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2018 World Cup: The best way to watch LIVE matches in Malaysia

Free World Cup Live Stream RTM Astro

The 2018 World Cup in Russia is happening right now. If you’re looking for the best way to watch live matches on your smartphone and TV in Malaysia, we have compiled our top tips and tricks to get the best experience. Whether it is RTM or Astro, here’s everything you need to know.

RTM – FREE Viewing

RTM has the rights to broadcast 41 matches on free-to-air. 28 will be shown live while 13 will be delayed on RTM1 and RTM2. You can watch it with your traditional terrestrial TV or in DVB-T2 digital format.

For those on the go, you can watch the RTM live stream for free on your smartphone and tablet. Just download the application below or you can watch it via web browser on RTM MyKlik:

RTM Mobile (Android) – Download
RTM Mobile (iOS) – Download
RTM MyKlik – Website

If you can’t view RTM channels on your TV or if you’re on Unifi TV, you can cast the RTM live stream from your smartphone. Just use the MyKlik website using the Chrome browser and cast the video to your TV. Take note that this requires Google Chromecast on your TV and it doesn’t work for iOS devices.

Astro Arena on Astro Go – FREE Viewing

PayTV provider Astro has the full rights to broadcast all 64 World Cup matches. However, you can watch 41 matches for free on Astro Arena channel via the Astro Go app. 29 matches will be shown live while 12 will be delayed. This can be viewed even by non-Astro subscribers and you can skip the registration process to start watching immediately.

Astro Go (Android) – Download
Astro Go (iOS) – Download

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Full Astro Access – RM100

To get access to all 64 World Cup matches, Astro is offering their World Cup 2018 Channel Pass which is applicable to both Astro and non-Astro subscribers.

For non-Astro subscribers, you can watch all matches in HD via the Astro Go app for RM100. Meanwhile, existing Astro and NJOI Prepaid customers without a Sports Pack, you can also subscribe for RM100 and you do get more content plus the ability to watch it on your Astro Decoder.

On top of that, existing Astro/NJOI customers can get multi-angle camera views, key highlights, real-time stats and 180-degree VR views with Stadium Astro and Stadium Astro VR app which can be downloaded below:

Stadium Astro (Android) – Download
Stadium Astro (iOS) – Download

Stadium Astro VR (Android) – Download
Stadium Astro VR (iOS) – Download

It’s also worth pointing out that the Stadium Astro app supports Chromecast so you cast the matches live to another TV that has no Astro decoder. If you’re interested, you can subscribe the World Cup 2018 Channel Pass here.

UPDATE: Astro is also offering a World Cup Knock-out Pass for RM30. This gives you access to watch the remaining 16 matches live in HD on Astro Go. If you’re interested, you can purchase it here.

Astro Go – RM1 per match

If you don’t want to pay RM100, you can take advantage of the RM1 Astro World Cup pass offer for Maxis and Hotlink customers. It is only RM1 per match and it also comes with free data to stream the match live in HD via the Astro Go app. Just the purchase the pass from the MyMaxis or the Hotlink RED App at least 3 hours before the match.

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MyMaxis (Android) – Download
MyMaxis (iOS) – Download
Hotlink RED (Android) – Download
Hotlink RED (iOS) – Download

Maxis will SMS you the redemption code about 1 hour before the match begins. Take note that you’ll need to register an Astro Go account in order to redeem the pass. Overall, it is quite a good deal and if you’re not a Maxis user, you can just go out and buy a Hotlink prepaid starter pack to enjoy this promo.

Below is the World Cup schedule for Group Stages from today onward from Star2. We’ve also included the free Astro Arena channel which is indicated as AA.

Group Stages (Malaysian Time)

June 23
Serbia vs Switzerland – 2am – Astro
Belgium vs Tunisia – 8pm – TV2, AA & Astro
South Korea vs Mexico – 11pm – TV1, AA & Astro

June 24
Germany vs Sweden – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am) AA (delayed) & Astro
England vs Panama – 8pm – Astro
Japan vs Senegal – 11pm – TV1, AA & Astro

June 25
Poland vs Colombia – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA & Astro
Uruguay vs Russia – 10pm – Astro
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm), AA (delayed) & Astro
Spain vs Morocco – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

June 26
Iran vs Portugal – 2am – Astro
Denmark vs France – 10pm – Astro
Australia vs Peru – 10pm – Astro

June 27
Nigeria vs Argentina – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro
Iceland vs Croatia – 2am – Astro
South Korea vs Germany – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Mexico vs Sweden – 10pm – Astro

June 28
Serbia vs Brazil – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro
Switzerland vs Costa Rica – 2am – Astro
Japan vs Poland – 10pm – Astro
Senegal vs Colombia – 10pm – Astro

June 29
England vs Belgium – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro
Panama vs Tunisia – 2am – Astro

UPDATE: Below is the schedule for the remaining World Cup matches from Star2.

Round of 16

June 30
France vs Argentina – 10pm – TV1 (delayed, 10.30pm), AA (delayed) & Astro
Uruguay vs Portugal – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

July 1
Spain vs Russia – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Croatia vs Denmark – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro

July 2
Brazil vs Mexico – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Belgium vs Japan – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

July 3
Sweden vs Switzerland – 10pm – AA (delayed), Astro
Colombia vs England – 2am – TV1, AA & Astro

Quarter finals

July 6
Uruguay vs France – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro
Brazil vs Belgium – 2am – TV1 (delayed, 2.30am), AA (delayed) & Astro

July 7
Sweden vs England – 10pm – TV2, AA & Astro
Russia vs Croatia – 2am – TV1, AA (delayed) & Astro

July 11
France vs Belgium – 2am (Wednesday) – TV1, AA & Astro

July 12
Croatia vs England – 2am (Thursday) – TV1, AA & Astro

July 14
Belgium vs England – 10pm – TV1, AA & Astro

July 15
France vs Croatia – 11pm – TV1, AA & Astro

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