TM Unifi Mobile #Bebas plan offers unlimited data for RM55/month

Posted:  September 13, 2018   By:    21 comments   

In conjunction with the Malaysia Day celebrations, Unifi Mobile has just introduced a new unlimited data promo that gives you 30 days of unlimited data for only RM55. This is applicable on its #BEBAS prepaid plan that offers no expiry on credit provided that the line is kept active.

From now until 30 September 2018, you can activate the Unlimited Data add-on via the Unifi Mobile app for RM55. This is valid for 30 days and the data is only applicable on Unifi Mobile’s 4G LTE network. Any usage on 3G will consume your existing 3G/LTE data bucket.

Prior to this, Unifi Mobile is only offering 3 #BEBAS add-ons that offer unlimited LTE usage for a fixed time period. The BEBAS 2 hour plan is offered at RM3 while BEBAS daily (24 hours) is offered at RM5. The longest option was the BEBAS Weekly add-on that’s priced at RM20 for 7 days.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can request for your free Unifi Mobile #BEBAS SIM which now comes with 2GB of LTE data.

Thanks Eric for the tip!

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21 Comments for TM Unifi Mobile #Bebas plan offers unlimited data for RM55/month


Can it hotspot ?

    Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    Yes, it can.


Can use or not?

Xavier Ng

Only can use on 4G area…cant use data even in 3G spot…and phone must have Band 5 Lte


If you try the speeds other Telco offer plus the number of bands they have, the very idea of using UnifiMobile will definitely disappear from your mind.. don’t use this ISP until they upgrade their LTE and their 3G network is at maximum capacity… that’s why they deduct from the 3G, they are trying to avoid people from knowing that their 3G network is already [email protected] 3G is at snail speeds and their LTE is 95% slower than other Telco here at Putrajaya and other areas.. Band 5 LTE only somewhat good speed at PJ n nearby areas… unifimobile contracted user here btw..

    Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    I might have to disagree with you. While I am not using a phone that has the Band 5, it definitely uses the Band 38 and 40. I cannot say for West Malaysia, but as I am in Sabah living in Putatan and work in Kota Kinabalu, I am very pleased with the performance for Unifi mobile. 4G LTE is covered where I am going, even achieving 4G+ in the middle of Kota Kinabalu. I was a previous DiGi and Yes 4G user and the performance isn’t that great for me in my area. And the no expiry thing is a major bonus.

    However, I do want to point out that the the pricing on the add-ons needs to be revised.


      I've Digi Infinite 150 (unlimited data) – whenever Digi fails me (congested, slow, no signal) I'll swap sim to Unifi Mobile and buy their unlimited add on passes.


    Somehow wondering… what about kl and bb area?


      I am in KLCC, at 30+ floors the internet connection is pretty spotty despite having even 2-3 bars of VoLTE on the phone. Sekejap ada sekejap takde


        Dear Alex,

        Do not use KLCC as benchmark if u measure for 30th floor.

        Only Maxis gives you the best at Towers as maxis has indoor antenna every floor. You should go to the lift area and saw ceiling mounted white color antenna and few of it at the other end of the level.

        Why I said klcc tower is the worst benchmark and everyone can ignore ye comment?
        Your sekejap Ada signal sekejap tiada is because u receive signal from hundred of far far away base stations!!!

        Don’t u know u can view streets of kl at Towers? And yr phone is detecting many stations from jln tun razak up to as far as cheras and setapak, just to name a few.

        Why I know? Because I worked at Tower 2 since year 2000!!


    Band 5 for signal penetration mostly on new site. You'll get Band 40 normally at P1 coverage previously.

    Never trust TM

    TM asks u to use only LTE is because Celcom Axiata charge them sky high of using Celcom 3G. And of course Celcom network is the worst no matter 3 or 4. Download speed at peak is 20kbps.


what happen after 30sep , cannot activate ….?

Zul Mansor

I am very very satisfied with my Unifi Mobile. Worth paying the monthly bill using Unifi Mobile. Other mobile setvices that I used before can’t beat Unifi Mobile. I don’t have any thought or plan to switch to other mobile operators.

Mike Khoh

TM trying to cheat the rakyat. Use to call Webe but failed epic.


    unifi mobile bought to you by webe digital sdn bhd


Just choose the best network at your place. It’s simple. No need to condemn others telcos brand if you had a bad an experienced. I have all major telcos for data. Always ready for it if trouble

Sri mutiara

All this while I used unifi mobile. I don’t have any problem and very satisfied with the coverage. I encourage all my family to switch to unifi mobile!!


I just purchased a 24 hours pass. I am hugely disappointed with the LTE speed where download is only a mere 1.5Mbps and i'm in East Malaysia where my DiGi Infinite 100 is able to do 9.5Mbps of constant download. This ISP really s*cks. Don't be deceived.

Working Adult

I think it’s all about managing expectations. I just used the 24 hr pass to watch Netflix on HD setting and well it’s not perfect but it’ll do. Good to have as a back up line.


    It’s because you are not getting real HD stream. Netflix and YouTube using Adapting Rate and CDN. Don’t U feel that why youtube always so fast to start stream and never drop?

    You can try stream from cloud service like opendrive. You will cry on 1mbps!!!