Last call: webe actually did it |

Last call: webe actually did it

Posted:  January 13, 2018   By:    38 comments   

After a number of “last calls”, webe has finally closed its postpaid plan for new registrations. If you we’re planning to get webe’s never-ending data, calls and SMS plan, the last day to signup was 12 January 2018.

Existing webemobile and webebroadband customers can continue to enjoy their current plan with no changes on pricing. The webemobile unlimited plan was going for RM79/month, while the webebroadband plan costs RM59/month with 20GB of data.

So what’s next for webe? According to their website, a new mobile plan will be introduced very soon. It doesn’t say when it will be available but you can register your interest to be among the first to know.

In case you missed it, webe was supposed to be rebranded to unifi but strangely, they have maintained their current name until today. We are guessing that their upcoming postpaid plan might be introduced under the unifi brand.

A few days ago, TM had announced that its HyppTV and HyppTV Everywhere will be rebranded to unifi TV and unifi playTV respectively. The name change took effect starting yesterday and it’s already reflected on the HyppTV Everywhere app.

UPDATE: TM’s UniFi Mobile service revealed and it’s a prepaid.

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38 Comments for Last call: webe actually did it


Next plan is rm59 for unlimited data… Muahahahha.. oooppsss


    New plan has to be better than old unless they are going out of business.


Who care


Unlimited data, but speed cap at 512 kbps….


    Nope. No speed cap as my speed is over 3Mps. But i only get that around few places. Other than that althought 4g but speed is around 500kbs


No one cares.

Gun cheng

Webe is only for limpeh


I did compare to other telco. At least ping is better than others while playing game. Never lag.


Better than “U” and “D”, cheaper than “C” and “M”.

Aznor Bin Sulaiman

Downloading getting slower since the last few months.



    So agreed.. Very slow


zzzzz …………..


very satisfied with webe 🙂


Truth be told, they’re not what sure what they want to do. So naive to think they can disrupt the market with unlimited data.

You don’t go to market armed with a single plan only to rescind it less than a year later. That shows you did not do proper market research. And now you want to switch everything???

If I were one of the Board of Directors, I’ve would’ve fired the moustachy CEO dude.

TM should just stick to what they know best – government-backed monopoly business.


    In telecommunications industry, there is no more so called monopoly ler dude. Get ur fact right lah. Ada hati nak jadi ceo.


      Stupid fellas


      there is this thing called the national broadband network…which by most people’s definition counts a monopoly (and a big one too…)


      Yeah, whatever lah junior webe clerk. Next time ask your boss to hire proper people to answer. Most IT backbone controlled by TM. You think Webe don’t get special deal from TM group? You think Maxis/Digi/Celcom didn’t know that? Else why you think MCMC reprimand TM again and again? They cross-hire people lah. People jump in and out of Malaysia small telco industry. No more secrets lah. Don’t talk shit. Go add few years of experience then come back to argue.


    Yo hello brother..monopoly what monopoly?u got maxis,u got time(if the infra is there),then in telco we got variety of choices.What monoploy u are saying?

      LOL on LOL

      Dear LOL,

      Everyone knows that government was funding the project with TM except for you.

      Get the fact before commenting-lah.


Nama makai kita ngai ngambi webe suba.. Nyu pedis muruh teluk nti roaming data ja ja


    Balat genk haha

Steven Eruthiaraj

Don’t waste your time and money on webe i suffered enough with this telco, never want even if it is rm20.its nonsense.


    Yeah..u r right bro..what for unlimited data but the speed is suck

Pak mat

They always get my curse because of the service and slow data…
Stupid telco, also limit only for band 5 lte
Really stupid


What u guys complaining about webe? Is best for me, better than M,D, even C in my area. I have D, C but webe more better than those two. Keep it up Webe.


been using over a years, so far so good, it served what it promised. sometime the speed are sux btw, but overall ok.


Webe will just sink and lost in the abyss…. lousy coverage and lousy speed…. ought to just disappear for good…


who care, no care or dont care just get lost


haha which service provider is the best for everyone? NO … none service can fulfilled everyone.


    yes dude.. u r rite!


This is a true story.

My child watches a lot of youtube of the mother's phone. She was using 'M' before and 40GB ended in just a snap. A secondary internet using 'Y' with 30GB also is not enough in one month.

So what do I do? Subscribed to webe! Luckily, we have decent enough coverage in the usage area. Although it a bit slower but the data never ends!

Who knows what new plan it will be next from webe.


    I feel sad for your child. This is what becomes of kids these days.


      Agree with u this time


Indeed it is a last call and today if I am not mistaken they silently released android and ios add named [email protected], so basically it's a user customisable webe but on a prepared manner.

The price, not so bad, totally no hidden shit except when I picked delivery, got MYR10.60 delivery charge – If I knew I would have opted to self collect at TM Tower, as that is literally in front of my office lol!


    Thanks for the tip!


[email protected] #BEBAS already launched today. Get your free sim and several compliments. But you need to download apps to register.


glad to take their offer before it really ended, best experience i had so far on a proper phone and using nearly 69 gb of data without even realising im using that much on my mobile,imagine if i was on the other side of rival telco..truly unlimited indeed..