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Celcom offers 40Mbps Fibre Broadband with unlimited quota for RM80/month in Sabah

Posted:  September 14, 2018   By:    19 comments   

To support the government’s call for high-speed broadband accessibility at affordable prices, Celcom has just revised its Fibre Broadband offering in Sabah. Previously, they are offering 40Mbps Fibre Broadband with unlimited quota at RM180/month and now it’s available for only RM80/month. That’s cheaper and faster than Maxis’ new broadband plans.

Similar to Maxis and TM Unifi, Celcom is offering just two home plan options. The base Home Fibre Gold plan at RM80/month gives you 40Mbps of unlimited connectivity and Home Fibre Gold Supreme at RM120/month offers 100Mbps with unlimited quota. Voice call minutes are not included on both plans but you’ll get a low rate of 10sen/minute to all networks.

According to Celcom’s Fibre Broadband FAQ, the broadband speeds are symmetrical. So, if you’re on a 100Mbps plan, you’ll get 100Mbps for both download and upload. The installation, activation and router for the plan is provided free of charge.

For business users, you have the Business Fibre Gold Plan that offers 40Mbps unlimited broadband at RM90/month while the Business Fibre Gold Supreme option gives you 100Mbps with unlimited quota at RM130/month. Unlike the home broadband option, Celcom offers free 300 minutes of calls to all networks for these business plans. Subsequent usage will be charged at 8 sen/minute.

For existing Celcom Fibre Broadband subscribers, you’ll be upgraded automatically to 100Mbps by end of September 2018 and you’ll get the new lowered subscription fee. To sign up, you can visit Celcom’s Blue Cube or selected dealers in Sabah.

For more info, you can check out Celcom’s Fibre Broadband page.

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19 Comments for Celcom offers 40Mbps Fibre Broadband with unlimited quota for RM80/month in Sabah


Why only in Sabah?


    Celcom Fiber focus in Sabah.

    TIME fibet focus on klang valley apartment only.

    Maxis Fibet focus on KL? Not sure..

    TM focus on Sarawak and other state? Lousy service.

    What about others telco? DiGi want to do fiber?


    because we have Celcom Timur(own by sabah state+celcom) that laying down 100% fiber. than UNIFI, DIGI, MAXIS, TIME rent that fiber.


Why only in sabah?


    Because Sabah is very advance country now


Why not other states?


Why KL not included?


Celcom laid their own fibre in Sabah, not all area are covered though.


Please also offer this promotions in other states.


When celcom going to make this package to folk in peninsula msia?

biasa, tapi tak biasa

Why not include neighbor state Sarawak?

    Gobind Singh

    Sarawak still under BN la …

    Gobind Singh

    Sarawak not same gov

      Taib Mahmud

      Sarawak tak perlu fiber.

      Ada fuel dan oil palm sudah cukup makan.


If you check the coverage, there’s none for residential, only commercial area

Gohah Rowe

Why not unlimited data instead of quota?

ahli tongkat

apa Tun cakap, ahli tongkat, malas, tiada tanggung jawab, tak tau malu.


Update on this, this is only available in one area for Kota Kinabalu, which is putatan……..


Why not in Sarawak?