Xiaomi’s Mi 8 will officially go on sale in Malaysia next week with a killer price

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Xiaomi Malaysia just announced that their latest Mi 8 flagship smartphone will officially go on sale in Malaysia next week. However, its most fascinating feature is the device’s price tag, as this full-on flagship smartphone can be yours for below RM1,600.

Two variants will go on sale in Malaysia. The base model Mi 8 with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage will retail for RM1,599 while the high-spec version with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage will be priced at RM1,899. The base 64GB model will go on sale on the 16th of August 2018 online at Lazada and Shopee while the 128GB model will go on sale on the 18th of August 2018 at Authorised Mi Stores, Shopee and Lazada. Yup, the base model is going to be a Shopee/Lazada exclusive for now.

Both spec variants will be available in Black, Blue and White colourways, but the White models will only be available in September. Unfortunately there is no word on the availability of the Mi 8 with 256GB of storage nor is there any word on the Mi 8 Explorer edition.

Don’t let its affordable price tag fool you though, lest you forget that the Xiaomi Mi 8 is a full-on flagship smartphone. It’s got a 6.21-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display up front that’s flanked by slim bezels and has a notch in it. Inside, it’s got a top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 flagship processor and a 3,400 mAh battery keeping everything running. It charges via USB Type C and supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 4+ fast-charging technology.

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The phone itself is a glass and metal unit that looks fairly similar to an iPhone. Mostly, that similarity is down to its vertical camera module that houses the Mi 8’s dual 12MP sensors — the same kind of hardware you’d find on the company’s Mi MIX 2s. The main sensor has large 1.4-micron pixels and an f/1.8 aperture lens with 4-axis optical image stabilisation (OIS). The secondary sensor comes equipped with an f/2.4 aperture short telephoto lens that enables depth effects and optical zooming. As usual, the cameras support AI scene recognition and various lighting effects too.

Meanwhile, you’ll find the Mi 8’s 20MP selfie shooter with f/2.0 aperture lens in front, tucked into the notch. But its not the only thing there as Xiaomi’s also equipped the Mi 8 with an array of infrared scanners that enables face-unlock. Of course, if you prefer, there is a fingerprint scanner at the back too.

It’s also the world’s first phone to feature Dual-frequency GPS which you can read all about here. We’ve also got a more detailed announcement post with specs and all the goodies you’d find on the Mi 8 here.

I think Xiaomi’s given the Mi 8 a killer price tag. With the RM1,599 base model, the Mi 8 usurps the ASUS ZenFone 5z as the most affordable smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 processor officially launched in Malaysia. However, it is worth noting that the ZenFone 5z’s RM1,899 base model already comes with 128GB of internal storage, so that puts it on par with the Xiaomi Mi 8’s own RM1,899 high-spec variant.

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With both of these Mi 8s, Xiaomi’s also put devices like the honor 10 (RM1,599), Nokia 7+ (RM1,600) and Huawei Nova 3 (RM1,899) right in its crosshairs. It will be interesting to see how the premium mid-range segment will play out now that more flagships have begun encroaching on their space.

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23 Comments for Xiaomi’s Mi 8 will officially go on sale in Malaysia next week with a killer price

Black Sheep

I imagine how the sale is going to be when they give it a stock android.


    Not going to happen. I have a mi6 and I wished it had stock Android. otherwise a very competent phone.


    i own a MiA1 running on Stock Android & absolutely nothing special about it, in fact It’s so barebone that many essential function are absent, I rather have have Samsung Grace UX anytime over Stock Android.


    I am using Lineage OS (kinda stock Android) and IMO, MIUI shouldnt be a concern. It is very fast and stable. There aren't much bloatwares and updates are really frequent too. It might be even better than Android One phones as updates for those phones are only available for 2 years. MIUI might even have longer support. Just install Nova Launcher and you are good to go.


Will divorce or breakup case increases ?? Hmmm

swan's fan

good job xiaomi.


    they will provide only 5 sets/dealer.


Even cheaper than initial Mi5 price last time..


    Mi3 sold for half that price 700-800, Mind you Snapdragon 800 was the flagship chips back then.

      swan's fan

      cmon la, mi 3 sell rm749 whrn launch its truth. beside SD 8 series, did mi 3 come with infrared face regconition, 6.21″ Amoled, dual GPS, 6GB RAM, 64GB storage, dual camera setup, fast charge 4.0?

      can not believe u are compare with 5 yrs back model pricing.

      5 yrs back ur salary rm700, today u still earn ur salary at rm700?


        True, Xiaomi flagship phones from 5 years back have inferior build and features compared to the market had to offer. Not to mention Xiaomi have one of the worst camera back then.


          not only back then(camera dept). only this year, they shine, but a big leap i must say,not only head on with the best, but better than some of the competition.

          last year, i was torn between mi note 4 or p10 lite, due to camera when tested it indoor, i chose p10 lite, then jump to honor flagship, then huawei flagship.

          this year, i bought mi note 5, n recently bought nova 3i (all for family members), i was stunned by note 5 camera,especially low light(superb camera sensor for its price) , luckily dont buy redmi 5+,cuz note 5 is far superior.

          n huawei i think managed to make good soc for really2 good battery consumption cuz eventhough with 3340mah,it can perform almost identical with note 5 4000mah consumption, but with a more powerful soc.


          Mi Note 4 & Mi Note 5? When Xiaomi released…


        But also don’t forget other phone available at that 5 years back with the same rm700 price tag are crap like lg g2 mini or samsung something duos with spec nowhere near mi3


      Are you kidding me?! You are talking about when our Ringglit was still around RM3 to the $ Dollar, not to mention, when the Mi3 was officially released in Malaysia it was already almost 1 year siince the official launch, when most Android phone regardless of brand would have their prices dropped anyway.

      Also, didn't you notice that the prices of flagship phones has also crept up noticeably these 5 years?

      If you're going to troll, do it without leaving so many holes in your arguement. You're only leaving yourself bare to any counter-attack from other people.

      I could do this all day, you know.


      Last time the most expensive smartphone, iPhone was only 2000+ what. Look at how much iPhone X costs… Last time ma.


How about Mi 8 SE?


    Imports are selling for 1.1K in Lazada. Should have the same pricing when it is officially launched kut.

Kia stinger GT

Asus zenfone 5Z all the way


Damnit! I just spend RM100 more to get the base version from a 3rd party seller. Can I send the phone to official mi store if anything happens?


    Yours are China set right? Answer is no


    Never buy imports if possible. You gotta be patient my friend.

Morrigan Aensland

What I really want to know, does it have an IR blaster like their redmi line ? It is such a life saver!