Yay! A/C: xxxxxxxx has been TURBO-ed for FREE! Turn off your modem & turn it back on after 10 mins. Read TQ!


    Yes me too bro, enjoying my 500mbps right now


    You kaki rumah? Operating a kedai kopi or office? 500M for just a hotspot for a few mobile phones is a waste.

Talk to them

For those complaining on paying a lot for streamyx. Go to TM and talk to them. I was on 160 per month 8mbps now I’m paying 90 per month for 8mbps.

If you want something go talk to someone that can give it to you. Don’t just sit and type on your keyboard.


    I saw that u replied to all people about paying that amount for 8mbps. Please dont judge us as SJW as some of us already talked to various TM Points with no luck. I even called them and they said there's nothing that they can do about it.

Mohyin Bin Atan

‘TM will be doubling their speed up to 8Mbps’. Saya telah melanggan streamyx 8Mbps beberapa tahun lepas. Bulanan RM160 tidak termasuk SST. Kawasan saya tiada liputan unifi. APA YANG SAYA DAPAT? Untuk berlaku adil, turunkan yuran langganan kepada semua pelanggan yang situasinya sama seperti saya.


    Potong sajelah skrg banyak pilihan unlimited wireless dah with speeds over 10M. Never look back to TM. If you feel that you have been cheated paying above RM160 no point sticking with TM.

Theresa Yap

Unifi cover my area unfortunately is full. I stayed at Ara Damansara around 3 years WITHOUT unifi. So, don’t talk about upgrading I don’t even have unifi.


    Talk about what other options you have outside TM. Any wireless alternatives or competing fixed provider at your place? Got discussed with neighbors?


Giving a rebate is the only decent way to go for areas that are not served by fiber. Until the time when TM can offer me fiber, I should not be paying more than RM79 for 8 Mbps streamyx.

Mike Khoh

TM why are you telling us your problem you should step up a gear or give way to others telco to do it better. Sad


I am stunned by some of the people saying TM is doing 'charity' work to build the fibre optic last mile network here.


TM is a state-owned company which means their money come from the state which mean comes from you and me the tax payer! They are owned by Khazanah 26%, EPF 16%, Amanah Saham Bumiputera 11%, and others. TM is formed from the state money, and it is rewarded with the monopoly of the country last mile network so it has all the comfortable room to grow their business for all these years. It suppose to give benefit to the Malaysian people, not to rip money from us while their CEO is getting a skyhigh monthly salary with the business monopoly they are enjoying. See here for TM shareholder structure:…

Not only that, in year 2007, when the HSBB(High Speed Broadband project) kick started (which last for 10 years costing RM 15 billion), the government use our hard earned money to pay for 30% of the last mile fibre-optic network! So please don't say TM is doing charity work here, they are using your money to lay the cable and yet they are charging us with ridiculous pricing. See this for details:…

And in year 2015, the HSBB 2 started, government used our money of RM 500 million to pay for the bill, and another RM600 million to pay for the SUBB (Sub-Urban Broadband Project). All those cable come from your pocket! See this for HSBB 2 project:…

So those network ought to be opened up and reduce the whole nation fibre optic pricing, as it's a public funding project, the major profit of fibre optic network should go back to the people, not to the monthly salary of the CEO which goes up to rm400k a month ! Check this for all the tax payer money formed company CEO salary:…