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Unifi Mobile now offers unlimited data

Posted:  April 13, 2018   By:    34 comments   

Unifi Mobile BEBAS2NJOY

Webe’s unlimited postpaid plan is no more and if you want to sign up for a new plan, your only option from TM is Unifi Mobile. The prepaid plan comes with free data and it offers no expiry on your credit as long as there’s usage.

If you’re looking for unlimited usage, Unifi Mobile has just introduced its new #BEBAS2NJOY add-ons that provide unlimited data from as little as RM3.

There are 3 options starting from RM3 for 2 hours of unlimited data and RM5 for 24 hours of usage. If you’re looking for long-term unlimited use, they offer a weekly unlimited option at RM20.

Take note that these unlimited data add-ons are only valid for LTE usage. If your connection drops to 3G, it will utilise your 3G/LTE data quota. Unfortunately, there’s no monthly unlimited option.

The other existing plans have fixed quota but with no expiry. Below is the full pricing:

8GB High Speed (4GB LTE + 4GB 3G/LTE) – RM50
4GB High Speed (2GB LTE + 2GB 3G/LTE) – RM30
2GB High Speed (1GB LTE + 1GB 3G/LTE) – RM15
1GB Basic Data (1GB Basic) – RM13

We managed to purchase an unlimited add-on and surprisingly it doesn’t show up on the main page of the Unifi Mobile app. To find out when it’s expiring, you’ll need to go to History and tap on “Add-Ons”.

UPDATE: TM has published its #BEBAS2NJOY FAQ. The promo ends on 31 July 2018 and hotspot is allowed at no extra charge.

In case you missed it, there’s also an unlimited Unifi Mobile plan for teachers at RM59/month. However, those eligible are required to sign up for a Unifi Home broadband plan that’s priced from RM99/month.

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34 Comments for Unifi Mobile now offers unlimited data

Jay Ree


The new addons are on promo till end of July. Not permanent.



      Data × U

      Live Chat from TMnut CS.


they're screwed.
like P1, Webe…..


worse network I have ever used… I have thrown them away ….


Unifi prepaid 4g speed same as umobile 3g in my area. Not gonna use it anymore


Can we do hotspot and tether with these.plans?


    You can with Unifi Mobile. There’s no extra charge like Webe.


This add-on looks exciting at start, once you start reading all the details, it’s a huge letdown.

Why the unlimited promo is just for teachers???

Why don’t they come up with promo for any Unifi Home broadband 50 and 100 Mbps, the customer can apply for the RM 59 unlimited calls and data postpaid???


want to give , give properly la….. dont pretend generous if not
why wanna split 3g – 4g, weekend – weekday, morning – night…. veli veli lacist

Lason jo

The reason only 4g is because only 4g is theirs, 3g is not… But limited time only.. bummer such a letdown… Info is up… Still hoping for a postpaid plan


Line like snail


Any 3G connection is faster than Unifi 4G. Don’t believe me you can ask any Webe user.


yaa ok ok i got it…unlimited on 4g…paid on 3g…when 4g band suddenly disappear and you suck my 3g quota without being notice….good good….i understand clearly…and not interested..


Maxis, red plan more cheaper.

the riceball

maxis better than unifi now


Can use for hotspot? P2p? Can anyone share? Tq


    Yes you can. We have tested on the Galaxy S8+. Take note that unlimited is only for 4G only.


      1. wondering whether the hotspot is unlimited?

      2. Can download bit torrent?


        Don’t think there’s any limit for hotspot. You can use it as long as you have data. For P2P, you can use them but Unifi will throttle your usage.


          The speed will be throttle to how low?


Former Webe user here…
My advic/se… if your area don’t have 4G connection or low signal (spotty/intermitten)… avoid it like y know what.
The only subscribe if u want to make unlimited calls until they improved on their 4G towers/transmitters


Surely block bit torrent .


Please bring out WEBE again!!!!

I’m cannot manage to purchase webe. Please do…. I really hoping tho


There's no proper landing page in unifi mobile website. Simply don't know how to navigate, where to check price, where to purchase.

I don't know who designed their website. Bad.


Find out their speed before subscribe, it could be varies on areas even with what have promised .

Retired Fool

Look guys trust me, for retired fellows like me this is God sent .. we dont do youtube , face book etc., just plain browsing for news and chat …

I know it is not fast compared to others , I am sure in time they will upgrade ..

I have hope

Hanafi shufaat

Hai i want to register


If this promo is last forever and unlimited hotspot, then it is a good choice to replace Home Streamyx 1Mbps since cheaper.


Bring out Webe again. Wanted to apply for a 2nd & 3rd line but promotion already over. So far the best with unlimited data, calls and free 10gb and everything else with reasonable price


TM should offer cheaper deal for all unifi broadband users.Why only teachers? Weird.

Mohd Aimi Bin Johar

hope tm open webe unlimited plan back.
im used my hp data almost 60gb in 1month.

if i know they using celcom coverage, i will take all subline. 4g superb no lag on youtube. 3g still good when open website but ok when youtube use 3g.

1name can get max 5line number.
1st line rm79 2nd line rm69 and so on until 5th line. every number will get 10gb if want hotspot.

Wee Soon Teck

I make a purchase of rm10 for calls and sms thro my credit card on 03,09,2018 for my mobile line 0168986613 but was only credited rm9.43 with the bal of rm0.57 (70MB) to the LTE which i totally didnt choose for it. I think there must be something wrong with ur system and hopefully u can adjust back for me.


From 1 years I use but that they call webe but unifi tm best for internet or call or that good think everywhere 4g I really love it