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TM still offers free Unifi Mobile SIM but with far less data

TM’s Unifi Mobile is still free to register and you can order the SIM card for free. In case you missed it, it’s a prepaid service which promises that your credit will never expire, provided there’s usage every 90 days. If you plan on signing up, TM has revised their promo and they are offering only 1/5 of what they used to offer.

From 16 August onwards, new Unifi Mobile #Bebas Plan subscribers will only get 2GB of LTE data along with 50MB of data (3G and LTE), 10 minutes of calls and 10 SMS. New subscribers are only permitted to sign up for 1 SIM per ID.

When Unifi Mobile prepaid was first introduced in January 2018, each individual can sign up for up to 5 SIMs which came with 20GB of LTE data each. A month later, they had reduced the free LTE data to 10GB and TM had reduced the cap to 3 SIMs per ID.

According to its FAQ on eligibility, customers that had signed up before 16 August will still be able to enjoy 10GB of free data per SIM. If you’re interested to sign up, you can do it via the Unifi Mobile app that’s available for both Android and iOS. TM didn’t provide any end date for the current Unifi Mobile promo and if they do charge, each SIM pack would cost RM10 each. You can collect the SIM for free at your nearest TMpoint or you can have it delivered to you for an added fee.


Alexander Wong